What are you currently watching?


From Now On Showtime has four episodes left :wink:


Are you still watching it? I rarely follow an on air drama, but I couldn’t stop myself from watching this one. Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon were just so nice to watch in the drama New Tales of Gisaeng, that’s why I was quite excited about tuning in. That and Shin Dong Wook in yet another drama, I am just happy for him that he could take up acting again.

There are so many writing harsh comments about the drama, I don’t join these opinions. I have not seen any of the older versions, so I can’t and at this point don’t want to compare either.

I just wondered if you still watch it?


Just started watching Eve. Wow.

Someone I’m Facebook friends with called it “risqué.” Hardly. It has a great amount of depth of feeling. Interesting to see the actor who played the good chaebol dad in Again My Life playing the bad chaebol dad in Eve. What an amazing actor he is!

The ML and FL are both well-matched, I think. I hope there is going to be back story for more than just the FL. People who cause pain usually have suffered themselves in awful ways, and I always want to know why the bad guys are so bad.


As often happens with me when I have to wait for episodes to be released, I moved on to (several) something else(s). I do intend to return and finish this up soon though. Another problem I encountered with this drama was SML syndrome (Sung Hoon). I loved him in My Secret Romance. I read in this forum that in the American version, Jane (Woori in the Korean version) marries her boyfriend so that took some of the thrill out of it for me. Of course, this version may be completely different.


I cannot agree more! I started watching episode one this morning before going to work and I was really impressed! Looks like a great cast with an intriguing plot.


Yes! I checked this one out last night (Why Her?)! If you enjoy legal drama with a little twist of romance, this one is worth checking out! The FL is a tough cookie and a smart debater. I’ve watched two episodes and cannot wait for episode three! It’s going to be a rough summer for me! Hahaha!


i just finished cinderella and four knights, honestly it was a great show but i am a bit skeptical about the pairing and the romance in the show. but it was fun, warm and lovely


i have been watching so many dramas recently so lemme know if anyone wants recommendations :slight_smile:


EVE :eyes:
After performing in movies and TV series: “Diary of a Night Watchman”, “Last”, “Save Me”, “Lawless Lawyer”, “Stay With Me”, “Recalled”, “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Seo Yea-Ji is definitely a notable presence in “Eve”. As I have seen, the dramatic roles fit her “like a glove”.
“Eve” is worth seeing, it is a melodrama that brings through the action of the film, scenes with emotional impact. The scenery is superb, the costumes and accessories are special, the music is perfect and without discussion, the script and the direction are excellent, the actors are notable, with vast experience and professionals, it is a “worked film”.
From my point of view, “Eve”, for those who like psychological films, of emotional impact, will be memorable.


I have watched that one (Cinderella and the Four Knights) twice now. I just love the little pixie FL. I believe she is doing better now after her thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment. Not the greatest K-drama ever produced but I still enjoyed it.


Just started Why Her? Interesting and a bit nerve-wracking. She is just so competent and forthright, I am nervous about how her story will unfold.

Also watching Eve. I’m all in on that one. Interesting to see the good chaebol dad AND the evil politician from Again My Life in Eve as the same type of characters but with much different personalities.


I actually like this a lot and it’s my current drama to work to.


Healer (2014) ,:sunglasses: again.
A successful melodrama, based on the script written by Song Ji-na, in which the action, comedy and drama scenes intertwine harmoniously. A gorgeous mini-series starring Ji Chang-Wook (Healer), Park Min-Young, Yoo Ji-Tae, Kim Mi-Kyung directed by Lee Jung-Sub and Kim Jin-Woo.
If you missed it, I recommend it.:grinning:


Just finished:
The love equations

It’s not the best drama you can watch but actually, I have enjoyed it a lot, besides it’s the typical story of a cold man falling in love with an innocent girl, I loved all his worries and troubles. I think that the concern about what people think when your parents or relatives have a mental disease is real, at least in some cultures, so I always love to see some reality in dramas.

I felt identified with her cause I’m kind of restless lol and I also love how her father starts realizing that her friend is just like her and that’s not so good in a relationship


It was too brutal for me, I’m not sure if bullying is so serious in Korea but we can see a lot of it in dramaland.
It was hard for me to finish it.

Just started:
So far is pretty good, I’m enjoying it a lot.



Please keep updating your opinion on Flipped! It looks interesting! (And i know ts totally unrelated but I loved that old movie Flipped lol)


I loved that movie too.
This show is really interesting so far, the story is good and the visual effects too. It has kisses from the start (not like super hot kisses but good kisses).
I feel like this can be a good one.
And… the ML is hot! I know that he’s not like the prettiest man in the world but he has a hidden charm and a hot body lol


Flipped (the series) is not available in my area. :frowning:


I’m watching it on Wetv (cause it’s not available for me either.
I just watched eps 10 and the relationship between the ML and the SML it’s just hilarious lol


Finally! I will start this tomorrow.


(over 18 years old)
At the suggestion @table122000 I watched the episodes launched on (and someone came up with the idea to request its broadcast on Viki as well …)
An interesting BL movie, compared to what I saw on Viki, with the action of the movie inspired by the life of the mafia, captivating, in making a fantasy movie, within the budget … (there will always be voices that say “it could be more even better"). This series wants and covers a wide spectrum: action, comedy, love, tragedy and, in the action of the film, one of the accents, as a leitmotif, is “betrayal, distrust”. I recommend.