What are you currently watching?


I’d recommend Imitation, although her hairstyle was terrible in it.


Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize she was the main girl from that. Based on the clips I have seen from Imitation, I never would have figured out that they are the same person.


I started this one with 0 expectations and I really enjoyed it! Actually, I was thinking of rewatching it lol


I am back from my trip so gotta get back into watching the dramas!!

the oath of love, I want to start the cursed, sounds interesting, and a superior day, planning to watch kill heel, at least its a start


Update on ‘The Cursed’ now that I have completed it: Overall it was a well-produced drama with an interesting story and nice characters. As I mentioned when I started, the star of the show was the young-adult FL (Jeong Ji So as Baek So Jin), but there was also a child actress that played this character in flashbacks, and she was equally as captivating. My only complaint is that some scenes seemed unnecessarily long, but I tend to have this problem with many dramas (I’m a bit impatient, lol). If you like something with a bit of supernatural mystery/thriller, you may want to check this one out.


Even though it got some negative feedback, I took the plunge and am watching Backstreet Rookie with Wookie. I’m on episode 6 right now and I must say he is not playing one of my favorite characters. I enjoyed him so much more in K2 and Healer, probably because I like him playing those rough, tough characters. There were some parts of the first few eps that did have me laughing out loud; some of the humor is a bit crass but I’m not an elitist in that area. @vivi_1485: bonus!! The 2ML from Business Proposal plays ‘Puppy’ in BR and yes, he is adorable, dimples and all. The FL is a cutie pie. This one is probably not going to be a re-watch for me though.


This drama is the one that has taken over! I am actually not watching it on Viki but it is on here. I
am at episode 30 and would keep watching if I did not need to sleep eat and work! LOL!!


My best friend is coincidentally watching Backstreet Rookie and she wont stop talking about Min Kyu being in that drama too :sweat_smile::joy:


ok y’all watched a movie today, and its 2017 movie! I don’t recall seeing it here but maybe it was and just didn’t check. this was a good movie, and of course they can’t stay away from mer people! and that pearl is the key/answer. can’t tell you more unless I give it away.don’t want anyone to fuss y’know. i did like it. the actors were fantastic! and I divided it up too sol that hel;ped. and I think y’all would like it too


I didn’t think it would be any good, so another to watch, thanks for the heads up!

I looked at the messages, oh my goodness! It’s been a while since I have been here!! 12 days ago!!


Ok, I just finished:

I have to say that they could do it better, at the end we watch a lot of stories that could work better than the multiple amnesias :neutral_face:
I was waiting for more at the end but anyway I stop enjoying it at some point and decide to finish it anyway waiting for a good ending but I didn’t like it lol

I couldn’t avoid thinking about how good she looks in this scene while watching the wedding scene :roll_eyes:

This was a really good surprise, I have had it on my list for a long time and I didn’t read the synopsis again but decided to start it and it was such a good choice. I know that a lot of people complain about how repetitive it can be but actually I love this show, I love her personality and I feel it like a different inside comic story. It was great!


What were they thinking by putting a girl with heart disease with Rowoon???

Just started:

I just started this one, Xu Kai is so good but let’s see!


I have finished this one, it was really good. :star_struck: I loved the female and male leads.
Unfortunately, it’s one of these Chinese dramas with an absurd and badly written ending.


I am currently watching

I had never taken time to watch this before, even though it seemed quite popular. So far I am really enjoying it.

Second drama I follow is

Well, for this one it’s watching and subbing. Took me about the entire first episode to get interested in the story. But after that, I was hooked. Downside of watching this ongoing drama, I have to wait for new episodes and can’t binge it all at once.


I just finished Young Lady and Gentleman a couple of days ago too. The only reason I kept watching was because of (IMO) the ML eye candy. The plot was most generally non-sensical and the FL was put into (or allowed herself to be put into) so many bad situations, I think her tear ducts had to have been worn out by the end of filming 52 episodes.

So for my next K-drama adventure, I’m watching Saimdang: Memoir of Colors on

Prime. (It’s Saimdang, Light’s Diary on Viki). This one is actually not half bad. It’s kind of a time-hop story involving ancient paintings but best of all, it’s got more eye candy with Song Seung heon. Yeah, him. It’s been 19 pain-free, easy-to-watch eps so far (There are 28 eps in all).


Thank you for informing about this drama. It’s probably one I would never look at twice based on title or cast, but this phrase is very appealing to me:

I might have to add it to my list.


and plan to do the watch party with this today too getting impatient with this one, but its really good

fake princess, its really good at least I think spoiler[/spoiler]

wish viki would get 2& 3 of this one

this is just a few I am watching at this time
finished legend of the Naga pearl, I really think y’all will like it.


I just finished this up. I’m going to say something I never imagined myself saying, but I felt like this story really would have benefited from having more episodes. The premise of this was really quite interesting in theory, but I feel like it needed way more time to flesh out and do it justice. There is some big, mysterious force at work, but there is almost no information given as to what it is or why or how the characters are dealing with it. Even though the parts of the story we do get to see are pretty decent, I was left scratching my head over what this was even about. Therefore, on the complete opposite end of most C-dramas that feel like entirely too many episodes, this one had way too few to tell the complete story.


ahhhh there are soooo many things I love about ABP :sob: ML is a confident adult CEO at work and an adorable boyish fella when not in the office :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: FL is the cutest, sweetest, funniest FL ever

this was one of the cutest kisses I have ever witnessed and it was unscriptedddddd

It’s perfect. Everything about it is perfect. The writers made a list of all the little tropes we love and ticked them off one by one. Today’s cliffhanger is going to KILL ME. I don’t think I can survive to see Monday and Tuesday :grimacing: what on EARTHHHHHHHH how COULD they hurt him like thatttt

If this doesn’t end well I WILL NOT stand for it :sob::sob:


today I have decided to rewatch this one cause the two main actors, looks alike, which I know they aren’t no kin. also the stories sounds almost alike

1.fake princess(amazon prime) but both are good anyway

then 2

, ending does suck though

thinking of watching this one

ok discovered a new one on NF, Tomorrow, and yes sounds like our cute counter one, y’know, the ones these 4 people go after the bad ghosts and all?

the first episode was different, but it was really good. sorry not able to remember that title at the moment,( mind kinda flaky this morning)

oh yeah Tomorrow has , Lee Hyuk Soo, Lee Soo Hyeok so its gotta be good!! spoiler???

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Tomorrow” is a new fantasy drama starring SF9’s Rowoon as Choi Joon Woong, who gets into an unfortunate accident while struggling to find a job. As a result, he crosses paths with grim reapers Goo Ryun (Kim Hee Sun) and Lim Ryoong Goo (Yoon Ji On), who work together to save the lives of those who are contemplating suicide, and he winds up joining their team in the underworld as their youngest member.This text will be blurred

well the first episode was a good one


This is the best drama for me that So Far has made up for all the disappointing ones I watched recently (and I have dropped a lot of them)

EXCEPT [ONE THE WOMAN] It was also my DELIGHT to watch, especially after they edited the subtitles from Episode 9 on… which I couldn’t make sense most of the time, until graciously @manganese the GE worked his magic in the drama.

Business Proposal

2022 ‧ Rom-com ‧ 1 season

THIS drama so far i’m waiting for Episode 12, has the most perfect ML/FL with so much chemistry, and the SML and SFL are FANTASTIC TOO! They need a story with them as main couple. I can’t wait for that! The second lead couple makes up for the BLAND relationship between the Two main lead couple (not that I’m complaining either)!