What are you currently watching?


heres one for y’all, remember Agatha Christi’s novels, Hercule Poirot(, and excuse if it isn’t spelled right), and even a taste o’ sherlock holmes?? I found one this morning, and I have to admit, I didn’t think it would be good, but I am soooo wrong, and cant wait to get back into this drama, this kinda sides with the novels I just described. and funny how the kid shows up the cops

, um hope I didn’t say too much there, but here it is

so from “a sound of magic” to this


Oooohh I saw that on Netflix and I was wondering what it was rlly about before wasting my time, now I want to watch it :laughing: thank you


I hope you like it. ^-^
It’s slow paced but in a good way.


Time seems to be CRAWLING :sob::sob::sob: I can’t wait for From Now On, Showtime! And I can’t even do any productive work while I wait… I’ve been rewatching my favorite parts, passing time in a half-dead state, waiting for Ep 7 to drop :sob: why oh why do I choose to torment myself like thisss??


Y’all! I just discovered something on MDL! (yes, blame my desperate-for-FNOS-self. I become an MDL stalker every time this kicks in lol)

You can create a widget on MDL for your currently watching dramas/ All/ completed/dropped dramas to stick on your Viki profile page!
It’s in Settings>Widgets. You can customize it and then copy the code MDL generates. Then go to your Viki About Me page source code and paste it wherever you want. Mine looks like this now:

I played around with it, and it doesn’t seem to update it when you update your list on MDL. But it’s still a fun function! :sweat_smile:


vivi_1485, you are sooo right on that one, so I found my alternative " Don’t call it a mystery" at least till the episodes come on!! But this one is cute too,


finished watching Dont call it a mystery, the ending was so-so.

now have to wait for the final 2 episodes of Tomorrow, oh my goodness1 what an edge of the seat , I hope they make a good ending on that… so on to finish another drama.

this next one is getting boring

got some on NF & Prime, but these are ok that I put on


Binge-watched Secret/Secret Love this weekend because I was under the weather and had no motivation. This one reminded me of An Innocent Man except with the FL taking the rap for her boyfriend. I thought it was comparable to the aforementioned drama except it was missing SJK. But this one had Ji Sung which kind of made up for it. A very bittersweet drama with lots of tears but it did have a decent ending.


Just finished:
Juvenile Justice

It was hard to watch and know that there are some real cases in there, it makes you think about how to avoid that kind of situation? But it’s really well done.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Besides the inconsistencies in the plot, I really enjoyed it. Since they get the romance in, I would love to watch more about it but it was just disappointing.


Ex-wife stop

Sometimes I found these really short dramas that look pretty low quality but I found myself enjoying it lol. I can’t say that it’s the best drama I’ve ever seen, but I really enjoyed it, and the actor is so handsome, kind of remind me of Jun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Finally started:
The oath of love

I’m loving it so far but I’m just starting so, let’s see.

I love the epilogues :heart_eyes:


Shamelessly promoting From Now On, Showtime! because I’m desperate for someone to scream about it with
Beautifully smooth blending of genres, with a professional cast and wonderful plot progression. Cinematography? Check! Stunning OST! Check!
Our cute but kickass, justice loving police officer FL

And our showy, elegant on the outside but ADORABLE PETTY BABY ML :joy:

And the lovely cast chemistry

A completely wacko General Spirit

Heartwarming tiny sub-plots where ML helps ghosts to fulfill their last wishes and send them to nirvana. A tragic past-life shrouded in secrets. This past connection was surprisingly well-written, I’m extremely curious to know what happened

And a dash of thrilling mystery, led by a very creepy evil spirit villain.

The comedy is so well done… I’ve been laughing so hard all through the drama. The actors don’t shy away from seriously funny physical as well as dialogue-based comedy. At it’s heart, this drama is one big party


I am with you.:wink:



Is what I found very well done, the heart, talent, and hardwork of the cast, and crew shines. Everything @command_234 wrote, I applaud!

I consider Pinocchio among Suki’s best works!


