What are you currently watching?


If you didn’t you should watch sell your haunted house!!

Other historical gems are Jackpot (or whatever it’s called now), Six Flying Dragons, and Warrior Baek Dong Soo.


Healer is just so wonderful. And Gimbap Ahjumma . . . she is the best secondary female character ever.

Boy, do I wish I could alternate between making rolls and rolls of gimbap and working on my computer.


A film in which love has many forms, we meet filial love that is extremely strong (characteristic of Asian influences), parental love, unconditional love in which everything is done for the happiness of the other, or patient, devoted love in which the loved one is supported from the shadows , expected, encouraged …
The theme is good, but for me, the passages (characteristic of family series) are a bit boring, the action can be more focused and evolving through a more eloquent scenario … but don’t take me into account, the series is definitely worth seeing, enjoyable viewing .:grinning:


Yeeep :grinning:.Extremely good Ajumma (Ajoomma)!


IKR I love it when writers add a dramatic supporting character who helps the main leads instead of bringing them down… Gimbap Ahjumma, Jennifer(from 30 But 17), Veronica Park(SLOMS)… such cool people who end up having deep background stories.


I definitely love the FL’s mom in this one! I like the supportive parents in dramas, since so often we see the opposite. FL Mom supports the FL’s decisions both personally and professionally and doesn’t meddle. I think FL’s age is mid-20s from the context. The dramas that really bother me is when a lead is supposed to be 35+ and their parents are still meddling in their romantic lives! Then again, maybe that’s why they haven’t married yet, potential dates got scared away by the overinvolved parents. :rofl:

I haven’t found the plot boring…but I am sometimes in the mood for the slower pace of Chinese dramas. Sometimes Kdramas feel too rushed to me.


Interesting fact about this movie I just watched last night: I watched it from the app. I had it in a collection I had made for movies I was waiting to watch. When I went to its home page this morning on the browser version of Viki (to move it to a new collection and to copy its URL to post here), I realized it said it was waiting to find a channel manager and cannot be played. I was confused, so I went back to my app, and I can still watch it from there. What sort of weird glitch is that?

Anyway, it was a movie that would have benefited from more time, as I didn’t feel like enough time was given to explain the ML’s actions in order to make him more sympathetic. And the FL had a little too much of the bent-shouldered, head-bowed meekness that is common in Jdramas, but she did show some development in this area.

It was cool to learn about the sport that they are participating in, though.


watching some on NF and a couple of other links


I am watching 3 medical or forensic ones, Miss truth, Maiden Holmes <

I was watching Blue whisperer, but lost intereest



I’ve gotten sucked into Insider with Kang Ha Neul.


He’s definitely not a flower boy type. He’s 32, has served in the military. Not a cutie, nor an example of deadly dimples (that would be Kang Young Seok who portrays his nemesis, Jang Sun Oh).


Insider is not as bad as Outlaws in terms of gore and profanity, but it’s one of those I’ll have to watch again because I’ve fast-forwarded through a lot of traumatic moments that his character experiences.

Kang Ha Neul is good. His character is complex. Don’t know how this is going to unfold, but I’m going to hang in there and try not to be too squeamish.


Ikr! I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so weirdly addicted to They Kiss Again(TW). The FL’s mother is soooo supportive and adorable, she literally adopts her as a daughter from day 1. While the show is over the top, it was nice to see them having such a wholesome relationship. No matter what, she always took FL’s side always cheered her on, attended all her events, took care of her from afar, showered her with love and patiently taught her things - to the point where ML’s closest confidante became FL’s dad - because his own parents are so crazy about their daughter-in-law XD. The ML is a king of tsunderes but his parents love FL like a daughter and his younger brother, admittedly, a baby tsundere, has a harder time hiding his affection for her. I think that’s what makes everything so bearable and refreshing even though the drama is from 2007.


Looove Kang Ha Neul!! He’s a really good actor - and yes, I do think he’s cute :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: His characters in A Year-End Medley and Midnight Runners were so dorky and adorable. He plays underdog personalities really well, with his own characteristic physical comedy. In a Year-End Medley, I love how he plays his character in such a way tht you don’t pity him, but actually grow to love him. That’s hard to do, especially when the character is a suicidal, depressed guy who has given up on the world. He still made me want to cheer him on and not cut him any slack out of pity.

Though I’ll have to skip Insider because I really can’t take dark heavy stuff, I’m waiting patiently for Curtain Call/Trees Die On Their Feet


His character in When the Camelia blooms again was so loveable!


OK, I’m midway through Cooking with Love and the pace has slowed down to glacial. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get through this one. It started out nicely, but one of my least favorite drama tropes is the second leads who just won’t give up despite being pretty straightforwardly rejected.

There’s just an awful lot of dithering. I take back everything I said about liking the slow pace of Chinese shows, this is just too much. They need some more subplots, maybe a side quest, or SOMETHING.

ETA: I do, however, love the cooking scenes. I’ve learned more about Chinese food than I have in most dramas.


not able to find cooking with love on Viki, so I am presuming its elsewhere?


Insider is pretty psychotic in places. I have done a lot of fast forwarding. Kang Ha Neul does physical comedy very well. The writers of the script have placed comedy relief moments in just the right places to keep it from being too much.

Nevertheless, there is a certain Three Stooges on crack quality that is hard to take.


Watched ‘The Witch’s Diner’ thanks to an impromptu WP. It was only 8 episodes, but it felt like more, probably because the story was engaging and mysterious.

I am also currently watching ‘Stealth Walker’. I am only about a third of the way through, but so far, I find it intriguing.



Bravo, My Life! (2022) - not to mix with other existing dramas, this is a daily so from Mo- Fr with half an hour episodes, as Viki doesn’t use this format, it is available on the broadcaster’s yt channel.

It has some typical aspects of a daily, but it’s enjoyable and light in most parts, not all, or it wouldn’t be a drama.

Woori The Virgin - Let’s say I still like the acting, minus 2-3 scenes in the last 2 eps I have watched. For the production, I have to say … Not as much as sometimes I think it wanted too much and the focus didn’t feel as it was on the 3 leads rather on the villain story, which I unfortunately had zero interest in. I can’t compare it to the already existing shows, but I wished they just went for the main leads’ story and that’s it, now waiting for the last 2 episodes, if they at least manage to fabricate a redeeming ending.

Right now my new “drug” is

It was mentioned on the thread just recently, I do not have much time and don’t recall who it was, however - thank you for reminding me on this drama, a drama friend mentioned it before, but I forgot about it, since I used to only watch a drama at a time. At the moment I need a stress reliever, so I am back to watch 3 dramas for now. Really enjoy DWL!


Whoops, my mistake, it’s “Dine With Love.” Dine With Love It’s on Viki in the UK, though the content does vary by region.


ok got it on my list… I don’t remember if I have seen stelth walker, got it on my list, loved witches diner

I finished class of her own, really a cute drama, finishing up Medical examiner. and finishing the sleuth of ming dynasty. still love “wolf peach” in there, finished maiden holmes, and finishing up miss truth, I did miss a lot of episodes in Prime!!

so people I need some dramas to watch!!