What are you currently watching?


Okay, I told myself I was going to hate New Horizon because it’s such a train wreck but OH MY GOODNESS why do they keep surprising me with ultra-adorable scenes amidst all the boring trash?!!

This one scene where two fathers-to-be are waiting outside the delivery room, while both their wives are inside… one is pacing around and bothering all the nurses around him while the other is just frozen, stuck to his chair :joy:
The nurses come out at the same time to declare that both deliveries went well - the younger dad is happily thanking everyone while the older one is still frozen… and then he jumps up screaming :joy::joy:


I am starting to watch an older drama, which I didn’t know I never watched! its called the dream job, on NF, I think its Chinese, but the woman that’s starred in it she was terrific in another drama and thats why I am watching this. the drama is different, and funny too. and guess what, went to MDL just to look this one up and this isn’t listed, even Jeanette’s other drama isn’t either. guess I will have to look it up elsewhere, and no Viki doesn’t have either one of them.

found it! and course on one of those “no-no” lists



I watched this one in the past, and I remember not being able to find it on MDL to add to my list. It turns out it is from Singapore, and MDL does not include content from there as of now.


thanks , I didn’t know that one!

oh yeah DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC, it is very different for Wookie, but its a good one, so far have enjoyed it, hey HE sings!!!

also this one, ok it is a cute one, but to me the kid looks sick or is it the way he originally looks, I must say this is a cute drama, I thought at first he may have been a grim reaper or a ghost, due to that accident. Hope it does get better, the drama that is


Currently watching too many to name them all lol

But there’s one I want to hype, “My Liberation Notes

It’s not your typical Kdrama. No fluff but it gives you all the butterflies.
For grown ups (not because it’s rated r or anything) the elements are just “realistic” and more of a lesson in life type of show. Can’t think of a word for it but it’s not a plot written for “drama.” It’s like watching the real life of these people.

What intrigues me the most are the leads. It’s very rare to come across a drama with leads that have chemistry without relying on skin-ship or accidental hugs.


I just started watching this yesterday :smiley:


I hope you like it. :pleading_face:
It’s kind of slow pace but there’s a charm to it.


This is another one I was watching… I don’t know if I want to finish it though. I got up to ep.17 with patience. (I don’t FF anymore so this was a pain to get through.)

First off, I don’t even know what the main plot was. The writers kind of wrote about everything and nothing at the same time. Let me just say, if you want “cute fluffy cdrama” this is not it. The poster is misleading. The leads only occupy 10% of each episode. Their scenes are rare and when they are seen together it’s not lovey-dovey. Up to this point, I haven’t witnessed any development for their romance since their scenes are so scarce. There are a lot of unnecessary subplots…

Definite skip even if you have time to waste. There are better time wasting dramas. lol


I’m at episode 3 and so far, I like it.
The director seems to have his very personal take on how he wants certain scenes to come across and the writing feels like they exactly went through this themselves or know someone who did.

The cast is also great so far :blush:


Yay!! It picks up after ep. 4-5

I like that the scenes are so normal. Doesn’t it feel like you’re watching an old drama? Like the ones from early 2000s-2010s. They did really well casting. They all look like actual siblings/family members.


YES!! I am currently loving this series! (My Liberation Notes). I am especially intrigued by Gu’s background story.



Mr. Gu has my whole heart.
He doesn’t say much but his body language tells us everything he feels/thinks.

We need more ml’s like Mr. Gu.


Yes! They give off family vibes. Not every family is lovey dovey (they love eachother in their own way), so it’s nice to see a family like this on screen.


I started watching “Tomorrow” with Kim Hee Seon, Rowoon and Lee Soo Hyuk. Been able to watch 4 episodes so far and I really like it. Unfortunately it’s not available on Viki. Triggerwarning for actively discussing suicide

Other dramaseries I’m currently into are Taxi Driver. I really love it, but not a series I could binge. The topics of the episodes are a bit on the heavy side.


also suppised to be second season of taxi

now on to other things, my other message above

image the sound of magic, this was short, 6 episodes, and watched it all 6 hours today!