Oh my, youre watching it too?? Yayyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: im dying to wtch ep 9… how could they give us such previews :sob::sob: we’re all living in denial, saying its all a dream

Btw, doesn’t Jin Ki Joo look absolutely stunning in a hanbok? I would love to see her in a sageuk😍 cant believe this is the first time she’s doing action sequences… she’s such a natural.


I agree that Jin Ki Joo would be great in a sageuk. What I especially love about this show is the ensemble work. Both ML and FL are obviously great but all the side characters are so much fun to watch. Btw, did you know that Kim Hee Jae was a contestant in the “Mr. Trot” audition in 2022? I might have added the information as a T/N if I were subbing the show.


Ikr! One of the main highlights of my most beloved dramas are strong supporting casts. Everyone contributes to the overall mood of the drama, and they also help bring out different aspects of the leads’ characters. Especially ML’s little ghost company… I love the genius-little-sister, the levelheaded and kind old man(who showed us his sense of humor in that absolutely hilarious presentation scene :joy:), and the lovelorn ex-gangster. I liked how the gangster just charges into fights while Chief Nam prefers to sit and stealthily trip people. The balance of heartwarming, action and comedy scenes is just right.

And the General Spirit :joy::joy: his character is just so funny… I know he hides deep dark secrets but he really orchestrates the whole show with his wacko sense of humor. I loved how this drama takes the unconventional path - instead of the tropey “they will be dangerous together so we must separate them for the peace of the universe,” the general’s whole mission is to matchmake them :joy::joy:

Yes! I’ve heard him perform before(i had a trot loving phase after falling for Lim Young Woong and songs like Amor Fati and 네가 왜 거기서 나와 :joy:)… it was fun to watch him perform drunkenly during their party


Yep, with this show, you can experience the entire range of emotions, from heartache to ROFL. That 30,000 jegi chagi.:joy:


It’s the best drama right now.
It has everything: romance, comedy, mystery, action, fantasy. A little historical touch with the past lives. I didn’t expect this drama to be so good.


I’ve never seen people DISRESPECT a Grim Reaper so much :joy::joy: the poor guy just wanted to get his job done and Cha Woong just flat out yells “Go away!” :joy: i lost it when the General took him to the bumper cars and carousel - the man was enjoying himself so muchhhh that slow motion waving was hilarious :joy:

All the handsome, cold, sexy trenchcoat/suit wearing Grim Reapers you can’t mess with have all either retired, become gumihos, or are running sround the set of Tomorrow, so poor 2000 year old Reaper has to deal with this disrespectful generation 🥲 but then again, Lee Dong Wook takes his ghosts away in style and elegance, not giving us the satisfaction of watching a bad guy get tied up and gagged with red ropes lol

@mas4 yep thanks for joining the FNOS Promotion Squad :joy::heart:


Have you watched this, though? Our main group of reapers don’t have a trench coat in their wardrobe, or, well, maybe a brightly colored one. :smile: Also, there has been a soul or two who have told the reapers to give them a darn minute. They’ve got things to do.

Needless to say, I am currently watching ‘Tomorrow’ and absolutely loving it. It also has a touch of action, fantasy, some mystery involving past lives that is being revealed bit by bit, and just the right amount of comedic relief to balance out the heartstring tugging. There is a bromance developing, and the overall ensemble is really enjoyable. It’s really well-written and has some incredibly creatively-filmed scenes.


Yeah, I’ve seen a few clips and it’s high on my watchlist. I know they wear suits and stuff(by trenchcoats, I was referring to the Reapers in Black, Along with the Gods, and Goblin) :sweat_smile: I’m just scared about how it will end, so I’m waiting for it to finish airing. I heard thst it was pretty heavy at times…

ML Cha Woong isn’t a ghost, he’s a human who can see the ghost world, so he has zero respect for any sort of invisible being. The dead ghost didn’t want to go with the Reaper until her case had been solved, so she hid behind ML as he swatted the Reaper away :joy::joy: they finally came to a compromise - if Reaper left the ghost alone for sometime, ML would treat him to good food at his house. Little did he know that Distraction Squad was lying in wait for him, so he couldn’t collect the ghost till three days after. :joy::sweat_smile: