What are you currently watching?


Did you see that Lovers in Paris is back?!!! It’s the thing that boosted him to stardom!


Fan articles also show “Luice”, so the translators had no choice, I guess. It should be Luis or Louis.


:joy::joy: How many other cats do you have? From what we’ve heard of Mr Jo, the others might have similar interestig backgrounds XD

Thanks for all the posts about Again my Life… Lee Joon Gi is one of my all-time favorite actors but I still feel on the fence about watching this one. Don’t want it to be a waste of time, but I think you’ve convinced me to give it go just for LJG and not the storyline.

Too busy to watch a full length drama rn, but I saw this

And though Bad and Crazy isn’t high on my watchlist, Lee Dong Wook spoke enough about this scene to make me watch it

I thought “Don’t hit me. That was mutual.” was a very interestingly “different” line, but it managed to give me butterflies.


LOL actually in my early K-drama days I heard others call him Mr. Dimples that was actually his “official” nickname.


I canot wait till we can see season 2 of Missing!!


After finishing the Blue Whisper

(the ending was okay at least not as bad as Woori The Virgin’s)

I’m enjoying

It’s not a comedy but there are some very funny scenes and several hotties.


finished and really good

finished this one yesterday


tokyo noodle factory was really good, I finally discovered what the udon noodles look like,////////////////////////////// I am rewatching this one, this is a really good one , /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

this one too

got some Japanese dramas to watch


Yeah, but when are the Viki synopsis writers going to get the memo that everyone else in the K-drama world didn’t need to get . . . since you can clearly see the English language spelling Luice, right there in the first episode. On the screen. As a visual element of the episode before translation. (My American brain wants to pronounce the name “Loose,” similar to the pronunciation of “juice.”)

Was everyone tasked with putting together the synopsis strangely afflicted with some kind of psychological trauma around the name? Or eating in a Spanish restaurant when someone said, “Oh, crap, I forgot to write the synopsis”?

Makes no sense. Viki rides herd on everything the volunteers do, but doesn’t give a fat rip about what their own people do.

And then they wonder why volunteers aren’t jumping for joy at their thank-you gifts.


I have managed to keep my watch list pared down (this week at least) to six dramas. But this evening, trying to search for a drama I could not remember the exact name of, I came across Marvelous Women. While I wait for the next episodes of Why Her? and Insider, it will keep my impatience level down. Is it really based on historical fact? How cool if it is!


I have been asked about my cat Mr. Jo (formally Mr. Antonio Jo, International Cat of Mystery and Finder of Small Objects), named specifically after Park Shin Yang’s lawyer character. He is pictured below. Somewhat long and sleek like Lee Min Ho, with an exhibitionist streak (he thinks he is Justin Bieber in his tighty-whities) . . .

Currently I am also slave to his uncle whom I named Mr. Boo-boo because of a white stripe on one leg that looks like a bandage. He started living on my porch during the winter two years ago.

Mr. Boo-boo was probably a sumo wrestler in a former life. He weighs fourteen pounds but has not an ounce of superfluous flab . . .

And I have a grey tabby given me by a friend who is Chinese–a naturalized US citizen and a kick-ass cardiac nurse who wanted a cat but discovered she was allergic to him when she got him. Because he looks so proper and distinguished compared to the other two, I gave him the name The Right Honorable Gavin Lloyd Llewelyn-Jones, Gavin for short.

Here also is a photo of Mr. Jo’s mother, Neko-Sama.

She is part of a population of what are known in the “hood” as garage cats. They are not feral; they willingly eat what is left out for them and sun themselves wherever they please. I have a suspicion that many of the current crop of cats that live on my block are descended from the female kitten a neighbor of mine twelve years ago got somewhere for her kids . . . and did not spay . . . and did not keep indoors.

All the cats look like each other in terms of coloring and two distinct body types: a long, lean type that excels at chasing mice and rats and garter snakes, and a chunky type that excels at jumping up and catching small birds on the fly (as well as the occasional squirrel).

