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Business proposal

I just love this one, it has everything and they are so handsome. I’m not going to write a review cause I’m not so good at it and my fellows in here already did a great job about it. I’m just going to say that I love it.




I was just curious about it, and it surprises me. I mean I’m always surprised about that kind of reality and the bad experiences of some people, I don’t know how to handle that. I totally agree when they say that these things happen because of the consumers, not sure maybe I’m too naive for that.

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The love equations


Yes, moved from the US to UK last summer and I definitely noticed the sharp drop-off in Viki dramas! There’s no viki plus here, which took me surprisingly long to notice and downgrade my membership. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the local large streaming service that starts with N has -way- more classic kdramas than the US. So for me it balances out, but the extra viki dramas have me looking forward to returning to the US.


That’s good to know. I watched the first episode on another site, but it was blocked from episode 2. Now I can watch it here and complete the Reply Series :slight_smile:


ok my experiment, I followed directions, so I am doing aq Watch party

the love equation, I may be a bit early, but here goes, I am eastern standard time, I know there’s different timelines and all, sorry I am not a night person, so I thought 1 PM would be a good time, eastern time. and this is one I haven’t watched, I am thinking daily, not sure if that would be helpful, I know y’all are busy and all, so if nothing else give me some advice, this is a newbie here


For some reason (I don’t know why) I can’t give the show a rating.


I’ll join if I can! Make a topic about this and post it so more people will see it :slight_smile:


1;pm eastern, I hope this works!! watch party


well this one isn’t on yet but going to rewatch, this is a very good drama

now I am not able to watch, restricted in my area, so how do I unrestrict it, I did request the drama, hopefully that will help


I went on a bit of a Jdrama trip over the last couple days. I think we all know that Jdramas have their own kind of … shall we call is ‘flare’? Sometimes I can swallow it and sometimes I can’t. The first two in this group were only 4 episodes each, so I figured even if they were terrible, I wouldn’t feel like i wasted too much time. They both ended up entertaining me, though, and that’s all I can ask, right?

I guess there is an associated movie with ‘Anitomo’ that I will probably watch at some point.

I saw some interesting discussion about this last one :point_down:t4:, so I went into it with an open mind. It definitely has some bizarre moments, but I ended up really liking the couple. Despite some of the cringy weirdness, they display some really strong relationship standards such as incredibly good communication between the two - right up there with the best you will find in dramaland, if I do say so myself.


Ahhhh the latest episode of From Now On Showtime!!
I have never seen such artistic, perfectly done blending of genres. Everything is just right. There’s not too much of one thing or too less of the other. Just when I thoight the writer had her hands full, juggling mystery, romance, comedy, horror, action, and fantasy… she brought the historical arc into focus!!

The buildup was done really well, and I couldn’t skip a second. The historical era cinematography and costumes were soooo pretty… and there was some cool VFX to top it all off. Serious respect to the entire production team and cast for pulling this off so smoothly. In the past life, in the present life, they work together towards helping humanity. And one thing remains the same - they love each other with everything they have.

In other news… i may have a serious disease. I’m watching ISWAK-TKA for the… fourth time. In two months. Back to back. It’s like I’ve been hypnotized. It’s far from my favorite show. I’ve seen way better. It’s old, the video qualoty isn’t the best, the show dows have huge flaws… but I just have an unexplainable love for it. I heard that a lot of the scenes were mostly improvization by the actors, so I guess that’s why it all feels so organic. I do skip the embarrassing parts, but I love the deveopment of the show.


I’m on the third episode now, it’s so weird, let’s see


The first few episodes are weird heavy. The weirdness level decreases over time, if you trust me enough to stick with it. :grin:


Yes, I trust in you, I’ll keep going :blush::wink:


Blue whisper

, ok y’all I was about not to watch this one, the first episode just about stopped me , even if its a story about a merman and why the brutality. but now on 4th episode and isn’t too bad. I really hope this does get better!


It’s on my watch list but I was waiting for someone else to start and give me an idea as to whether to take the ‘plunge’ (pun on the merman theme, hehehe) or not. Please let us know if you continue to watch and your opinion as you get further into this drama.


If you can get past episode one, it is quite good, it does change a lot. I do plan to stick with it. oh and a neat thing, I think they combined 1&2 seasons, I may be mistaken, but what I saw on MDL the seasons were short, like 24 or so. and who can bypass Allen Ren??


I double-checked at MDL just now, and yes looks like they put it all on here as one show… on and on episode 8 now, it’s getting better. he gave her the pearl so now wonder what that means???

I hope y’all have gotten a chance to do the “watch party” anyway episode 9 is awesome, nope not gonna tell, you gotta watch it… and yes the pearl is a mystery… remember that other drama a couple of years ago? hated how it ended, but I now think I understand it a bit better due to watching this… (Starryy sea, starry sky??)

and of course its not available in my area




I have watched my limit, It is an awesome drama, wish there were more like it


this almost reminds me of whats the matter with secretary Kim I hope this is going to be a goosd one

and still watching blue whisper, it has switched on me, don’t care much for it in this episode

finishing last two episodes on this one

and finishing up on this one as well