What are you currently watching?


Accordin to MDL, there doesn’t seem to be a Korean drama with the same name… what was the plot of that drama?


Maybe you mean this one? It has a child out of wedlock too, which the mother had to give up because she still had to be in prison - or better said she didn’t want to give it up, but someone didn’t want her to keep it.


oh my, maybe so!! I will watch it, been a long time since I have watched it, couple of my favorite actors too.


I tried watching Novoland: Peal Eclipse and it started off well. As I watched the 2nd and 3rd episode I realized that it might not have a nice ending. I read some comments and watched some of the episode trailers and it looked gloomy. Not sure I will continue this show. I’ve marked it for “to be continued.”

I’ll wait til it airs all the episodes and snoop around for the ending.
Considering the novel didn’t end so well, I don’t have high hopes for this drama.

Too bad because I really wanted to see Yang Mi & William.


I also wanted to start the drama Fall in Love, but lots of people said that Republican era dramas end badly. That’s why I’m waiting.


I’m currently at ep. 22
So far so good. According to spoilers, there’s a happy ending. This does lean towards romance but it doesn’t overshadow the other elements, like politics. Everything is well balanced.


Apart from a stupid beginning where they have the ML committing a murder to cover up, the series is great.
I’ve never seen two (chinese) leads with so much charisma (and chemistry, too). You only have to compare the ML and the SML, then you know what I mean. The ML carries the drama as already in Goodbye, My Princess.


ooh I love it when the ML’s charisma sets him apart from the rest of the characters! I really want to watch an ML like that because I’m currently pretty frustrated with Young Lady and Gentleman’s ML… he used to carry himself like an elegant prince but he had amnesia and thinks he’s 22 but the writers think he’s five, making him act like a stupid toddler. The actor, Ji Hyun Woo, did a very good job changing the way he carries himself. He walks, talks, and acts completely different, but I miss his old prince-like self.

Question: Does Fall in Love have comedy or is it a classic melodrama?


It is historic, but also modern in a pleasant way and the ML is mentally always one step ahead of his opponents.


I hope there will be a good ending, I like this drama is all, love the actors as well


Since I miss the lasts watchparties, here I am, trying to finish Lovers of the red sky lol

And started The king’s affection with my mom


ML is a comedian sometimes. :joy: ml & 2ml have a refreshing bromance. If they weren’t enemies in love, they would’ve been bff.

ml & fl have a cute sophisticated way of bonding. They have plenty of funny times together.


finishing up sleuth of ming dynasty, last episode. I thought it was cute, neat,& funny


Not that anyone cares (Hahahaha!!) but, as part of my December housekeeping project, I’ve decided to devote time to finishing dramas that I know are good but I just stopped watching. My first project is to finish up Vincenzo as I stopped with episode 6 because I couldn’t wait for each ep to be released. Also, I got ‘Squirreled’ by other dramas. My patience level has improved through the months though as I am now able to tolerate waiting for one or two (on-air) K-dramas to drop the next ep. The first step in self-improvement is to realize that you have a problem and then take the steps necessary to mitigate the problem. For more self-help tips, be sure to check back often. LOL!


_vincenzo%2011 _



I need to finish, Vincenzo too. I stopped around ep.9.

I get so easily distracted by other dramas and it’s been hard to pull through a full series without skipping.


This might sound strange, but I had been putting off watching ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ because I knew I would love it. I could try to explain, but my reasoning probably wouldn’t make any sense to anyone else, LOL. However, I caved and went ahead and watched it and, no surprise, loved it.


hey that sounds like me!!
midnight moodz hope you finished vincenzo,

just didnt care for Dali and cocky prince

so going to also try and finish some of my dramas on my list!


lol I’m not sure about this one but I trust in you, I think that I’ll give it a try!


Jang Dong Yoon is looking :fire: in the beginning of this and he is so handsome! And I’m loving the show!!! Wanted something more like Happiness to watch!!!

is taking the scare with me!!!

Are they Zoombies are they not Zoombies - I don’t know!!!