I have often joked that every year, I set out food for a group of American kami in my back yard, and I am a defacto Shinto shrine maiden. I sweep my patio clean in winter and summer, I place food and water under a “shrine” constructed of two lawn chairs and some boards so that large animals–dogs, raccoons–cannot get at it, and if I am not right on time with kibble and water, I can find two or three of my feline overlords waiting for me to carry out the ritual. I have never seen any of them shapeshift, but you never know . . .


I came across a drama I think I am going to like it, close to “move to heaven” some may not like these kind of dramas, but I enjoy watching these folks overcome their handicaps, and I am sure there are more, so this is on my list

the first episode was awesome, I bet she had to do a lot of training to act like that. anyway its on Netflix


LOL he looks like he knows he rules the world :joy::joy: Gavin Lloyd Llewelyn-Jones is a mouthful but the distinguished features do make him look the part.

ooh both of these are on my list! Please keep us updated on how it goes!

I was especially drawn to Extraordinary Attorney Woo - what a refreshing, unique plot! Can’t wait to watch.

Just took a sneak peek of this

…I loved it. I would have had to uninstall Viki and run for the hills if it wasn’t on air, because I can’t wait for each new episode. I love the current trend with fantasy dramas. They feel old and new at the same time, following the old style of kdrama comedy but also bringing something different to the scene. Jinxed At First feels like The Legend of the Blue Sea - minus the tsundere ML. This guy is a happy, kindhearted young man with a ready smile for everyone he meets and a dorky side that he doesn’t hide in the least, even though he has a traumatic story that rivals most tsundere CEOs’ and people treat him like a bad omen. His facial expressions are so endearing… he feels part-NCT’s Doyoung(try denying it after watching his big wide eyes when he’s surprised XD) and part-Lee Do Hyun, another actor I admire for facial expressions

The FL is adorably cute, though I’ve seen some people hate her ditzy actions. Most of it is pretty justifiable, since she’s a literal Korean version of Rapunzel(with some added disturbing circumstances) and hasn’t seen the outside world at all. Everything she knows comes from the books she reads, so she’s pretty smart when it comes to scientific facts and animals. Again, I love her unquenchable spirit and optimistic outlook when she’s caught in a dark web of crazy circumstances. With the stuff the characters have to deal with, it could have easily been an angsty melodrama, and I’m hoping it doesn’t take that course in the future. It remains lighthearted and hilarious, with a lovely supporting cast of familiar ahjussis and ahjummas.


jinxed is kinda cute, weird but cute, I have it on my list too


I hope you like it, besides Lee Je Hoon is in there, I really love that drama.


my curiosity got the best of me, so looked on Mydramalist to look for some of these actors & actresses, I cannot believe that a lot of our faves haven’t had a show in at least 5 years! or some I haven’t watched. oh well, more for the newer ones coming up!


It’s weird and I can’t really call it fluffy because wow when it gets dark, it gets confusingly dark… but I love the crazy community and the lighthearted comedy they mix into the story


Just finished a re-watch of Fated to Love You. I always get more out of re-watching a drama and I absolutely love Jang Hyuk. His laugh is outstandingly entertaining.



My top 1 forever!!! Love Jang Hyuk!!!


Jang Hyuk

:star:ohhh, his laugh is so contagious … he has an unmistakable laugh …:grinning:
:star2:indeed he is a great actor :star2::star2::star2:
Fated to Love You , You Are My Destiny
Of the 4 versions of the series, for me, the most successful and emotional impact are: Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese (whose version is very focused on the tragic side).
Instead, the Chinese version diluted the theme, extended the duration …
I recommend the Taiwanese series as well as watching the variations on the same theme. You will definitely be richer visually and emotionally.
:zap: :zap: :zap:
:eyes: To stay in the same area of mature love, where the depth of feelings, involvement, choices and behavior are different from adolescent love, I recommend: the movie “Love 911 / 2012” (120 minutes) and the romantic comedy “A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY / 2012” (20 eps). I recommend watching.


OMG taiwanese version is OG. Fated to Love You is such a binge worthy funny series.