What are you currently watching?


Let me just say you aren’t going to like any of the ones you mentioned more than you do, I didn’t understand the conversations so I’m not sure how much more we’re supposed to hate them. Although the guy from floor 6, I hate him more and more every time I see him, he doesn’t even have to open his mouth for me to hate him, the actor is doing his job well. lol


I’m on episode 3 of [HAPPINESS] and I like it so far, although is a bit predictable, and its title makes absolutely no sense to me, but we all know k-drama world, right or wrong, they rule it!

So…watching on netflix [THE WHEEL OF TIME] Awesome, awesome, awesome series (so far I’m) season 1 Episode 4, and is available in; [Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, Italian, French, Telugu and of course English with a gorgeous accent. YOU CAN’T miss this one if you have nfx.


I agree that The Wheel of Time is amazing, but isn’t it on Prime rather than Ntflx? I can’t wait until the next episode!


I just bypassed that on amazon prime! so I will go back and check it out, so we put a list here what I have watched? I will think on that one


I just finished this one, and WOW it’s already on my all-time favorites list! I LOOOOVE the plot. I don’t know if I should call it a trope— a father protecting his children without their knowledge. It felt like 18 Again but the father is a gangster :joy: I liked the way he chose to bond with his daughter.

Jinyoung is officially one of my favorite young actors. He was absolutely wonderful in his role. I loved the concept, the storyline, and the OST. I laughed my head off and had a good time. Though I was sad I missed the Watch Party, I truly loved the movie. It’s perfect for a family or friends’ night. It gets a 10/10 for me.


I see it on my Netflix profile account; which means I have to log into Netflix to be able to watch it. I just checked in case you was right about that ( it was Prime), but on my end, is NETFLIX, but maybe others can see it on PRIME?

I can see several of the same series/movies/dramas, on NETFLIX, and on PRIME, and also on TUBY (not too many but some oldies), and also on IMDb, and now IMDB has a lot of Asian content. Just yesterday, I saw several good ones, and I’m very happy that I have more options/sites to watch stuff.


The title will make more sense as you learn about the drug NEXT and its initial effect on the human brain, the “happiness” it makes you feel before going into full-on partial zombie mode.


Thanks a lot for clearing that one out for me bc it was getting to me as to why the meaning of that title (since I didn’t see much happiness there). lol


So, I just watched ep.7 of Happiness and I just want to say…
I hope that a**hole from floor 6 turns into a zombie and dies. Just let him die. He lost his humanity a long time ago.
Thank you. That is all.


I am so wanting to get to further episodes. This drama seems to get more interesting as episodes move forward. Thanks for making me change my mind about watching it. Last Halloween my granddaughter bought the sailor moon outfit, and it was so expensive, but this year is another girl I think she’s called runa? She got over sailor moon. I love some of sailormoon’s songs and I added them to my MP3 and it broke a day ago. My chrsitmas gift I asked for one so I know I’m getting another one.


holiday movies at the moment, still watching the Kdramas, and when are we going to get some new ones here??


I have already had him thrown off the bldg in slow mo where he hits a car below!!! :zombie: :woman_zombie:


Just finished this today.
Without giving any spoilers, I think overall I liked it about 7.5/10
The actress carried the show well considering she played believable twins.

Pros: Great visuals, the cast was good throughout, interesting twists that keeps me watching, the songs they used are really good.
Cons: 2nd half became draggy, not much otp scenes, the romance is lacking for leads compared to second leads.

Would I rewatch? No.

But! I read somewhere the leads will reunite in another drama, so I’m looking forward to it. They were compatible both in chemistry & vibes.


I just recently finished that one too. I agree with your entire assessment, especially this:

I would like it if the leads were paired up again. They made a good couple and team.


Their romance could have been so much better. Hoping to see their new drama next year!


I’m pretty sure as the show goes on, I’m going to end up liking the Lt. Colonel. He’s not a bad guy, just has very understandable selfish reasons for wanting Seo Bom’s blood. And he also answers to that prick of a chairman. “Stuck between a rock and a hard place” is the appropriate analogy.


Now the hard part…
Waiting five days until the next ep of Happiness comes out. :frowning:
The struggle is real!
In the meantime, I’ve decided to rewatch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon … mostly because of Park Hyung Sik, but also the strong female lead.


I did say that in our watch party I dont hate the Lt Colonel at all. He just went about it in the wrong way.

Wife Murderer needs yeeting off the building :zombie:


We are going to Watch Party Goblin for the holidays!


Need to watch Goblin again (what punishment!! hehehehehe)
and please don’t make it so late for me

got a question here

wasn’t there a Korean drama with this title ? I want to watch this but don’t want to get confused