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Episode 12 of The Good Detective oh my goodness the casting is just PERFECT. I’ve always respected Oh Jong Se because he’s such a versatile actor, but I didn’t expect Jang Seung Jo to be THIS good - he is NOT just a (REALLY)handsome face. It’s so real, I could really see fear and confusion in the eyes of a man who has always been reckless and suave. It was a knife-fight scene, and the heavy breathing, the hurt, the words… everything was just so realistic. I love it when actors just immerse themselves in the role and don’t mind sacrificing looking perfect all the time for realistic scenes.

I love the end credits


I just finished this NF T-drama today and it was a goodie. If you like older women/younger men tropes, then this is for you. No fast-forwarding needed here. Acting was good, plot was good, chemistry between actors was good. Me likie! :wink:



Thank you for the recommendations! They are highly appreciated!


1 % of Something - for the 3rd time in a WP
30 but 17 - In a WP - 2nd time
Just finished Homme Fatale - Excellent
Scholar that Walks the Night
Red Sleeve - in a WP


even genealogy detectives??? hehehehe, sorry I had to do it

this struck home yesterday, one part mentioned gaslight theory this one wow! negativity for sure, so I guess I have allowed people to in so many words cut me down like, you aren’t good enough, you can’t do it and so on. but this is a good psychology drama, hey starting a mystery there too! is the psyche dr and that other dr bros I did that just in case

this is also a good one

wasn’t there another drama with someone losing their sense of smell and helped another person?? this is kinda dragging at the moment, still good though waiting for subs silly & funny


EVEN geneology detectives :blush: You are all searching for something, and both the drama crew and I wish you all the best! :heart:


thank you!! need all the help I can get especially for the brick walls!!


I love 30 but 17!!!


I wrapped this one up this afternoon since I have the day off. It was pretty good with kind of a grim reaper, time-stopping plot. I do like the ML in this one and have liked him since Boys Over Flowers. (Yes, I know he had some legal problems when he was younger but I still like his work). 12 episodes so an easy watch. Some of the OST is beautiful as well.


Finished this morning as a rewatch. I didn’t do any FF no matter how much I wanted to smash Su Jin the lying conniving side consort delusional princess.

I always feel a complicated dilemma between choosing Ye Hua or Mo Yuan. When I first watched this during it’s release, I actually thought Mo Yuan was perfect for Bai Qian. Until, I find out Ye Hua was the ML. I really like Mo Yuan’s overall aura and how he carries himself. Also, his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for Bai Qian. This man suffered 3 lightening strikes for the FL and then went into sleep mode until the last 5 episodes. -_- When he wakes back up some 73,000 years later, the love of his life was taken by his TWIN BROTHER I felt so bad for him, like… Sir, please, I’ll marry you!

Ye Hua… he’s so complex. Everything he does is well thought out and planned. I really admire his love for Bai Qian because he never wavered. There were a handful of Immortal Women throwing themselves onto his path but he just dodges them left and right. The only thing I really hated about him was his treatment of SuSu/Bai Qian after they arrived in Heaven. I know it’s not his fault he didn’t have leverage over his grandfather who was a total donkey. I cried so much when he took SuSu’s eyes. The way SuSu was crying and begging him. I hated that he couldn’t stand up for her. But, he does redeem himself later on. I did an ugly adult cry when he “died.” I think it’s one of the saddest drama deaths I’ve seen.

Plot wise, I wish they would have focused on YH & BQ more. Their love line could have had more depth. There was just a lot going on and the transition wasn’t very smooth.

If they were going to do Pillow Book, they could have left FJ & DH love line kind of a mystery in Eternal Love. Instead, when they did PB, they repeated the beginning of their encounter from EL (with slight changes) which is redundant.


egads, what a drama to watch, I think I will stick to what I am watching for now, and 73,000 years later? that to me is a bit much, now thats me, ok?


LOL! It does take a lot of time to digest these xianxia/chinese fantasy dramas because they have huge time skips. :sweat_smile: It’s even more confusing when they have several lifetimes.


EVERY XIANXIA DRAMA EVER :joy: Eternal Love is one of the absolute classics in the xianxia world, so it conforms completely to the rules of xianxia. I personally can’t get myself to watch it because I already watched Ashes of Love (another classic), and for some reason, I don’t think I can stomach Eternal Love.

Rules of Xianxia(with the experience I have - please correct me or add more if needed lol):

  1. Most of the main characters are immortal so the story will always span thousands and thousands of years.
  2. The FL usually starts out as a happy-go-lucky little sprite with birth secrets and ends up as an all-powerful, badass goddess
  3. ML is usually an extremely powerful tsundere god who falls madly in love with the FL - MADLY to the point where he will do anything, on heaven and earth, for her
  4. Either ML or FL (sometimes both, if the writer feels like torturing us a little more) will sacrifice one of their senses for the other. They also sacrifice hundreds/ thousands of years of cultivation for random stuff or sacrifice something out of their core being.
  5. If there’s a phoenix in the story, he or she will sacrifice one of his/her many lives.
  6. Since they’re immortal, there WILL be death scenes and they WILL make you ugly cry for days
  7. Either FL - usually FL - or ML(sometimes both) has to go through a Mortal Trial - in simple words, a “Mortal Trial” is a tool used by the writers to inflict whatever pain, trouble and other nonsense they feel like inflicting on the main character(s) without feeling guilty in any way. It’s like a drama within a drama, because the character going through the trial is reborn with no memories and has to live a whole new life. I usually like the Mortal Trial section of xianxia dramas.
  8. The villain is usually completely unhinged.
  9. The Emperor is a total a**hole - most of the time. The Empress may or may not be a witch.
  10. Somebody’s mother always dies tragically.
  11. Either because of a misunderstanding or on purpose, the ML does something to FL that makes her ignore him/hate him for a few hundred years/episodes.


To My Star - If I have had a bad day - This movie always lifts me up!

It is a BL - but it is so SWEET I can’t even stand it!

Is this my 3rd or 4th time watching the movie! HMMMMM :thinking:


Yeah, I think they didn’t know they were going to get the rights to the Pillow Book.

I enjoy all the rant videos about this show :rofl:. I think TMOPB/EL is one of the best Xian xia out there and very well known.

This last one had me laughing :rofl:.
Hahaha are you part of the Moyuan Fandom?


moyuan fandom? hmmm I will look into that today.

and thank you vivi_1485 for helping me understand that drama, maybe just maybe I will watch maybe again first episode at least

Love that girl on yt


I just finished watching The King’s Affection -> A really great show.

And I’m watching The Red Sleeve -> A really really great show.

Both shows are really, really good.

I know I’m not using a lot of words to describe these shows, but you really just have to see them yourselves, as I don’t want to spoil anything.

Great acting, great story, great camera angels, costumes etc!


lol, thanks for sharing this video. I haven’t made a decision about that and I have to recognize that I kind of wanted that they were together but I also love Yehua hahaha


Bonjour! J’aime tout que c’est francais … j’aime aussi la langue mais je ne le parle pas bien!


YES! This was adorable. I was recently under quarantine, having contracted the dreaded CoVID (ick), and I binged this in an afternoon. So sweet!