What are you currently watching?


I think they’ve decided to remain separate. If the drama is on Viki, they’ll add a link. If not, they still report about it because they’re a news website bringing Asian entertainment news to international fans.

It’s actually really good of them to do that, because Soompi is one of the(if not THE) most trusted website for Asian entertainment news. They don’t indulge much in gossip but usually just report news as it is, translated from the original language. They’ve earned my trust that way. And if they only wrote about Viki dramas, it would decrease the reach and impact they have, since licenses aren’t in their control. I like their approach - if it’s popular, they write about it and recommend it. Many of their article writers are fans(check the quiz and recc articles).


I get it from that perspective. Believe me, I check Soompi daily. It’s like my morning newspaper. :newspaper::smile:


I believe you. I’m addicted to it myself :joy:


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I have been watching this, and oh my goodness this last episode is a tear-jerker for sure, was so good! episode 5&6, NF

the other one ,here on Viki

I just finished episode 1, its really good!


the episodes are awesome!! just finished another one. and really good


I completed a binge of this over the weekend. I have to say that this basically falls into my ideal scenario as far as romances go: A fairly slow burn but one in which the main pairing form a bond early on and spend the whole drama working together towards a common goal, and the obstacles along the way feel natural to the story and do not rely on old standbys like manipulative/vindictive exes/parents/second leads. I will ALWAYS appreciate this.

This does revolve around an E-sports team, with a fair bit of in-game action. While the animation for this game is really nice, I pretty much skip through most of those scenes. And I am always fascinated and aggravated by glimpses of just how much the world of the internet and its keyboard warriors can affect the real world.

This was an easy watch with lots of nice characters and a few good laughs.


“Keyboard warriors” makes them sound heroic. I’d rather call them “keyboard cowards” :roll_eyes:


I agree with that.


Just finished this today. It was surprisingly good. If you like strong minded quick witted female leads, this is the one for you. The ML is also very well written. He’s ambitious, clever but a big softie on the inside. The romance is slow burning but the writer has a way of pushing the leads together making their scenes enjoyable.

The main plot was interesting and the subplots kept the intrigue going. I liked that they didn’t focus on one thing and dragging it out the whole drama.


I started this Japanese drama with my favorite Japanese actor: :heart_eyes: Kimura Takuya.
I liked the first episode and I can’t wait to see the rest.


Ok, I’m kind of gone these days because of some personal matters but I wanted to take my time today to check what’s going on in discussions and with all of you whom I missed a lot!
I finished a couple of days ago Why women love

I’m not going to say that it’s really good but actually I kind of like it, it feels so real for me, I mean all her confusion about the right partner and he’s younger and all that feels so real and good, also her family expectations.
I don’t know, I think that sometimes we need a dose of reality in dramas, it’s always good to watch our ML fall deeply in love and don’t care about anything else, even doing some crazy things for love, but I feel that sometimes is refreshing to watch something real.
And I love his weird conclusions and conversations:
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Finally started: The red sleeve

Junho has this royalty aura, I love it!


I’m just about done with this one. It has been surprisingly good for a C-drama. Bonus for me is that the FL speaks normally and doesn’t have one of those ultra-annoying whiney voices. ML and FL have great chemistry. ML is a criminal profiler and a mentor to the FL. Lots of twists and turns in the plotline but there is a nice backdrop of the budding romance between the two leads.


So exam month is around the corner and I decided to wrap up all the dramas I had on hold.

A Business Proposal
Definitely one my absolute most favorite dramas ever now. The reason I waited so long to watch the finale - I was terrified of saying goodbye to all my beloved characters. I loved everything about it. Yes, I agree that the ending was a little rushed, but I dreamed up the perfect one in my head, so it’s all okay.

The cast, production, camerawork, VFX, cute SFX, plot strength… everything was just so GOOD. I laughed and cried and swooned throughout the entire thing. As I said before, its like the writers take every trope, every characteristic feature, every personality trait that I love about k-romcoms and put it all into this one drama, while also removing all the things I hate. It was heartwarming, funny and adorably romantic. There was quite a but of physical comedy that was done very very well. It was over-the-top but not too much or plain overacting.
ML was amazing, literally everything I ever wanted of a CEO ML character. Charming, boyish, adorably awkward, smooooooothly shameless with his flirting, kindhearted and considerate. Second only to my guy Yoo Si Jin in DOTS(I doubt there’s ANYONE under the sun who could flirt like him :joy:). He also brought his own unique brand of… boyish vulnerability(?) to his character.
FL was also amazing, I LOVE Sejeong. She’s just ADORABLE, smart and sweet. She played her role with such flawless professionalism… I’m in awe of the way she does comedy. Just perfect. She was soooooo relatable with her thoughts and actions. I loved watching her light up the screen.

The chemistry was effortlessly wonderful. I love watching their little acts of love, their subtle confessions and expressions that betrayed so much. I loved watching FL let ML play with her… idk how to put it in words, but he’d weave a trap with his words and she’d happily fall for it on purpose :joy: it was so cute. I loved how I could see that BOTH of them were completely in love with each other. FL wasn’t a yoyo, and she didn’t hide her feelings much, and i really appreciate that. I loved that both had the same passion for food research and worked together. Idk why being bad at cooking is considered cute or progressive these days - its a SURVIVAL SKILL. Both were amazing and I almost spontaneously combusted into a cloud of cotton candy when they finally rolled up their sleeves and worked side by side in the kitchen. I liked how hey made some unconventional decisions that surprised me.

