What are you currently watching?


I’m gonna watch it because I know you have great taste in dramas. I mentally prepared myself IF there are sad parts.

Thanks for the recommendation. The dramas here lately are too young, too romantic, too ‘‘mushy’’ for my taste. When they are supernatural or crime theme; they go to the extremes in the scenes with the brutality in them, and is hard to handle because some are even involving young children!


it is on my list


Someone in some thread here mentioned Perfect and Casual so, of course, I had to check it out. This is just me but I am so annoyed at the FL and her whining, especially during the first few episodes. UGH! IMO, the way she speaks her native tongue when she is in one of her ‘whine modes’ drives me crazy. I’m not fond of actors who mumble their lines, I guess. (I will cut her some slack and say that she is playing a college student, but still…). I’d like to think that I am not judgmental and can usually accept most dramas even if there are huge holes in the plot, etc., but the way the director is having the FL act/deliver her lines is almost too much for this kid (me). :wink:
I’m going to try to gut it out and get through it primarily because I really like the ML, Miles Wei.

Edit: I am seriously going to have a VERY difficult time getting through this one. I really, really don’t like the FL. She acts like a bimbo, talks like she’s got a mouthful of cottage cheese, is the queen of whiners, etc., etc., etc. I think I could handle this drama a little better with a different actress? I would like to think I’m not shallow but this chick is not doing it for me as far as being an appropriate match for the ML. She is portraying her character as extremely immature but of course the director and writer(s) should get some credit for that too. I would not recommend this drama to anyone and will be sure NOT to watch anything else she appears in. It is painful to watch her.


I hate that too when writers makes the fl sound like a toddler. They think it’s “cute and adorable” for a fl to be whiny but it comes off cringey. Miles Wei made the drama tolerable. It’s the only drama of his that I can finish. lol


I’m watching

People compare it to Twenty-Five Twenty-One and A Business Proposal saying it’s not that good and that it has lower ratings but I really like it.

That pillow fight :rofl::rofl:



I was watching a Chinese Cinderella story (not here). Yes, another one. At the beginning, I loved the couple’s chemistry and all, but her little girl way of ‘‘dressing’’ and tone of her voice, got to me so bad that I just dropped it. I felt sick to my stomach to see these grown a** women talking like they are little girls with pony tails in their hair, like if they are a pre-k child, doing some scenes (S*X), and it was such an uncomfortable/sickening thing to watch that it made me feel nauseous. I feel only pedophiles can enjoy those kinds of abnormal scene. I just can’t.


I spent the day in bed, not feeling well, and started bingeing this on a whim. Given its age, I was happy to discover that its production quality and storyline did not feel terribly outdated. I admit, I ended up skipping a fair bit of the story revolving around the secondary FLs and a lot of the sismance moments, although one of the FL’s friends gave some really great advice throughout. It’s always so refreshing when the friends give good advice rather than spewing nonsense. If I had been feeling better, I may have had more patience to watch those parts, but I was so invested in Kim Bum’s character and his story with the FL, as well as his mom. (But let’s not talk about his hair - one part of the drama that did not age well :smile: ) I liked that the three leading ladies were not written in cliche ways, so that even the one who was somewhat desperate to get married still valued her individual self worth and the one who had sworn off marriage completely still understood the value of love and gave advice to her friends accordingly. Overall, this was a pleasant surprise.


Anyone else in love with Jang Geun Suk?

He was also in “Love Rain”, “Switch” and “The Royal Gambler”. For some reason I couldn’t copy those links to here.


https://www1.dramacool.f[/spoiler]o/dear-doctor-im-coming-for-soul-2022-episode-3.html[spoiler]This text will be blurred

really quite a good one, almost like our ghost doctor, but not a ghost,and the one on NF , not Black, Devils punisher, and incredible counters.


Just a couple days ago I mentioned a drama in which the FL’s best friend gave refreshingly good love advice, but this drama is an example of what I have become accustomed to: friends giving terrible advice and being a hindrance to a relationship rather than a help. It’s one of my pet peeves of dramas.

The two leads, along with the FL’s family, and the really lovely OST made this one worth the watch. Oh, and the really cute ‘epilogue’ scenes at the end of most of the episodes.


You guys won’t believe this, but the girl from DRAMAWORLD LIV HEWSON IS ON A SERIES on Disney Plus titled: INHUMAN which is a fantastic series by the way. Wish we could see it here, too.


I used to! :heart_eyes: I played a lot his old songs on YT and printed out lyrics for the song Hello Hello from Marry Me Mary, and have you watched Pretty Man, Beethoven Virus and Hwangjini (as a teenie with Ha Ji Won), there is or was also a movie, he played in a band. He’s a versatile artist and hopefully we’ll see him on screen again soon.


started watching our blues on NF, first episode, so-so, but hopefull it will get better


and the other one is tomorrow, another grim reaper one


just started this today


dear doctor I am coming for soul,

kinda remindes me of the ghost doctor, but he isn’t a ghost, also uncanny counter
. p/s devils punisher,

blue whisperer



lady in butchers house, first episode was funny

maybe this will last me for awhile


This is a mini-series 8 episodes only 20-28 minutes. To think he got married to Park Shin Hye and it looks like he’ll be a DAD in a few short months. Congratulations is in order!


I started watching “Our Blues” on NFLX as well. The cast of characters are amazing, with Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Kim Woo-bin, Han Ji-min, etc.! I see a great potential.


yes forgot to put that one on, I did like the first episode, loved the actors too!


I saw the trailer and was so surprised to see all the cast members :smile:


I know, right? It’s like a gathering of the best of the best. So many of my favorites…


Have you alos looked at “My Liberation Notes”?


Looks like another good one. It’s a shame that Viki wasn’t able to secure some of these gems.