What are you currently watching?


If it ends well, I’ll definitely watch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The premise is quite unique and interesting.


I haven’t even tried to contemplate what the ending may be. We will see.


I haven’t started watching From Now On Showtime yet, and I think I’ll wait until a few more eps are posted to start! I always kick myself for starting the in progress ones.

Right now I am anxiously waiting for “Sh**ting Stars” and “Master of My Own.” The latter at least posts new eps at a faster rate, so it’s almost done I think. I wasn’t really sure about it initially, even though I love Seven Tan. At the beginning, the ML is really awful, but there is genuine, believable character growth in it and a strong awesome female lead who goes from being kind of meek to really being good at her job. At first the plot seems a little all over the place–the Chinese dramas always seem to pack in every trope they can–but it eventually comes together, IMO, and now that it’s a few eps from the end I’m loving it. I don’t claim to understand all the investing stuff, but the general jist of it is easy enough to follow. Check “Master of My Own” out, the acting is superb. It’s clear that the actors were chosen for their acting talent. I personally think the leads are attractive but definitely not in a cookie cutter 20-year-old-idol way.

Also been watching “Don’t Say No.” It’s OK. I am not getting a lot of chemistry between the leads and TBH it’s boring me a bit even though I hoovered up Tharntype. All the Tharntype spinoffs are just missing something without that Mew-Gulf off the charts chemistry. OK really I think it’s Mew. Mew could have amazing hot chemistry with a landscaping rock if he tried.


Hi @leerla73 @ratatouille_raco

It was quite difficult to explain what Pinocchio was, without really giving any spoilers away, but I think I just about managed to somehow.


I have two more episodes to go, what an awesome drama!! Tomorrow

Its been a long time since I have watched Pinocchio, might be a good idea to watch again.


found another one to watch; pinocchio, along with my list, almost finished with Tomorrow, gotta wait till the weekend to do that, and the rest slow but sure, will finish them soon.


Would I be responsible for you finding Pinocchio by any chance @frustratedwriter ?

If you have too many dramas to watch you can blame me :smile:

My apologies if the formatting of this post seems a bit off. I’m trying to reply on my tablet and I’m very quickly finding out that the forum doesn’t like tablets very much :confused:

I just realised you have seen Pinocchio that will teach me to browse the Forum on a tablet I miss things when I do that :sweat_smile:


I have had this on my watch list forever. First, the cast is full of actors I like. Second, it showed up on several recommendation lists and had decent reviews when I first looked into it. Unfortunately, this one had to wait a while, mostly until I finally got a Viki pass, but then just due to various other things. And at this point, I think I have moved on from this genre. There was a time when I would have watched it, probably with my teeth gritted, and finished it no matter what. I decided to watch the first episode, just to see if anything about it caught my attention, but it really didn’t. So, unless someone here gives me a really good reason to finish, this one is going in my dropped folder. I have a whole Viki collection of dramas I wanted to watch but couldn’t at the time because I had yet to purchase my pass. I am currently trying to work my way through this list, but I think a lot of the dramas I put in there way back when will suffer the same fate as this one. Time and experience have honed my taste in dramas, and while some still make the cut, many of them probably won’t.


The synopsis sounded familiar and it looks like it is indeed a Korean version of Hana Kimi, which I watched pretty recently. I can’t check out To The Beautiful You because it’s not available in my region, but I enjoyed the J-drama original… but it is DEFINITELY a little bit dated, about Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) era, maybe? In fact I want to say the male lead plays Rui in BOF. The jdrama was fun if you can suspend disbelief and just roll with it. So many good actors in the Japanese version.


I hear ya, Happy. I’m not so much into the H.S. drama scene any longer either. This wouldn’t be my first choice to watch although it is rated decently (9.3).


blaming you! heh heh, I haven’t started watching it yet, wanted to finish up a couple that I have just a couple of episodes to watch. hey no problem, I wanted to find some dramas again no blood & gore, so this is exactly what I want to watch


I am just going to finish up what I have and start fresh next week


I love seeing all the From Now On Showtime posts ^^ That’s also what I’m currently watching & enjoying the most. I love the story & the characters & everything.

Besides that I’m watching Sh**ting Stars, which I like a lot too. And on a certain other streaming platform Man to Man, because I need more Park Hae Jin in my life.


Yess im planning to watch Man to Man for PHJ too! I started watching Forest but the FL was wearing me out wih her unprofessionalism so I had to give it up…


I loooooved Forest! But yeah, I could see why the FL would wear you out. She does get better, I really liked her in the end.


Well if you did… I might give it another try :sweat_smile:

Currently rewatching Suspicious Partner for the… ive lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. I just love it soooo much. Wookie at his peak. His character was soooo well-done, both by the writers and by the actor. His microexpressions, glances, actions, chemistry with the rest of the cast… just amazing. Keeps you laughing throughout, even in court :joy: Don’t care what anyone else says, I loved Nam Ji Hyun as the FL. Sure, they could have done better with her hair, but its her character that mattered most to me and she was awesome. Watching JCW light up the screen like that… all i can think is 아쉬워 🥲


OMG, I am dying with laughter watching Ep. 9 (bowling scene) of "From Now On, Showtime!":rofl:


gotta catch up on from now on showtime, yeah l love it!

now on to what I want to say, just finished TOMORROW, awesome finish! and if I can say, still almost like Incredible counter. would love to see more dramas like that, yeah Black was a good one too, you just had to pay attention to that one, twists and turns there, confusion. but back to Tomorrow, if you haven’t seen it, its a must see. still got to watch Pinocchio and the rest on my list.


Just a heads up if you’re in the US, Man to Man is leaving NF on June 9th.


oh wow thanks! I have wanted to rewatch that one! I will do it this week then ,