What are you currently watching?


maybe thats another I need to rewatch, fated to love you, yeah love his laugh!!


Which one would you recommend to watch first?

I usually prefer Kdramas but this is an old classic and I haven’t really enjoyed any korean dramas that aired before 2015(except Healer and Pinocchio). However, I ADORE the 2005-2007 TW version of Michevous Kiss… even though it’s so old, it’s become a total guilty pleasure series that I rewatch every now and then(Esp. Season 2). Because of this, I thought I’d watch the OG TW version of FTLY - but FL Joe Chen nearly drove me completely insane with her latest drama, New Horizon, and I absolutely despised her character there. I’m kinda afraid that I won’t be able to separate the characters in this drama.


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A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY / 2012 ” (20 eps). I recommend watching.


Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear… I wanted to ask which to watch first - the TW or Korean version of Fated to Love You :sweat_smile:


Taiwanese is the first, for sure :grinning::hugs:


ohh really? it’s the only version I haven’t watched. I didn’t enjoy the Chinese version and I really love the Korean version.


I did like the TW seems like it was better somehow. hmmm looks like another on my rewatch list!!! but the laugh is missing…



The plot sucks so bad. Not because it’s badly written but it’s one of the most frustrating.

But IF you really wanted to watch one, watch the TW ver. first.

p.s. There’s a Japanese ver. too. :wink:


Here is one that I am finding fun to watch.


Am on episode six of My Fated Boy. So sweet! Certainly a stark contrast to Eve! Hard to believe the FL in Eve is the same person who was in Moorim School!

Eve is definitely one of those, “Wow, I didn’t see THAT coming!” types of dramas.


Lol. Maybe I’ll watch Devil Beside You instead… I’m starting to crave extremely old TW dramas for some reason these days :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: that old cute retro music and the terrible fashiom and hairstyles that the actors pull off so unbelievably well XD


DBY is a better choice for sure. I haven’t re-watched it in a while but I remember a lot of it still. It was the first Taiwanese drama I ever watched.

FTLY is one of those storylines that will make you pull your hair out. I’ve seen all versions but only finished the Taiwanese one a long time ago.


Thanks for the Love 911 recommendation. I did watch A Gentleman’s Dignity a little over a year ago and agree that it was a great drama as well. Now I’ll have to watch the Taiwanese version of Fated. Too many dramas, not enough time. LOL!


I decided not to watch all those destiny dramas, I have watched them before at least 3 times each, its time to find something else


What are you looking for?


something different, and wish it would be on Viki instead of Netflix or prime. found one on NF a lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome, gosh hope I spelled that right, the first couple of episodes are quite good, then that one he does magic, not Wookie one, no he is supposed to be a shaman but another. but gosh, what is wrong that we can’t find some good dramas on here, yeah kinda frustrated. again paying the money and going elsewhere, doesn’t make sense. and some of these dramas, aren’t worth the watch!! and just tired of rewatching the older ones at that. oh well no sense to complain, guess will have to wait for new ones to come on.

update, that lawyer one is getting better & better

mysteries, scifi, detective ones, tired of the lovey ones too! that Adama might be a good one when it comes on