What are you currently watching?


Would you please blur your spoiler?


blur that spoiler!!!


I read it and now I’ll probably don’t watch it!!

Please blur the spoilers always


Great movie! I laughed so much :rofl:


ok you movie people, just a question if someone handed you an envelope that had your death date in it, would you open it, wait!!!

was there a movie somewhere that somehow was like this? the person had to do something before their time limit was up? I have seen this question a couple of times, and all I can say is familiar. but if no one knows no problem. Maybe it’s just me

as for watching something, I am watching the most silliest drama, but its still funny

and one of my favorite actors too. just started it, can say my laugh for the day


I don’t think I would.
I’m not sure if I’ve seen a movie like that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a movie with that plot.

The only similar thing I can think of is the drama
About Time.



There was a Justin Timberlake movie called, In Time where everyone has a time limit that appears on their wrist. The interesting thing was that you can steal or “give your time” to someone else.

It was a very interesting movie and I didn’t expect to like it but I ended up really enjoying it.


hhhhmmmmmm, sounds close, I will check that out


I am currently watching The Witch’s Diner and Tale of the Nine-Tailed.


I watched it a while back. I could understand that it’s a well-made drama, but I found it really difficult to understand it. I felt I wasn’t smart enough to understand all the dialogues and storylines. I had the same problem with another drama of this writer,


I’ve watched the first episodes of “Our Beloved Summer”. I don’t know if I will keep watching. :thinking:

I also started

It’s really good! Why Viki didn’t get it? :pensive:


Because it runs on Iqiyi first.


Viki will get it later?


Sometimes it was so (My Roomate is a Gumiho, Monthly Magazine Home), sometimes not (She would never know, Dinner Mate and others)…
But maybe it will be recycled.


not sure about this one but its close! answer to my question

how about 49?

i do plan to watch this and see if this may be it


Just finished Shadow Beauty and it was sooooooooo good.
Normally I never (or very seldom) watch high school movies, but this was a right decision.
It breaks up with so many cliches/shows a few possible solutions concerning bullying, beauty standards, communication and so on.
The unavoidable idols act not like idols, but like real young actors.
And the best sentence was one of the last: It’s perfectly fine not to be perfect. Very amazing.

And another exception: F4 Thailand Boys over flowers.
This might be my most beloved version, and as the YT comments say, other’s too.


I agree. Bad and Crazy has been great so far. (I’m currently on ep 3). A TON of action in this one and, of course Mr. Eye Candy, Lee Dong-wook who does have a shirtless scene or two. I also wish Viki would pick this one up.
P.S. The guy who plays the SML ain’t hard on the eyes either.


The SML is Wi Ha Joon :heart_eyes:

I like Lee Dong Wook’s role in this drama.