What are you currently watching?


I know that different systems work in slightly different ways

The trouble with systems being overly smart these days is that things are often done, which the user does not intend and half the time there’s no easy way to tell the system ‘no, I don’t want you to do this’. Systems that try to be overly smart end up being rather dumb in most cases , I think we need to take a step back and start giving more control back to the user a middle ground needs to be found

There is another streaming service. I use which has a user forum based on software called ‘lithium’ which will not create links automatically based on the use of .com You have to put pretty much a full web address starting with either http:// or www. simply typing something ending in .com wouldn’t cause a link to be created


It’s okay :grin: No worries


I’ve now finished watching ‘lawless lawyer’ I’m already watching ‘again my life’ and quite recently finished watching ‘search’ does anybody have any recommendations for what I should watch next as you can probably tell I like crime/mystery, thriller and action dramas :grin:


As @aznative said 14 days ago, I also really recommend this drama. Under the Skin, I’m currently watching it and it doesn’t fail to keep me entertained.


Have you seen ‘Tunnel’? I would also recommend ‘The Good Detective’, but that is not found on Viki but on Netflix.


Do you perhaps have a list of what you already watched?


Oh! Shadow Beauty is also a very good drama for you, it’s suspenseful and a thriller. While watching it I wanted to throw and a chair and cry in the same episode :laughing:


@lutra @my_happy_place @ratatouille_raco
Thanks for the suggestions

‘Tunnel’ is definitely on my list as is ‘the good detective’, but as you say that’s not on here

I’ve actually only watched one or two Chinese and Taiwanese dramas and that was back when I first joined Viki back then my ability to read quickly wasn’t so good and I found I had trouble keeping up with the subtitles on Chinese and Taiwanese dramas. I’m quite a lot better now, though , so perhaps it’s time to give Chinese and Taiwanese sheets dramas another go

Is the crime/mystery dramas that I’ve watched or am watching on Viki. It would be easier to list these had Viki kept the watch history function that he is the ones I’ve definitely watched . I would definitely have missed a fair few out here

  • Lawless lawyer
  • again my life
  • Pinocchio
  • search

I know everyone’s going to say how have you not watched this yet, but I haven’t seen ‘flower of evil’ I know, I know how have I not watched that one yet . There’s also a few Japanese dramas I have my eye on


For inspiration @kdrama2020ali collection


Omg Flower of Evil was amazing! Also, what is Pinocchio about? I had my eye on it but I’d like an honest description of it first.
Edit 1: I’m also a big fan of Park Shin Hye so I’m pretty sure her acting in this won’t disappoint.


@ratatouille_raco while Pinocchio is listed as a romantic comedy drama on Viki to say that’s what Pinocchio is doesn’t do it justice. Pinocchio can be quite dark in places, even though it does have romance and comedy elements in it, it is as much a crime, mystery and thriller drama as it is a romantic comedy, and manages to maintain a fairly serious tone despite the elements of romance and comedy.

You will see what I mean. Once you watch the first couple of episodes because it can be quite dark in places. I think it’s worthy of its 15 certificate, although it’s probably listed as PG-13 in the states. If you’re going to watch it though. Make sure you’re not half asleep as some of the investigative journalism that the main characters have to do can be a bit difficult to follow Sometimes


Ooooooh okay, thank you for the heads up. The way you described it was nothing like what I imagined it to be.


thanks for the COLLECTION plug - I have now like 19 collections - LOL - lots to choose from


This collection is interesting… @kdrama2020ali will you be making more like it?


I have a Supernatural Collection, Kiss Collection, Hot in the Kitchen Collection, Umbrella Collection (that one is fun you find the umbrella trope in the drama), Official Scene Stealers Collection, For Love of the Bad Guy and more - if you go to my profile you can see ALL my collections -

I would say check out Supernatural it might be similar to the crime/mystery!


TY! I’ll be sure to check them out!


He is Psychometric(psychological thriller), Team Bulldog, Flower of Evil, Train (All on Viki)


My favorite on @kdrama2020ali 's list is “Medical Examiner Dr. Qin”! I highly recommend this one. SO good and I love all three leads. The detective is played by the lead from Go Go Squid!

(I have read that it has another season, but for some reason all the actors were replaced. I haven’t seen the second season and it’s not on any streaming service I can find, but it sounds like it’s not as good as s1 anyway.)


I feel like Ji Seung Hyun is typecast, every show/movie I see him in, it’s a crime/mystery.


I think he just likes action thrillers… his character personalities are pretty unique. He was hilarious in Team Bulldog and serious in DOTS