What are you currently watching?


Oh, yes! Rain is in that one - it looks like it will be a fun romp. I applied for channel manager for that one. :smiley:


Rain and Kim Bum! Good luck on your application for CM!


porkypine, good luck on the cm,


This is at the top of my watchlist!! I’m scared to watch because I really want to wait till ends, but Yoo Seung Ho is my first love from Dramaland :sweat_smile: It shouldnt end badly, right? I’ve missed watching YSH light up my screen


There is so much competition that I would be very surprised if I actually got it. :laughing:

I am greedy though. I also applied for and HOPE I get Seo Bok! Gong Yoo AND Bo Gummy!
Competition is fierce for that movie! :rofl:


i am watching Girls’ Love dramas


Thank you so much, i hope we’ll be friends hehe!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::blush:


stay by my side and Moonshine, silent sea, going to start artificial city today, um if I have time that is…
sword snow stride is getting really interesting. I like that guy in his role here… Hu Jun??


Hi! I was wondering if you guys are able to watch the drama “18 again” where you are? It is not available in my country, but I’m using paid VPN to access foreign viki. Can any of you reply to me if it is available in your country and tell me which one it is? thankyouuu <333


I can only speak for India, the show isn’t licensed for India (even Standard Pass holders)
Incognito mode

But I am a QC, so I’ve QC access to the show, and I can watch without any problems.


Same for in the Netherlands


I finished, Gank Your Heart it’s centered around e-sports (I’m in this e-sport phase at the moment lol)

I’m watching it in part for Yibo since I haven’t seen his dramas yet and GYH has been praised a lot when it was airing…

I don’t like to rant badly about a show but I really wanted to destroy this plot and smother it into oblivion. It has every possible annoying trope a drama could have minus poisoning. (If this was a historical cdrama, I wouldn’t doubt they’d throw it in there)

Clingy annoying ex-gf
Enraging step-mom
Jealous conniving coworkers
Sleazing & overbearing Bosses/managers
Side character with no depth to the plot
A breakup
Unnecessary subplots
Slow burn romance

The saving grace was the likable leads. They match but their scenes are not all that romantic. It’s like they have great chemistry but are restrained from showing it? Their pairing was more like supportive partners helping each other realize their dreams.

Also, the friendships were very nice to watch. Probably the best thing in this show.

I FF a lot because of all the tropes mentioned above, Lol


Thanks for your review. I noticed it as newly listed on one of my streaming services and was wondering if it was worth the time. This would go to the bottom of my list. :wink:


Just finished this one last night. Vintage movie (2004) but extremely well-acted. Sad but realistic theme. Have the tissues handy for the ending.



You’re welcome!

I really wanted to like it but it was so frustrating to watch. This could have easily been 24 eps. but they stretch the nonsense to 35 eps.

If you are interested in a drama centered around e-sports (+ romance), Falling Into Your Smile, tops Gank Your Heart.


I finished “The Silent Sea” and I have mixed feelings about it. :thinking:
I liked the cast, the plot, the characters, however I didn’t find it very entertaining.

I started Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. It’s not bad, I’m still waiting to see where the story goes after 2 episodes.


I watched Extreme Jobs :laughing:


almost done with Secret Forest/Stranger, and i STILL don’t understand why it has such a high rating… other than ML and FL, it’s sooooo boringgggg


I liked it :laughing:
I tried guessing who was behind things and I think I got most, if not all, of it right :blush:

But I can understand why you would think it was boring.


today i finished watching “silent sea” and the ending sucks cause gong yoo died.