What are you currently watching?


Lately, I feel we just get the ‘‘rejects’’ here at RViki. I’m so glad I have NTFX bc if not, I feel I wouldn’t have much to watch here. I am going to try [AGAIN MY LIFE] just for the ML; hope the story plot is as good as [Flower Of Evil]. I wasn’t too thrilled with [Lawless Lawyer] I watched this one after [FOE] and not before so maybe that was the reason.


I just finished it and I agree with you! I loved the story and the acting.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I actually enjoyed the ending and the post credit scene too :blush:.
I don’t know what the comments about this series are and I don’t think I’ll look at them.
I’m just glad I got to watch this :smile:.


I personally applaud the writer for not pandering to the popular demand for a predictable happy ending.


I think I have watched more drama over the last couple weeks than I have for the previous 3-4 months combined. In the recent days, I have watched:

This was a bit hard to get into because it takes the unfairness between the have’s and have not’s in an elite high school to the extreme for a couple episodes, but since it is only 12 episodes, I decided not to give up. I enjoyed it for the most part, though it was a little tough seeing my Chae Soo Bin playing a villainess.


I really enjoyed the cast in this one.

Lastly, the final episode of Thailand F4 dropped, so I was able to finish up that series.


feyfayer I am getting there, I do like it!! p/s here, don’t look at the comments, I also am learning that one too. if you cant say anything good dont say anything at all!!


Hope you enjoy it till the end :smile:


angelight, I also feel that way too,

I have found a couple of other links along with NF that are good iqui, dramacool, dramanice I found blue whisperer!! I think NF is doing good, got a bunch of them on! do be careful with these sites as well, I just discovered they are illegal as well


ok everyone I have learned something today, these links I shared?

some are those pirate things that Viki has said many times over that we should not watch and all, I am curious about different things, so here is a rundown of these so-called free sites, and an answer to the question, why is it so hard for Viki to get those licensed shows, something I learned, hopefully, you will too

and managers if this is a no-no do delete this. and I do apologize for any errors about these things.


Hi guys, my update lol. It’s just my opinion :sweat_smile:
Just finished:
F4 Thailand

I have to say that these guys are just gorgeous, and like I was saying a while ago, I love how they deal with some topics that were difficult for me in the other versions. I love the endings with a wedding but although there wasn’t a wedding I liked the end.
I think that they did a great job, and I really enjoy this version which was one of my worries at the beginning, I was thinking, what else can they do with this show? but yes, they did something different.
In love with this scene, it was really funny and well done, and it was great to get all the F4 involved in this situation.


Yumi’s Cells

Well, I think that I had higher expectations about this one but I didn’t enjoy it. Sometimes I was like, ok this is going to get better but no, at the end I was thinking about giving up and just dropping but I decided to finish it.
Something that I liked it’s that I think that our emotions work in a similar way, and showing your feelings, worries, and all of that it’s really hard sometimes, so I think that the reason why I didn’t drop it was because I feel it kind of real, but I keep thinking that they could do it less boring in my opinion.

Just started:
Why women love

So far is good, but I’m just in the 3th episode


Currently watching Again my Life and I love it so much, can’t wait for release of next episodes.


Finished watching Backstreet Rookie this weekend. Mainly watched for ML. Wouldn’t watch again. As I’ve said before, Wookie was much better in K2 and Healer. This one was a waste of his talents.


I second that. I don’t know what possessed him to be part of such a ridiculous story bc everything was so wrong in there. The screaming mom he had in the story was in my eyes the worse part to have to endure The ending part where they go straight to saying Good bye to staff members, and other actors/actress, was so ridiculous to see because it took so much out of the drama.

PS>>> I think he was amazing in The Princess Ki drama. He was in my eyes a perfect 10. Second was HEALER didn’t/won’t watch K2.


Yeah, there was a lot of violence in K2. I watched strictly for this:


…and this:


Please don’t judge. :wink:


No judgment from me. I endured my intense motion sickness with that drama for the exact same reason. :blush:


I actually had a crush on this guy although I’m way too old for him, and have no hope in hell

. I practically had to let it go so I wouldn’t die of
Love sickness…lmao…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Just joking.

Him, and Lee Seung Gi make me wish I was born in their time though…


You’re preaching to the choir, sister. I’m old enough to be his mother. Oh, well. We can dream, can’t we? LOL!



I even did a movie with him, girl! I was a rich famous producer and went to SK to Direct a drama with him as a M/L and guess what? He fell madly in love with me!

Now the ending was sad since I came back to USA and he stayed in his beloved SK. Not before we had an awesome LOVE CONNECTION. hahahahaha.

Oh, I discovered he liked older woman as I took charge of his amazing drama.


I think this is true for so many of us.


I guess I am going to break down and watch F4 Thailand: Boys over flowers

oh and about Wookie, hes my youngest sons age, so nothing wrong in looking, right?? I did watch that K2 some years ago, not a good one, at least I didn’t think so. didn’t watch back street rookie my fave was Healer, and that suspicious partner, don’t remember if I watched the princess Ki one or not


I hear ya sister! K-2 was ok but not one of my faves of his.