What are you currently watching?


I didn’t see anything on this list about that - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -a conundrum


The Fake Bride or The Fake Wife



uh oh!!! this DOES look like it!! I rewatched this one , and it does fit the bill so to speak!


I started watching a Thai Drama called Oxygine and it’s wonderful in my opinion, I arrived at episode 5 and I can’t wait to see what happens haha ;). P.S. Do you have an Italian name, are you Italian? If yes I’ve :slight_smile:


not italian, more Irish,scots, german

and where do I get this Oxygine, AND the drama I am wanting to watch!!?

so not able to do the hearts for 7 hours. thanks y’all for helping me find this. any idea what the title is? Fake bride? hmmm I will check


So was that it? In the clip I shared??? That looks good! Chinese???


It’s a 26 min. mini web series. You sneeze and it’s over. LOL

The plot sounds good. They should make it a full drama.


as far as I know yes that is it 26 minit? sheese, not worth my energy to watch, but I am hooked so gotta find it, full drama YES!!


You can find it on Viki, go to the Movies tick and you tick various categories, I hope it helps you haha :wink:


dc has everything lol


allrighty now! will do!


It does - if you can’t find it go there!!! LOL

Now that Line TV is leaving it is DC for everything I can’t find!

the mask
This reminds me of Phantom - they should make a full drama


Happy to have helped you :wink:


Just finished Inspector Koo.
I love how female-centric it was and it was done in such a refreshing way.
Sad it’s over TT

Also, love that she [SPOILER] accepted Santa, even though we still don’t know who he is. Also the cameo at the end :rofl: :blush:


Hey hello, I’m new to the Community, I would need some advice on dramas that I want to watch: the first is called “Sweet combat” And it is Chinese and the second is called “boys over flowers” and is Korean have you seen them? Can you tell me which is the best? :thinking:



My Fake Wife (2020) and chinese!! sorry about that one

midnightmoodz got it there

and its just a summary I guess, well thats ok, I do have the idea of it anyway. y’all thanks for helping me find this!! so later y’all

Chimmy__ale, you just have to jump in there and just watch, our opinions are wide range, bad ugly and ok, boys over flowers, just hold onto your seat, its a love-hate thing


Thank you so much for your help :heart:


“Ghost Doctor” will air on Mondays and Tuesdays starting January 3, 2022. Viki is still looking for a channel manager.


As frustratedwriter said, it really depends on your taste. Just pick one and see which one you like best :smile:

I haven’t watched sweet combat, but I have seen BOF and it’s really cheesy :laughing:, but is considered a classic by many. I saw it back in 2010(?) :see_no_evil:.

Welcome to the community and get ready to make lists of dramas that you’d want to watch because many of us have (very long) lists :wink:


Out of curiosity I looked at Moonshine the new sageuk with Hyeri. I somehow disliked Hyeri in other dramas, but she looks here so different in her hairdo and her acting is really good, did she perhaps mature… anyway, I had a sleepless night so I watched it and the drama has many comic/funny scenes, at one point I was laughing so hard and forgot that my neighbors were sleeping :rofl: