What are you currently watching?


I have just started this one,

thanks brickout
and as for that

looks like its going to be a good one

another one

so I think I have covered all the bases


I loved the sleuth of Ming Dynasty. I wish there would be another season.


hurricanekat, me too!! It was funny, and really quite a good drama

another one I am going to watch, and really not sure about it, Alchemy of souls, and one of my favorite actors is playing in it, haven’t seen him in some time, love his beard & mustache! would love to watch doctor lawyer, and yes going to one of those pirate links, anyway I think, if Viki shows it , I did request it as well

that dine with love reminds me of

this one was good too. well the chef at first was cold, aa won’t say anymore, don’t want to give anything away, but its kinda parallel to each other


I have started Dine With Love. I am on episode three. It has a lot of sweetness and gentleness and is nowhere near as cringe-y as Cupid’s Kitchen OR as boring as Master of My Own.

No knowing much about Dine With Love’s ML Gao Hanyu, I did a Google search.

(My Drama List)

and discovered why producers of Asian dramas need Viki. An article in English about him as probably created with a translation app that the writer accepted as an accurate tool.

(Gotta admire fan eagerness to tell the world about his or her faves, but please do not let the author of this article near Viki subs!)

The 32-year-old idol’s strength has become popular, but his cultural level has broken through the >lower limit. Audience: Let’s go

I could barely get through the article. One example of really not good translating: instead of describing a video as “low-budget,” the article refers to it as “small-cost.”

Just a reminder that enthusiasm and sincerity in promoting Asian dramas are not enough.


thanks about those dramas I mentioned, I admit I wasn’t too fond of cupids kitchen.

I think that Dine with love is going to do nicely


Just finished my 100th drama. After weeks of agonizing over which drama this title should go to, I decided to go for a classic - Pinocchio, starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. LJS convinced me with his awesome character in WYWS, and though I couldn’t watch anything with PSH in it, I decided to take a dive to celebrate her wedding.

Except for LJS’ terrible high school hair in the very beginning(he gets a better hairstlye a few eps later, dont worry), the drama didnt feel outdated even though it’s from 2014. The plot was pretty tight and the acting was really wonderful. The cast was lovable, and it had the old kdrama charm. I loved how they brought different personalities together. There were so many lovable side characters and other characters who grew on me. It made me cry and laugh out loud and sit in disbelief over twists. There was some angsty drag in the middle, but overall, it’s a good classic. I liked how they used a character who can’t lie to strengthen the story. The two warring news companies were hilarious and thought provoking at the same time.

It was also fun to see so many actors ive seen in other dramas… especially the child actors. Nam Da Reum and Roh Jeong Eui were soooo small… they’ve really grown up in front of our eyes.


Just finished Our Blues.
I’m happy I watched this, as I enjoyed the drama.
Lot’s of sad scenes though. Just be warned :blush:


Dine With Love has a welcome lack of anxiety and a quality of sweetness that I enjoy. Though I am so tired of the ML playing the tortured romantic hero. And what plastic surgeon did his nose?


Ok, here I go

You are my spring

I totally loved this one, it’s so full of little details that make you think. I love all the processes the ML goes through showing us that you can be in the most difficult circumstances but in the end, you’re the one who makes the decision of being angry and bad to everyone or the opposite.
I know that it sounds easier than it is, but I just love this show. You can see how the main leads start healing together and that’s so cute.
It is indeed hard to accept someone with all that this person comes, so I really enjoyed this one.

I wanted to cry with all the twins’ story and all they have to get over, I would love a good ending for them too :tired_face:


Something that I think it’s necessary, is to recognize that even a psychologist or a psychiatrist has their own problems and the necessity of healing too.

I think that the ML sometimes is too perfect, that’s why I loved how he dares to show his true self to her, even if sometimes was hilarious or dumb, or even so different from the “professional” side of him.

Just to finish this one lol, his friends are just lovely and hilarious. The kind of people you need in your life!

Heaven and Hell: soul exchange

I love this show too, I was thinking that it was the typical body exchange show but it’s too well done. Everything about the serial killer vs detective was so good.
I totally recommend this one.



Cutie pie

I have to say that this was my first time watching a BL, and well I don’t think that this will be my thing lol, but I have to say that I have enjoyed this show. Something that I don’t enjoy about Tai dramas is that I feel that they scream a lot (FL in F4 for instance), and this wasn’t like that. It was a kind of different story for me, again I don’t think that this will be my thing but I decided to give it a chance and I enjoyed it.
BTW. One of the ML is just gorgeous.



Meeting you

It’s a cute story, I have enjoyed it but I think that I don’t enjoy school stories anymore lol
But it’s good and cute.



Yumi’s cells 2

BTW. I was obligated to rest (medical reasons) and as a pretty active person, this was the way that I have rested lol.


not sure about this next one

I think I have already seen this in2019

I will watch the first couple of episodes and will see if I like or not

Inspector Koo (2021)



I get so easily distracted. Decided to take a break from the light modern Chinese romcoms and started the historical drama “Who Rules the World.” (with Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si on another streaming service) I tried to start this one a few times before and just couldn’t get into it, but this time around I powered through the first episode and got hooked. If you like big scale historical dramas with lots of characters and intricate plots, check it out. I will say that the CGI is very overdone and ridiculous on the first episode, but they do tone it down in the next few episodes. I hope this one stays as good as the first few episodes have been!


and soooo boring! no, it really drags along, but keep on with Who rules the world, I am on 18 at the moment, its quite good


I really struggle with big historical dramas for the first few episodes because I get the characters all mixed up. I don’t care for the big fight scenes so ep1 was a real slog, but so far I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m on ep5 now.


I currently watching an over google that how I learned an Arabic language?
and I used online languages tutor because it is an online platform if you want to learn a foreign languages.


How is it that :hushed: , after a day of work, when you get home to be surrounded by 10 young people of different ages (between 18 and 28 years old),my children,nephews and their friends, stocked with all kinds of sweets, snacks and soft drinks, to let you know that, for 3 days, they are your guests and, all those 3 days, the days of the Asian movie are declared …
I gave in, I no longer had the strength to convince anyone of anything, so, comfortable, I drew lots and it came out …

Because some of us hadn’t seen the first part, we started with this.
I was reluctant :thinking: about this series and I was ready when I would fall asleep, but what to see (?), from the first episode the giggles :rofl:and comments that followed , made it worth watching and so my night became "The White Night " …:wink:
Today is the 2nd day and we still have to see …
Oh, thank you all for the above suggestions, I send you virtual hugs :hugs:


I was hesitant about heaven and hell;soul exchange, yes due to that alchemy of souls. I haven’t gotten a "small voice " telling me not to watch. so I did put it on my list, and will start watching it today. y’all I don’t mean to sound morbid and all. all I can say my experience is to listen to that voice.


No worries, it’s the same for me lol


I’m watching The Blue Whisper and I love it!
It might become my favorite Chinese drama of the year. (I have to watch the ending)


Hope you enjoy your break to the fullest, and then get back on your feet soon!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


im watching jinxed at 1st