What are you currently watching?


I’m bouncing between:

  • Detective Kong alas Hot Blooded Detective :wink: and
  • Sword Snow Stride which is quite thrilling and has a great flow! and more serious

it’s for the mature audience with strong nerves…

and the cute sweet Uncle


Yes, I know that :laughing:
I meant, weren’t they both in the cast of Eternal Love?
I just looked it up - they were.
He was the SML to the FL and she was the niece of the FL.


I am wondering if Viki needs “fresh” blood maybe the writers or whatever, seems like they are slack in their dramas, the new dramas are few and far between lately, yeah can make the excuses, 1. the licenses 2. covid 3. the actors themselves 4. time etc.

by fresh blood, I mean the writings themselves, fresh stuff, new stuff, awwww maybe I am a bit impatient here, but gosh, come on already, these shows we are watching so many times over is getting quite boring, don’t get me wrong I do love them, Healer, Heal me Kill me, and the rest. revenges, avengers, justice, is that all?? school kids? foxy people( hehehe, being cute there), a p/s there that lord fox was quite good, didn’t care much for the ending, that merman one ,starry night, good too, another ending I didn’t care about, but it was a good drama, what about that wolf fella? and I know theres more but these are just a few.

did Korea, China, Japan , Taiwan ever come across aliens, well they did the mermen so why not aliens? those people that live underground(Guardians) why not, I am I guess frustrated, venting etc, these dramas I am seeing right now, love interests for example, and why office settings??

Imagination is the key, whatever happened to the city in the sky? doesn’t have to be a story about Atlantis (y’know that can be beaten to death too)

stir up some imagination, or am I the only one that thinks this?

vampires & witches also can be beaten to death too

sorry y’all just bored right now, those I picked, not sure they are going to be any good

hey WRITERS, my apologies, guess I picked on you today, y’all have a fantastic job in creating all these dramas, and what right do I have to put y’all down, but this senior lady would love to see a good drama, oh and not about senior citizens either.


It’s finally on air! :heart_eyes:

I hope Viki gets the license.


Just started:

I’m loving it!


I watched two episodes of The Lion’s Secret last night. The ML is so cute and funny. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while watching. I think this one will be good. I hope Viki gets it too!


Just finished this one:

I loved it! Though I sometimes feel like xianxia romances all have similar plots, i looove watching the sets and costumes and this one didn’t disappoint. It was elaborate and very pretty to look at. Ashes of Love probably will always be my favorite xianxia because it was my first, so this one takes second place. It was pretty well-written, and some problems that plague the xianxis genre were resolved quite fast, fast enough not to exhaust me like most other dramas. It ended pretty satisfyingly and the cast was awesome.

Lots of people complain that the ML looks too old but there is NO ONE who can play that role like he did. Everything about his character and demeanour screamed powerful God of War madly in love. Both leads’ expressions and the way they chose to interpret and portray their characters were beautiful. I didn’t expect much skinship but their chemistry was AWESOME and I really didn’t expect that I would die screaming over their kisses and romance. I was also glad that the writers chose to keep the comedy throughout the drama… in most others, the comedy just fizzles out and turns into angsty frustration for the next twenty episodes. God of War’s squad was so hilarious and it was fun to watch them tease each other and give advice.

One more point I liked was that the Heavenly Emperor was, for ONCE, a genuinely nice, wise, compassionate man who knew how to rule his kingdom, had no annoying advisers who were trying to turn him into a puppet, no witchlike wife, no unnecessary forced weddings. He treated ML like his son and was pretty good throughout the entire series. I was glad that for once there were powerful people who supported the main couple.


I just finished rewatching:

  • don’t know why it’s showing up in Spanish ^

I can’t remember how many times I’ve rewatched this. It’s not because it’s perfect but I think I relate to MiRae and how she evolved as a person. The story is cliche as any but there’s still a uniqueness to it that makes me want to watch it over and over.

I also want to show appreciation for most of the parents in this series. I ADORE MiRae’s dad. He’s as cute as a button. I love how supportive her parents are. Do Kyung Seok’s mom is also so lovely and likable.

I think if they unwrapped more of the societal issues that this story holds, it would be remarkable. I think they kept it a little on the safe side.

Anyway, I’ll always come back to my comfort kdrama. I’ll miss DoRae couple until next time!


Currently rewatching Scent of a woman, the drama that, back in the day, made me fall head over heels voor Lee Dong Wook. Watching it again, I still love it 10 years later.


