What are you currently watching?


Intense Love is one that I found to be great. It is on Youtube though.

Also found this one. Loving it!

This is another one I am watching now and loving it!!


Just thought I’d check and see how boring or silly Secret Garden is, so I started it out of curiosity… seeing my babies Yoo In Na and Lee Jong Suk, along with Hyun Binnie in that shiny jacket had me ROLLING in no time. I literally do NOT care how much of a jerk he is… the second he bent over to show his jacket tag I was so FALLEN - this commentor sums it up



Now you know :wink:


I’m telling you it’s gut rolling funny! I became Hyun Bin’s fan after SG. :joy:
Plus, I’m a huge HJW fan already so them two together was just hilarious.


So much word play…:rofl:


Ikr… and I like the social commentary they’re putting in. The dialogues surprised me - theyre REALLY good, both for comedy and for serious situations.

Especially that one time Hyun Bin says “The rich contribute this much to the economy blah blah blah… Spending $100000 a month, they only want two things: Unfairness. Discrimination. If they can’t rule, the least they want is separation.”

And ofc stuff like “If I can’t make it, will you carry me on your back?”
“No, in my arms, so i can see your face” :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I’ve been checking things off my watch list left and right lately. This one tugs at your heartstrings, but it was really well done, and I loved the whole cast. There is some really nice dialogue and words of wisdom in this.


Just finished binging this in 2 days! It’s so good! I wish there were more episodes. The acting was really amazing from everyone.

I won’t say much but just that I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.

Favorite characters besides the leads were the siblings. The brother is such a sweetheart and the sister is so caring. They really grew on me more than the rest.


I have started watching this one, and the first episode seems like it will be a good one, but of course, will have to wait & see

I have wanted to watch “my girlfriend is an alien” but just haven’t

az native "under the skin was a treat for me, I really did like it, no blood & gore, or battles

, wow vivi_1485 did a great job in summarizing that one!


I am so excited about this! So I had started watching Black & White drama on YT but it was so poor video quality, I stopped. I now found it on N and am so excited. I love Mark Chau and Vic Chou! I am starting from the beginning!! So if you have N then check this Asian drama out!


Loved it and the actors, watched it years ago … Fond memories.


Two episodes in, and it’s really good. My predictions for 2022 have been pretty accurate till now… It’s a blast!

Nice mixed-genre concept with that same nostalgic-but-still-fresh style. The leads have good chemistry and beautiful comedic timing. The ghost logic is a little wonky in places but it’s okay, I don’t mind turning a blind eye to the logic holes because the rest of it is awesome. It’s extremely funny - both leads deliver their lines so well! Don’t get put off by the first scene, it was rather out of place and the rest isn’t scary at all. Also, don’t get put off by the FL jumping to conclusions… she’s a nice character. I started watching just for her, but the rest of the cast is amazing.

Park Hae Jin… love his role. It’s your typical stoic-and-flashy-but-squishy-inside ML - the exact type I ADORE. Please don’t get put off by his seeming callousness at first; he really isn’t like that… it’s just that he doesn’t consider dead people actually dead, because he sees their ghosts. I love how he says one thing while his actions show the complete opposite. It’s so funny to watch him get frustrated at himself because all his walls come crashing down every time FL cries or jumps him in fright because of the ghosts. He haaaaaates his growing affection for her, and it’s hilarious to watch him give in. If things go as planned, it’s going to be a cute little romance.

The ghosts are all hilarious.

Ep 1 ended with a bang. I loved how they used the OST to make the PERFECT ending - and the previews for Ep 3 are so good! I keep kicking myself for starting the show when it’s on air and my exams are also soon to be on-air :woozy_face::confounded:


so good! i liked it


Starsky& Hutch wannabes?? yeah I watched it some time ago too, I did like it


So there is a little offering that I’m been enamored with that is currently showing on NF; My Liberation Notes.. I look forward to watching an episode every Saturday and Sunday. In a nutshell, this drama mainly concerns the three adult children who still live at home with their parents and are trying to figure out their purpose in life and find love and fulfillment. It has been really interesting so far.



I am watching “My Liberation Notes” and “Our Blues” on NFLX, both are more thoughtful, and on Viki, I am watching two comedic k-dramas, “Sh**ting Stars” and “From Now On, Showtime!”. I will also be helping out with subbing for another comedic thriller, “The Killer’s Shopping List”. All in all, it’s been a pretty good month for k-dramas.


I’ve been watching The Lady in Butcher’s House. The comments seem very unhappy with it! So far I think it’s OK, but not great. It’s got potential, 8 episodes in. My favorite character so far is smokin’ and mysterious ninja police coworker!

I feel like in general I’m in a drama rut. Business Proposal and Forecasting Love & Weather ended over on Netflix, and their Kdrama offerings since then have been nonromantic or ensemble casts, which I’m just not feeling - I like my sweet escapist romcoms. Viki seems not to be picking up the really good stuff lately.


I can’t be the only one that’s currently watching ‘again my life’ I was unsure about it at first but it hooks you in rather quickly :grinning:


Have not posted here for a while, it took me long enough to find a new drama I needed something comforting and now chose another weekender family drama, I am almost in the middle now …


Actor Lee JoonGi got *Ovid, so some may have postponed because he’s recovering. . .