What are you currently watching?


thriller … sort of zombie


I would love something funny, a great romance, a cherful drama because it’s winter in my country (France) and I like watching happy things ^^


Oh I don’t really like zombie but I will still give it a chance ! Maybe I will like it !


yayy those are my favorite type of drama!
Check this thread:

Rainy days and winter days… they both make people crave fluffy romances :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
To all the lovely dramas listed there, I’d like to add
While You Were Sleeping - I like to describe this one as a warm, hilarious fluffy story about friendship, loyalty and romance set in the cold, wintry days of Korea. I love the fact that there are no breakups, misunderstandings, separations, and all the other wet-blanket stuff that plagues most romances.


Thanks you ! I will definitely check that thread ! Exactly it’s like we want to contrast the raining wether by something fluff ^^

I saw WYWS long time ago and I loved it !


you can try True Beauty !!


Let’s just say I’ll never rewatch this.
I only finished it because I hated it so much. FF 70% of this nonsense.



Revenge upon revenge upon revenge
FL has zero backbone
Crazy MIL
Clingy girl arranged by mom
Very obsessed, petty, manipulative and stalker 2ml
Did I mention FL is weak? Well, she chooses to believe her “friend” rather than her lover most of the time.
Again, PSYCHO manipulative 2ml, probably the most frustrating one ever.
Alzheimer disease
Breakup, breakup, breakup (leads breakup more than they’re together)

The list can go on…

I DID watch the first 10 eps. without FF, so I’m proud of that. Lol

This drama should be called, “If Paris Goes DOWNHILL” because that’s certainly what happened. Whole plot kept rolling downhill.


LOL thank you very much for the review… I’ll be steering CLEAR of this one :joy:


You won’t be missing out for sure! LOL

It might have been a decent plot if it was around 20 eps. The writers must have been on some crazy pills to stretch it to 48 eps. :rofl:


another crazy question I am watching ghost doctor, awesome is all I can say.

now was there another drama like this some years ago? I don’t mean oh my ghostness, not sure if it was a medical one or not but it was good too

and I found it!! silly me! two cops!! and i have watched it two times!!


I saw it already ^^ Loved it ! Except the second lead syndrom for the second lead but I loved the male kead as well so…
Who did you prefer between the male lead and the second lead ?


You were right. I’m finally starting to like her… and it has LOTS to do with Oh Ji Hyuk having a crush on her :joy::joy: She’s actually a fun person, it’s just her job that sucks. I love all the main characters now… and I can’t BEAR seeing Oh Jong Se as a murderous villain :sob::sob: He’s SUCH a versatile actor

And I love the other ML’s plot arc - he’s so cute when he switches from Investigator Mode to Dad Mode :joy: .


Aw thanks for bumping my Rainy Day Drama Thread!



both … i too had a heart break for the second lead thou


Is anyone watching snow drop?? how is it ? can i start


I realized just how much I missed this guy when I saw this stainless steel frying pan ad today :joy:


Finished it yesterday because I needed something to erase the horror of, If Paris Downcast.

This jdrama is fluffy and quick. FL is so cute and awkward, I couldn’t stop laughing. The “rate R” isn’t even as extreme as say, “Coffee & Vanilla” or “In-House Marriage Honey” but it’s “cute” Lol

I wished it was a longer series. The plot was good enough to be a full length dorama.


Currently watching the Chinese drama Reset. I’m stuck at home and that’s the only drama that gets me through my repetitive days until my school semester begins again. The wait was so bad for me that I went and watched the other episodes without English subs, relying on my basic Mandarin and the actors’/actresses’ facial expressions to understand what was going on.

I’m trying to find another drama that’s similar to help me with the wait.

I haven’t been this impatient for a drama in a long time, lol! I was looking for a drama to watch after rewatching the Thai remake of I’m Sorry, I Love You, so I thought I’d watch The Legend of the Blue Sea. I only got up to episode 8 before I dropped it. I don’t like Lee Min Ho’s character and the plot was too cheesy and romantic for me.

On a whim, I decided to try Reset because I have watched a Chinese movie of the same name, so I thought it was somehow related. Anyways, I’m glad I did! Sure, it does have its shortcomings, but I’m very willing to overlook that for the actors and the plot. I love the chemistry between the ML and FL! Even though the genre isn’t romance, the way the relationship develops between the two given their circumstance is very believable for me.


This one’s on my watchlist because I love Bai Jing Ting(ML)! Seeing how you’re struggling, I guess I’ll wait till it’s over :sweat_smile:

If you want to watch more of ML Bai Jing Ting, I’d recommend You are My Hero(Medical/Military rom com). It’s one of my favorite cdramas.

Someday or One Day - I’ve seen lots of people say that both dramas have the same feel.

Time loops - Familiar Wife(Ji Sung x Han Ji Min). They repeat the time loop on purpose, though.

More people messing around with time - mainly romance: Go Back Couple and Tomorrow With You.

People messing around with time in crime dramas - Signal.


30 but 17

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