What are you currently watching?


UK as well. Thanks for the heads up!


Watched Romance is a Bonus Book this weekend. Honestly, I cannot see what all the hype was about. I would not re-watch this drama. I would just say it was okay in my book. The ML (Lee Jong-suk) was cute (I’ve seen him in Hymn of Death and he was great in that drama!), FL attractive. I don’t know…it just didn’t do it for me. I know it bothered me that she only spoke with her 12 yr old daughter twice in this series and one of those times, the girl called her mother. But I suppose the writer(s) opted to concentrate more on her getting her career back on track and finding a new romance. IDK, I wasn’t impressed.


My Liberation Notes; this one is a real gem. Eps 13 and 14 really tugged at my heartstrings. If you have the streaming service NF, I would strongly recommend this one. Last two episodes are this coming weekend, May 28th and 29th. You will fall in love with the quiet yet expressive (with his eyes and facial expressions) Mr. Gu, guaranteed.


I enjoyed Romance is a Bonus Book, but I wouldn’t call it particularly memorable. Some dramas just burrow in and shake you up and you still remember how you felt watching them a year or two later, and then others are fun to watch but kind of blend together into trope soup–and Romance was the latter for me.


I had the same experience with RiaBB - I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t particularly like it. It was okay.

And MLN is excellent. I hadn’t originally planned to watch it, but several people were gushing about it, so I gave it a try. Sure enough, I was sucked in.

I love your description. It’s so accurate and gave me a chuckle.


first two episodes are quite good.

those actors look so young!!

a standoffish guy!!





love a good mystery



I have looked and looked, I know I have seen that dr Qin somewhere else but I am not able to find the drama, yeah I looked on MDL, but nothing there. so has anyone seen him ??


Just finished:
The oath of love

They are such a sweet couple. I just love this story, it makes me feel so envious but I can handle it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really appreciate the little diary they made as an epilogue, it was so sweet.

Just started:
Finally!!! Business proposal and I’m loving it!!!


oh my goodness! I caught this on the “coming soon” link here, so excited!!

looks like they need a channel manager, so come on someone!


I felt the same way too. I finished it but have no desire to rewatch any parts of it.


Maybe Dr. Jin, Japanese version, is no longer at Viki.

The Korean is one I dropped

Some seem to have access, not Europe though.


maybe it was dr Jin, I was thinking about. ok thanks, guess I will check it out and see then


I totally agree! Hadn’t watched something so fun and sweet in a long time! I’ll scream it with you!!!:heart:


So is “Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mindreader” a prequel to “Medical Examiner Dr Qin”? I loved the original Dr. Qin but never bothered hunting down the second season because the cast totally changed, and this looks like another new cast altogether? It mentions Dr. Qin is a grad student in the synopsis, which is what makes me think prequel.

All I want is more episodes with the original 3, they had such amazing chemistry. One of those dramas you really want to have a romance plot even when it doesn’t.


Yayyy! We should all try doing a watch party sometime!


I have talked about this before but I just finished watching Reborn. I loved it. I saw it on Tubi. I heard there is another one called Be Reborn. I would want to watch it!

I just started this one! Love the actors and actresses in it so far.



Of course I’ve got to watch this one! It’s from my favorite Korean screenwriter and the second in the trilogy of ‘Lovers’ dramas. Lovers in Prague. It’s a respectable K-drama with the usual tropes. Sadly, the ML, Kim Joo Hyuk, died in a car accident in 2017.


I’m watching this older show called Reply 1994. I’ve seen Reply 1997 a couple of years ago, but Reply 1994 was restricted in my region, and last year it has become available. I’m loving the series.

The drama is about friendship, family, romance. Day to day stuff, that is happening in the timespan of a few years. You also get to see a little bit of history of South Korea (like the beepers/ phones and the dramas they watch at their television (a small screen and a large part behind the screen). This all is brought with a lot of humor (and also a little bit of sadness sometimes).


I’ve noticed (and you probably have as well) that Viki is bringing back a lot of the older K-dramas. I appreciate that because I’ve wanted to watch them (some are considered classics) but they weren’t available anywhere. Kudos to Viki!


It feels as it is only for the Americas.


:frowning: I didn’t notice that. Bummer for anyone outside of the licensing area.