The bromance was funny, the second couple was cute, the food research team has lots of comedic chemistry, the grandpa was HILARIOUS, except for the last few eps - but he recovered. I could rewatch the drama again and again, laughing and squealing and melting into a big puddle of goo. 10/10 recommended for romcom lovers or office romance fans.

Wow that was LONG :sweat_smile: pictures as an apology

I forgot to mention - they are one gorgeous couple :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Please, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to whoever decided to put Ahn Hyo Seop in blacks and formals and sweaters

PS: I LOVE how he automatically rests his head on hers every time he hugs her its so cuuute!


I was a bit leery about watching this because of the potential heartbreak it could bring me, but it was only 10 short episodes so I thought maybe I wouldn’t have enough time to get too attached to the characters and therefore suffer a little less. Maybe that theory was true, or maybe it just wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, or maybe it was the fact that they packed as many good-looking men as possible into the short time frame to ease the pain, but I got through without too much heartache. The story wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but the actors did a nice a job, and there were some truly beautiful cinematic shots, so major props to the director and filming crew.

If you are looking for something short as a bit of a filler, I would recommend this.


Anyone else watched/is watching these dramas? :joy:


yes I did, it was cute & funny


I actually liked Melting Me Softly. I was not a fan of K2 though I did watch it all. I have not watches the others. I liked Suspicious Partner. I had thought about Backstreet Rookie. So you are not a fan of that one?


Excellent drama. Watched it when the series premiered on Viki.


Watching Under the Skin was a very pleasant surprise. Fans of mystery detective stories, you should try this drama. I thought each of the cast members gave an excellent performance and the story was intriguing. The drama has 20 episodes (approx 45min / episode).
Tan Jian Ci (Court Lady, Twisted Fate of Love) pictured below.


Finally got around to watching this one - watched it leisurely over a long period of time

It’s the first cdrama I watched for classics’ sake. This was many fans’ first drama, and I was curious. I usually don’t like fantasy dramas with inter-species romance(Thanks, My Love from the Star and Goblin, for the trauma)… but this was pretty good!

I guess it’s because I didn’t binge it, but watched it slowly while finishing my embroidery projects - I didn’t skip much and it actually entertained me throughout. It follows the laws of most fluffy cdramas - It’s silly and cringey and you HAVE to turn your brain off and let them make all their crazy decisions. I gave it an 8.5 rating. I was going to give it an 8 but the last few eps are really really good. I was surprised by the intensity of emotions and the poetic dialogues… I actually shed a few tears! It’s like the writers saved up on their few brain cells by making the rest of the show a hilariously nonsensical ride, and then gave their EVERYTHING for the finale. Dramas that deliver good endings get good ratings, in my book.

That was the short review. More details:

ML was your typical cold CEO with a soft heart buried somewhere deep underneath all the pain and rejection. He has your typical childhood trauma, but this one pushes even Dramaland boundaries - he forgets women he is in a relationship with when it rains(Do not even TRY to protest :exploding_head: :joy:). He’s bossy and all, and even unnecessarily mean at times, but you can justify a lot of his actions if you take into account - 1) He’s a cdrama ML with a broken home full of people scheming to kill him/cause his downfall, and 2) you also wonder whether the FL is with him for her own personal gains or actual love for a good chunk of the show. Being an alien, she perceives relationships differently, so she’ll be stuck to him for her benefit and then sticks to his brother because he’s more fun sometimes. I would love to write an entire essay on this type of ML and SML, why it’s a trope I like exploring, why the writers create these two kinds of characters and what they’re trying to illustrate… and why i always choose the ML - but I should probably keep that for a separate topic.

FL is cute and quirky and a nice character. She’s interesting to watch - the way she perceives the human world with her alien mindset. In MLFTS, ML already knew what humans were like. In LOTBS, FL was way too new to the world, like a newborn baby. This FL lies somewhere in the middle. Her pet turtle was cute. At least she stuck to one guy once she actually fell for ML - there was no yo-yo-ing, though the viewer feels she’s like that because we’re human and she’s not.

In conclusion - its a fun watch, worth sticking to till the end. There are very concrete rumors of a Season 2(there’s an MDL page, poster, cast, everything… but yiu can never trust cdrama schedules).

The romance is really nice, if you can stick with the drama. The actors are good. ML seems stiff in the beginning, but he eases into his role and pulls it off beautifully. He’s not just a “face,” even though he does have a really handsome one :joy::heart_eyes: It’s always hard to portray a cold-on-the-outside but layered character, and I like actors who can pull it off. Most of the fun you get from the drama is watching some outrageous situations play out, so please do switch your brain off and try not to poke at everything.

Trigger warnings:

  • SFL is your typical obsessive compulsive woman who thinks she owns the ML - not “deserves” or “likes”, i say “OWNS” for a very justified reason.
  • Amnesia: you know its going to happen some time or the other, so I wasn’t bothered by it - but for whoever hates this trope, yes its there


Haven’t watched Backstreet Rookie, but after reading the reviews and getting feedback from my best friend, I decided to skip it.