What are you currently watching?


I finished, Go Go Squid, recently. The first time I watched it I didn’t watch the whole thing. So I rewatched it because I’m still stuck in e-sport world.

This is a really well packed drama with a strong backstory for ml. There’s a downside and upside to it though. The downside is the fact that it’s filled with flashbacks. Upside of them is that you’ll get an understanding of his character.

The leads are wonderful. Their romance was well paced and it balances the plot well. So, even though I don’t like the flashbacks I’m still rewarded with ml & fl interaction.


I’m watching young lady and a gentleman. has anyone seen this? If so what do you think about it?


I’d say it’s pn the better end of the spectrum of weekend dramas. My favorite weekend drama is Never Twice, and though Young Lady and Gentleman isn’t as amazing, it’s still pretty well done. The main leads act well, and the kids are cute. It’s being received very well in Korea, and it’s rating keeps rising - crossed 35% last week.

I’ll just say that everyone will love it a LOT more once ML’s amnesia arc is over. I feel like slapping the ML and FL for doing certain things but the chemistry is really good. It’s rewarding and heartwarming to see their interactions with the kids, so I’m disregarding all the silly angst.


Started watching Perfect Partner


Started this one and I’m loving it!


Isn’t the both drama the best of best! The thrill and storyline and also the graphics were amazing…


I’m not finished yet, but so far I really love them both. Love the storyline and great effects and graphics too.It’s hard not to binge watch them,just because I want to know what happens next.


Because I knew NF was going to lose the license, I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory for the past few weeks and just in time I was able to finish watching this show. The show has twelve seasons and I think I was at season 6 or 7 when I read about it. I’m so happy I was able to finish it on time and I could see the final episodes to see how they gave the series a proper ending. :slight_smile:
Now I’ve picked up a couple of shows I was watching before I bingewatched The Big Bang Theory, namely “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” (just started ep. 12/16 (the mains are being so cute together at the moment) and “At a Distance, Spring is Green” (ep. 11/12) (The ending of episode 10 gave me a shock, so heartbreaking).
Furthermore I finished watching “TharnType 2: 7 years Of Love”, yesterday. :slight_smile: I’m going to search for the special episode later today, because unfortunately Viki doesn’t have the special episode.


Last night I finish The Red Sleeve I had saved the last 4 episodes and binged them. I don’t know… I feel like I still need to process it.

-Do not unblur if you don’t want a mini spoiler-

The Red Sleeve gives me, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, there’s a likeness to the pacing and how things unfold. The plots are completely different but once you finish TRS and if you’ve seen SHR you may understand what I mean.

This drama gives you so much to grasp in each episode. The characters have a lot of development and we get to see them change over the course of the time. The leads are A++ I couldn’t imagine their chemistry at first but I’ve seen them in their previous projects before. I was not disappointed with this pairing.

The way they wrote the fl character made me want to headbutt a wall sometimes but I admire her… it’s just after what’s said and done… WHY DID they add so much angst. I may have to add her to the “strongest fl” list because it’s hard to find one with a backbone. She is very up to par in terms of intelligence with the ml. Now the ml… he’s JUNHO, like of course he did beautifully! On a serious note, Junho in a saegak was a brilliant idea! I want to thank the person who came up with this suggestion. I HOPE HE TAKES ON MORE SAEGAK IN THE FUTURE because he really improved in terms of acting chops. He was good before but in TRS he displayed a fascinating King.

I don’t think I FF at all because every moment was gripping.

I know there’s many ppl waiting to watch this at the watch party so I’ll wait around to discuss the ending.


have y’all ever went to your list ad deleted some of your dramas & movies? I did today, just didn’t care for some of them

I am planning to watch Lucky with you, maybe I need to rewatch perfect partner, that was a good drama!

finished secret inspector & joy, was quite good

I have never watched this next one and thought I would now

the ML has something to do with it

thought I’d re watch 1&2, looking more for the fashion/ models ones

this one my 3rd time on this one

yeah fashion king!!


Yup, definitely.

Or I started to watch the first episode and realized that it just wasn’t for me - either I’ve outgrown that type of drama or it’s just not for me and I don’t feel obligated anymore to watch it :blush:

I also don’t feel guilty speed-watching through some series now or even (but that’s only reserved for emergencies) the skip button :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: .


lol I do this whenever I reach peak procrastination time :joy: I wonder why my past self keeps adding dramas i don’t even want to watch


Whenever I get bored with an episode I’m watching, I like to browse through MDL or Viki to find new series to watch next. At that moment, I just add whatever drama that has my minimum requirements into a list. Only when it’s time to choose a new drama, then I’ll critically check each drama’s reviews/synopsis etc. and usually I’ll drop a bunch of drama’s from my watch list then.


Just started Hometown Cha Cha Cha with my mom

Finally started Love and Redemption


The song will get stuck in your head :laughing:


I have just started watching

that one is so cute, at least the first episode!!

also, another one, and the synopsis is wrong, but that’s ok, the first episode reminds me of that love design as well.

and loved him in “Lord Fox” as well, awwww I know its not the right title!!

and this caught my attention, with me being a genealogist and all, I really hope its good!

so I am going to try and re-vamp what I am watching, all these battles, and all is so tiring, like I said before a good mystery, scifi is a good thing. and to be sure theres more to the “Asian” culture than the 9 talied fox!! lets not forget vampires ,witches why not a good cooking show? like someone said, not really a great thing. but c’mom, tweek my interest, instead of school kids too,


Nooo!!! I’m an expert on that lol
I even have a playlist on youtube with the OST’s that keep rolling in my mind


Just started this one:

There’s something so enchanting and lovely about xianxia dramas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: the story’s been pretty good, leaning quite a bit on the comedy side. I will happily fight anyone who says ML is too old for the role… he’s just perfect for his character. I was going to start Eternal Love or Love and Redemption but I decided i didn’t want too much angst and suffering, all for just a satisfactory ending. The cinematography and sets are really really beautiful.


Have y’all ever seen a “funny” drama called invincible shan bao mei?? it was like a 2008 drama


2 actors I haven’t seen in a very long time, Roy Chiu and Blu lan, is there anything on them, are they still acting? and so on?