What are you currently watching?


I will just advise you to stick with it. I felt as you did when I first started it, but, IMO, it turns out her inner struggle about doing what is right is one of the main storylines. The corruption in these types of shows is often hard for me to handle, but I ended up really liking ‘The Good Detective’.


great, then I’ll continue watching :sweat_smile: The corruption is more boring than annoying to me - same old money-hungry, evil politicians and higher-ups - that’s why I really liked While You Were Sleeping. For the first time in forever, his entire prosecutor team was good. Though they had different personalities and some didn’t like him, they still were good people who stood for justice. It was refreshing and I loved it. I didn’t expect the drama to finish off as one of my favorite dramas according to MDL, but it deserves its place there.


I watched Silenced on NF last night. I love Gong Yoo and this did not disappoint. I am not a parent but the plot of this based on true events movie angered me on so many levels. Have tissues ready.


This must be new on NF, isn’t it?


I have to believe they know they’re losing the license to a show WELL before it expires. It truly can’t be that hard to add a line on the channel page that says “This show will not be available in [insert country here] after [insert date here].” I mean, that took me literally ten seconds to type out.


Yes, I believe it is as of this month. I found it in the ‘Gems’ category. There are various bands on the NF screen like ‘Continue Watching’, ‘Trending’, etc. ‘Gems’ can be found kinda hidden beneath all of those. Just keep scrolling downward until you find it. I’ve found some pretty good stuff there. :wink:


The bromance in The Good Detective :joy: I love the way they don’t know each other at ALL, one is experienced while the other is fresh out of university, one is dirt poor, has to support his dirt-poor sister and take care of his team while the other is crazy rich with a criminal cousin, one doesn’t care about anything while the other struggles with anger issues and stress, but they just stick with each other because they’re investigation partners. The writers did an amazing job choosing two characters who complement each other. The comedy is what keeps me going

I’M DYINGGGG :rofl::rofl:






My favorite part!


immediately puts show on Watch List

EDIT: why can’t I find it??


Hi ! I was really busy in the past few weeks so I couldn’t watch any drama (sadness !). Can you all propose to me some good recent dramas, please ? :star_struck:


‘The Good Detective’ is on Ntflx.


Well, that explains it.

runs to Netflix account :rofl:


watch Happiness . thou you can’t find happiness in it , it is an interesting drama


Is it a horror drama ?


Thanks you for the recommandation !


another guy covering his face


The King’s Affection


Was locking for it but couldn’t find it, I think it was mention in this topic - so to let you know at least in my region it is back


what kind of genres/dramas do you like? Give us some details so we can recommend good ones that will (hopefully) suit your taste!