Of course, I am a fan of Wookie anyway. this was so different, and would you believe a musical, Wookie sings!! anyway, a 10 for this drama sorry, watched it on NF, and you definitely won’t be disappointed at the ending, oh DON’T fast forward at the end, yeah I almost missed it! fantastic is all I can say! y’all will enjoy it

love watching Tomorrow, hate waiting for the next episodes!! wait till you gert to the retired vet… and the cute little dog!!
oh and the lady, I discovered she played on Faith. this is a good one too
Liberation notes? looks like gotta find and put on my list


Just finished:
The red sleeve
I have to say that I wasn’t expecting that end and I don’t like it but I have enjoyed the show so much that I can forgive them lol
Junho is just gorgeous in here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Just started:
Juvenil Justice
It’s good but I was really shocked when I realized that some of these stories are real!!!



Just finished this. It was pretty entertaining. As is the case with a lot of these ensemble type stories, there are a couple storylines that I end up skipping for the most part, but overall I didn’t have to do it much in this one. I did start to get bored in general by about the 17th episode, but it ended nicely.

I have seen Lee Hong Ki in several dramas at this point, and while none of them have been anything outstanding, I have realized that I really enjoy watching his acting. He has a certain natural charisma, at least in my eyes.


I don’t know anything about Mr Gu since I’m not watching the show, but lately MLs who rely more on body language than words have caught my attention, for some reason… there are some REALLY good actors out there who do an AMAZING job portraying characters whose emotions are shown more in microexpressions and actions rather than words. I think it takes a lot of talent to portray a quiet character. Everything about their personality is so subtle that it can be easily missed, both by the viewer and the actor interpreting his character.

Special mention to Joe Cheng in ISWAK/TKA because I’m currently watching TKA for the second time in two weeks :sweat_smile: The second time around, I’m able to focus more on decoding his microexpressions and actions, and I’m just loving the series more as I watch again and again.


Agree! I love watching actors especially when they’re in a quiet scene. The movement of their eyes, the change in their smirk or a twitch of their eyebrow. I like when actors can contain their anger in a scene without making it obvious that they’re angry. It’s takes a seasoned actor to convey emotions through their subtle movements.

If you enjoy these types of ML I recommend watch MLN for Mr. Gu. At first I didn’t think nothing of the actor but I kept seeing clips of him everywhere on tiktok. Over and over, people (girls mostly LOL) were spazzing about him. I’m like, “he just looks like a reg. farmer guy.” But then I noticed his SMIRK! ughhhhhh this man and his DIMPLE SMIRK! Two things that instantly makes me soft. So I caved in and watched MLN. It’s now frustrating waiting for the episodes each week. >.<

Another actor I love watching closely is Jung Hae In. His micro-expressions are just, :kissing_smiling_eyes: impeccable! Lee Joong Gi also does it so well when he’s in a romance drama. The way he looks at his fl in Scholar Who Walks The Night, as a vampire. -fans self


Thanks for all the reccs!

A DIMPLE SMIRK?! OMO I’m definitely gonna watch that after it airs!

Seen him only in Salut D’Amour(cameo) and While You Were Sleeping, but I do remember noticing his microexpressions. In WYWS, his character is like a happy puppy but he has serious undertones, which made his character three-dimensional. I loved it when his eyes suddenly turn serious and he goes into policeman mode. He wasn’t just the tropey puppy SML.

Lee Joon Gi, what can I say? He is one of my absolute most favorite actors. I love everything about the way he acts. Haven’t watched Scholar Who Walks the Night, though. I will always remember LJG for tricking me into watching my first R-rated show when I was still underage :joy: I don’t think anyone could have pulled off his characters in Flower of Evil or Lawless Lawyer. He just has an inherent charisma. Especially FOE… I absolutely LOVED his portrayal of a man who believed the worst about himself. In this case, even the character himself was not aware of his own emotions, or how much he loved his family. Since his words could never be trusted, you could only count on his actions and expressions to reveal his true self. The writers make you doubt the character all the time, and I think LJG did a beautiful job convincing viewers that he was a good person. The crying, the breaking down, the scary murderous aura, the sweet smiling and laughing… His relationships with his wife and daughter - especially him and his daughter were ADORABLEEEEEEE… the finale, the way his body just responded by squatting down to hug her when she ran to him, even though he had lost his memory I UGLY CRIED

One one of the best antihero portrayals I have ever seen. Ugh I wish I didn’t have to blur so much… literally everything related to the ML in Flower of Evil is a spoiler! :sob: