What are you currently watching?


runs to add every xianxia ever made to her WL


Guilty as charged. The last video you shared makes sense. It’s the protective nature of Mo Yuan that wins my heart. He would NEVER let Bai Qian suffer tribulations and definitely not let Su Jin live a day more to bully BQ… which then the story wouldn’t progress.

But still! I still absolutely love Ye Hua too. He’s patient and grew mature enough to be worthy of BQ. It’s funny how BQ looks/acts so much more shy and timid in front of YH than Mo Yuan.

Since, Love & Destiny, is based on Mo Yuan /God of War, I’m going to go watch it and finish it this time. Lol


I liked the fl and her silly antics. It’s been a while where a jdrama grabs my attention enough for a one sitting binge.


LOL they’re very beautifully shot and entertaining. I usually don’t like fantasy but I’ll happily swallow xianxias with their beautiful, elaborate high fantasy sets any day

To narrow down your options: My favorites are Ashes of Love and Love & Destiny :heart: but beware, Ashes of Love and Eternal Love can reduce you to a bawling mess multiple times for DAYS :sob::sob:


Xianxias are great for winter viewing
Idk why but Winter makes me want to cry. I’m on a xianxia watching spree.

I’m currently rewatching Pillow Book aka Eternal Love 2.

Love & Destiny, is next and then my favorite, Love & Redemption. Might squeeze in and rewatch Ashes of Love. :sob: It’s gonna be a tear filled journey.


Good luck, soldier! :joy::joy:

Though I love the genre, I really can’t watch them back to back - they drain too much out of me!


am I wrong again, but wasn’t there a drama like this some years ago? it so sounds familiar


I just looked it is 2022! On MDL it shows that also


Apparently I enjoy living in the past. LOL. This one is from 2011 but the cinematic effects are very good (not grainy like some from this period). It’s well worth watching but like many of these period dramas, it has a fair share of bloodshed (not over-the-top violence though).

Now I’m in the current decade watching this one and man-oh-man, is it good!!! I love how the ML, Wallace Chung, is portraying his character. (I dig WC anyway.) Oh, and there is a really (and I do mean REALLY) hot kissing scene in the shower in episode 12. Their clothes are on but wow, it is NOT a two lips touching/fish lips kissing scene. I’m talking EXTREMELY passionate. I’ve never seen WC kiss like that before. (Yeah, I had to rewind a couple of times and then get a cold bottle of water out of the fridge to pour over my head to cool off type of kiss). Vivi would have to cover her eyes!


I knew @my_happy_place was my twin, but I didn’t know I was a triplet! :joy: I’m also watching Because of Love - I’m also a segger there!
I have never watched this genre before. You could say I was tricked into watching it - the synopsis promised me a different story and Wayne Wang blinded me lol. But I can’t stop watching it now! It’s mature and realistic, and the producers pay very close attention to detail. The editing is interesting - some scenes are completely silent with no bg music at all, but that contributes to the overall mood of the drama. I’m glad I’m watching Young Lady and Gentleman on the side to balance the emotions :smile:

And, well, there was no way I could avoid Episode 12 :joy::see_no_evil: It happened so unexpectedly… and I LOVED Wallace’s acting and line delivery there - I don’t know why people are fussing over his real voice. Who on EARTH would have been able to stop watching that scene?! It was so charged with emotion and the buildup was so well written. Though there were a million reasons they shouldn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t have done it, I still knew without a doubt that it was going to happen the second they looked at each other. The main actors are amazing.

I still haven’t recovered from the shock :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: though I did look away towards the end lol it got way too much for me - @kdrama2020ali Even though I didn’t watch the whole scene, Episode 12’s shower kiss has totally earned top spots in your Best Kiss Ever and Water Scenes collections :hot_face:!


I love you @vivi_1485 you know when to tag me! I guess squirrel will be happening for this drama - although I am rewatching 30 but 17 with @my_happy_place


enjoy all the fluff 30 but 17 can give you… you have to be strong for Because of Love :sob::sweat_smile:


I have been trying to look for the other drama as well


… since there are so many kitchen or cooking dramas, maybe you were reminded of one of these


disappointed about some series because i am watching the princess man from another site . it says you cant watch this series becvause of your region. what kind of centuries we will be having …,
and some new series doesnt have extensive site like hometown cha cha … and how can i reach any supervisor or admins here have got no ideas?
thanks already


Ok drama friends, I’m watching Mouse and was having great difficulty with the erroneous science until I shifted my thinking. If you’re going to watch it think of it as a Sci-Fi, the science is fictional so…


lutra, nope thats not it, like I said maybe I am wrong. thanks anyway


I’m currently watching a Thai drama called The Player on YT. It’s a mystery thriller drama with some gay elements in it but it’s not a BL despite there being quite a few BL actors in it. One them is Tay Tawan from Dark Blue Kiss. The drama up till where I’ve watched has been really addictive. The plot is interesting with lots of twist and turns.


I’m currently watching SNOWDROP, and my heart ache so much for the beautiful young actress that is no longer with us, gifting us with her presence in dramas anymore. She’s now resting in peace, and I only hope her passing is not in vain, and we see stricter measure of help to see these young actress/actor getting the professional help they need so they can cope with whatever is mortifying them to such an extent that causes them to want to part from this Earthly world.

I feel like a beautiful flower was violently torn from this earth, and we need justice to be done to stop this from ever happening again. I did saw her in HELLBOUND, but didn’t know it was her until I saw it written in an article. I hope you guys get to see the drama. I don’t know why they make such a big deal for the ‘‘distortion’’ in its history bc as a viewer I never look as dramas as distorted truth or lies from the reality, but I see it just as a drama real or not real is not what’s important. To me is how well the characters play their roles, and they ALL did a great job until the end. REST IN PEACE child.


It’s all about buying licenses, unfortunately. Where there’s money involved and everything’s legal, we can’t have everything we want.

You can request for dramas you want to see on this site or in your region here:

If there are enough requests, Viki will buy a license for your region.