What are you currently watching?


Ikr i couldnt watch any of his recent ones - Melting Me Softly, Backstreet Rookie, Lovestruck in the City… Melting Me Softly was suh a huge disappointment - he was the first actor I marathoned dramas for. I loved Healer, Suspicious Partner and, to a certain extent, The K2. His characters in Healer and Suspicious Partner were so so well-written. I loved his double role in Healer(shy awkward office staff vs hottie night courier) and his hotheaded so-done-wih-the-world personality in Suspicious Partner.

Thats why im going to wait till Sound of Magic finishes airing. The trailer makes it look like an enchanting Disney movie but I’ll wait and see how good it is before jumping in. Ahh the trauma of a crush that disappoints you 🥲😂


I’m sad his last few dramas are so bad. JCW is one of my fav. k-actors.

It seems he went backwards in terms of popularity. He started off with a bang and then gradually chose disappointing projects.

I think he excels in action with a hint of romance. He probably didn’t want to stick to one image so he tried those silly plots. I’m hoping he goes back to Action/or try out rich powerful ceo/mafia role or something more exhilarating.


I think he does very well with slightly awkward-funny weirdos who hide their soft interiors with action-packed cool composed amazing powerful smart exteriors. Healer and Suspicious Partner showcased that in different ways - he didn’t do much combat in SP but his prosecutor investigations and courtroom scenes were fun to watch. It’s also fun to see his clumsy character morph into this cool badass personality when he steps out of his house and into important places


I completely understand, my triplet. :wink: I started watching Melting Me Softly but just couldn’t get into it. Lovestruck in the City? Nope, not even gonna start that one. Suspicious Partner? That’s on my radar. I’ve heard Empress Ki is good too.
I’ve been so enamored of Wookie that I watched the first few episodes of Heirs thinking he was the ML. I guess that’s what happens when the only thing older than me is dirt and the brain ain’t what it used to be. LOL! Wookie is one of my all time favorites.


watching this, and crossing my fingers is worth it bc I’m not too fond of that era due to all the unfair stuff they did to innocent people.



You didn’t watched [EMPRESS KI] @frustratedwriter bc you can not watch that drama, and forget about it…ever. It had a great combination of good or bad actors/actress, and the story was a combination of so many great things/scenes combined together so well that as long as the drama is available, I watched it 3 times already.


If you are a Wookie fan, this one is a must. At least according to little ole me (and probably @vivi_1485 too).


these two are so similar. but I do like both

I really hope this one this gets better
but love the actors!

I wanted to re-watch this one.

rewatch this one too, don’t think I ever finished it!

I am so seriously thinking of watching this one again, even after rumors and such, that guy is a good actor, and sure hate it when that scandle came about. I did like this drama, and of course the others he played in.

this one too

I was looking for the other 2, but not able to find them

wonder if he will ever come back to acting?

found one of them!

I finished watching thias one

this was so neat! and course too short, the last piece of video, remember Thomas in Missing, the 0ther side? how he looked at the camera and left, well this guy had the same look! oh, he didn’t disappear or anything, that was the last of the episode!

what got me, the questions in this last episode, really got to me, even at my “young” age

whats your dream, is one, there were more, but don’t want to put any more spoilers on here. I really believe y’all will like this one


His new drama is The Sound of Magic
I’m curious to see what his character will be like in this one.


It looks like a fantasy theme. Very interesting! Something new for him.

Reminds me of Willy Wonka for some reason. I wonder if that was the inspiration.


Is Viki watching Pachinko? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: If so, how? :thinking:


I’m watching it on AppleTV+. I think that is the only place it is available right now unless you are able to find a ‘wild’ feed/stream. They release a new episode every Friday. I have watched 5 of the 8 eps so far. It’s pretty decent.


:laughing: :smile: Viki tweeting about their loving it, is kind of odd, seeing they don’t have it here on the site, or app. :joy:


I’m not watching anything right now. Watching movies hurts my eyes


Maybe they want to see our reaction to see if they should bring it to Viki? :thinking:


:joy::rofl: Doubt it, but that was a good try! :joy: :wink:


I am watching this one…


Lol. Apple TV would NEVER give up the rights to the show

Viki just seems happy-go-lucky and resigned to their fate, at this point. Soompi is in their family but half the shows they write about aren’t even on Viki. “Share the love of Asian dramas. Doesn’t matter whether we get money out of it or not~~” :joy::joy:


Maybe even more than half. It’s so strange.



All this stream services, and even Soompi for that matter are owned by the same ‘‘group’’ of people in merging companies like NTFX/Rakuten/Soompi, etc, one way or the other, they share the love. They can’t compete against each other, so they each do their part in promoting each other, by playing they are not ‘‘connected.’’