Same! Ever since TSOAW, I have been a LDW fanatic. :heart_eyes:


Half the fun I get from watching Young Lady and Gentleman has to do with discussing and screaming with other viewers in MDL
This comment describes the drama and my own perspective in a nutshell :joy:


You’ve made me very curious about this series :wink:


me too, I didn’t think I would like it… checking it out today


And I foresee the next problem in the Chairman, DanDan, Chief Jo triple-header; a shocking turn of events with Chief Jo announcing to the Chairman that she is ???. Remember that they were on that island all alone with no witnesses (although we know our beloved Chairman would never do such a thing!) I cannot wait every weekend for the subbers to finish and, in fact, I often watch in segments (those that are subbed) and have to wait until more get subbed. Yeah, it’s just that good (IMO). Good, clean, ridiculously crazy fun. And, like you, I have a ‘thing’ for the ML. :wink::fire::wink:


I agree with your prediction - there’s absolutely nothing else that witch can do anymore. I was worried that YG would change his mind or falter when SR’s mom stormed in with all her lies but I was so glad and surprised to see him standing his ground and remaining firm. I also seriously hate the fact that Cha Gun is in love with her – does he have some sort of hero complex? There’s no other explanation.

@feyfayer @frustratedwriter it’s a really fun series but I think I wouldnt have been able to binge from ep 12 onwards. Two episodes per week is just enough for my tolerance :joy: It can be really infuriating but the kids and the family scenes are adorable and the actors are really good. Sejong’s actor is so cute, and does soooo well – he also played the little daughter in Hye Bye Mama. Ji Hyun Woo is just amazing in his role. He pays a lot of attention to small details. The chemistry gets better and better with each episode. Kang Ha Na, who plays the main villain, also does a wonderful job. She’s playing the obsessive, selfish woman slowly descending into utter insanity so so well.


currently i’m watching several different dramas. the main one that has caught my attention is strong woman do bong-soon. so far i’m loving it and its such a nice contrast from the other drama I just finished (uncontrollably fond). also watching love ft marriage and divorce, fight my way, level up, and my father is strange. i’m very close to finishing the second season of hospital playlist, but im procrastinating because i don’t want it to end😫. but honestly im all over the place and i just watch whatever when the mood hits me.


Scholar Who Walks the Night

30 but 17 - Rewatch

Watch Party of Red Sleeve!


I wanted to rewatch Player but it got kicked off of my region :sob::sob::sob: It was such a good show!


Oh, well … It was still on my list, but now I can’t access it in my region either. I really detest the Viki business practice for one announcing that some dramas will go from no pass needed to the next level pass, but deliberately and consequently leaving out the information of channel, that will lose licenses.

Seriously, will we ever see a change in that practice?


I KNOW, RIGHT? I was just going to watch it and couldn’t find it anywhere on Viki :sob:

I started The Good Detective and OHMYGOODNESS what is it with these crime thriller shows having TERRIBLE female leads? The FL is almost always an extremely annoying, nosy idiot who works mostly for her own gains without seeing the larger picture, thinking she’s the smartest person in the world, and it’s just infuriating to watch. I’ve given dramas low ratings solely because of the terrible FL roles. If the writers are so bad at writing female characters in crime dramas, they should just leave them out. There are enough female-centric dramas to compensate. Team Bulldog was a pretty intriguing show. The investigation squad was hilarious and everyone had good chemistry, but the FL just THREW ME OFF, she was constantly ruining everything, butting into everything and never understanding anything. The Good Detective seems to suffer from the same disease. One ML is a very interesting character, and the rest of the happenings at the police station are intriguing. BUT the writer just HAD to add in a nosy reporter and she’s driving me crazy. I get that she’s doing a good deed but she keeps valuable info from the police when things could have turned for good if she just told them. Even if they didn’t listen(which I highly doubt, because one ML is determined to solve the case), at least we could say she tried. :persevere: I hope her character improves because I probably won’t be able to continue with the show. If they add in ANY hints of romance I will just explode.

Though I didn’t love the plot in Stranger, they wrote in a REALLY good FL. It was a no-romance, crime and corruption-focused show whose highlight was an ML with alexithymia - but the FL was wonderful. She was badass, smart and everything - and the ML’s team even worked with her happily because she was a professional and good at her job, without her having to butt into their business at every turn. Maybe I’m over-reacting because the nosy press usually gets on my nerves in dramas. I get that they’re valuable protectors of democracy… but they just spoil EVERYTHING sometimes. I’m sorry, I’ll just go sulk in a corner lol