What are you currently watching?


another older one I don’t get it

guess thats enough


Pour le moment je me régale avec la fleur du mal :souriant:


Hmm… :thinking: C’est un mélodrame…:eyes: ça a l’air intéressant et c’est une série avec peu d’épisodes.
Ah, il semble qu’un remake du même nom ait été réalisé par la télévision Philippine et soit diffusé depuis le 23 juin de cette année.
Merci , maintenant je commence à regarder la version coréenne sur Viki.


Sérieusement, j’ai l’impression d’être un marathon… Je n’arrête pas de regarder :heart_eyes:… Je suis déjà à l’ep. 10… c’est étonnamment bon… cette série entre dans la liste des favoris de la prochaine “soirée cinéma en famille”… Merci !
(Seriously, I feel like I’m in a marathon … I just can’t stop watching … I’m already to ep. 10 … it’s surprisingly good … this series enters in the list of favorites to the next “family movie night” … Thank you!):hugs:
(Je n’utilise pas trop souvent le français et, à ma grande honte, j’espère que vous comprenez ce que j’écris . Merci beaucoup pour cette occasion.:hugs:)


ooh Love 911 is a classic! Han Hyo Joo is such a veteran actress and I was also curious because BTS’ Jungkook said that was his dream kiss scene :joy::joy:

I have reached the end of my patience with that one… probably around ep 10 or 11 and I still don’t get why Mike He’s ML character is so adored and doted on. Feels like the writer obtained my personal list of pet peeves and included them all in the drama lol. I cannot stand forced kisses, ultra-possessive behavior and unnecessarily violent characters. I thought I liked bad boys but I realized that the “bad boy” description has a spectrum and I hate whatever wavelength this one is on.
I never do this but I fell head over heels for the SML and I am SO GLAD the love triangle ended quickly. He’s such a good guy - not a saint - has his own flaws and growth but is also so good. I was almost at my breaking point, just hanging in there because SML’s smile is always like a dopamine shot but then the writers had to make him date that girl - ohmygoodness I was DONE when she asked him to choose between basketball and her when she knew how important his next match was. Admittedly, I’m glad I stuck through to see what he would do even though I was thoroughly offended - he handled it really well, like the good character he is.

Overall, it feels like an oversimplified plotline(upto ep 11). They keep telling us what makes everyone do the things they do and why their personalities are like that, when good stories are supposed to let us infer that from the characters’ thoughts and actions. “He’s extremely violent even with his friends but hes been through a lot, struggles with abandonment issues and is actually a very good person” was just shoved into my face multiple times, sometimes even explained directly by certain characters.
I know I’m probably in the minority for thinking this, but Rainie Yang was really stiff with her character and seemed to have only three expressions- happy, angry, and the classic melodrama-heroine expression. I’m honestly kinda disappointed because I expected something like ISWAK-TKA… that one had its weaknesses and it took me some time to warm up to the ML but I ended up falling for him, and I still fall for him every time I rewatch.

I may or may not pick DBY up again, but I’m still open to watching other old TW dramas because ISWAK-TKA really fascinated me, with the complex character development, writing, directing and the wonderful cast chemistry. Maybe it’s time for my 9th or 10th rewatch :see_no_evil::joy::joy:


Ha Ha, cette série est vraiment géniale, on ne sait jamais à quoi s’attendre.
On devient vite addicte :smiley:
J’ai aussi du mal à lâcher les épisodes. J’en suis aussi au 10ème.
Elle sera également dans mon top 10 juste en dessous de MOUSE.
Je suis heureuse de t’avoir fait découvrir.
Ton français est parfait ! :wink:


DBY was definitely a roller-coaster. It was what initiated me into Taiwanese dramas. Many ppl stayed for SML for sure. Back when I watched it, I never dropped anything and just stuck with whatever I watched. It was during my “bad-boy” loving phase. :rofl: That era really had nothing but bad boys with repressed aggression. I’m glad the writers backed away from that trope (somewhat) in the more recent years.

If you didn’t like Mike He’s ML character, you’d def. absolutely hate Ethan Ruan’s ML character in FTLY.

The 1 old school Taiwanese drama I can think of that had a huge impact on me was, Autumn’s Concerto. Warning: Filled with ALL the tropes you probably hate, BUT it was a good plot overall.


:eyes:“Flower of Evil”-Terminé .:heart_eyes:Super film.:grinning:

next :eyes:


One that I’m currently watching is Kiss Sixth Sense on D+. It’s been pretty entertaining so far with very few sad scenes. ML is not a conventional ‘hottie’ but he does grow on you with his caring attitude toward the FL.



I noticed that one of the new K-drama releases from NF is She Would Never Know. SF9’s Rowoon is the ML and you guys all know how I feel about that young whipper-snapper. LOL! I started watching this on another streaming service but have switched over and am now on episode 12. It’s got the younger man/older woman romance theme. It’s got a few interesting side relationships/romances going on too.



other than the NF ones, I found this one on here, BUT just a big question, why did all those people hate her so, and maybe I will find out later. on episode 12, really like it

she would never know? hmmm, I will check it out, being I have to wait for all the ones I am watching for episodes, from the NF ones (4 of them) to this one I put on here


I’m in the same boat. I’m waiting for the next episode of Alchemy of Souls which has been pretty good so far. It’s rough for me to wait for each episode of each of these ‘on-air’ dramas to be released. Hahaha!!



Yoo Mi is the woman who tells a small lie and ends up living someone else’s life. Hyun Joo is a woman who lives her life holding herself above everyone, treating them with neither kindness nor malice. She has a subtly tense relationship with Yoo Mi. Ji Hoon is Yoo Mi’s husband who is ambitious and future-oriented. Ji Won is a dependable senior who is the only person whom Yoo Mi trusts


I’ve just finished “Watcher” too.


The lead in this show is so CUTE - he does a really good job. It is a little “soap-ish” but it is a little older. I like it

Pretty sure he is going in Hottie Posse! What a Cutie


OMG Anna looks so good.


Check the reviews though there seem to be a lot of unsatisfied viewers


After watching a successful film in which I reviewed, a special medical drama, almost everything that is mentioned in the psychology of disasters in D-Day, (from terror, panic, despair, to unity, hope, love) … I traveled in the world of the supernatural with :heart_eyes:

miamibeachhair1_597 :" I’ve just finished “Watcher” too."

:thinking: Great :grinning:, I’m starting it too :hugs:


:heart_eyes: without further comment, a movie that I liked :clap:


:wink: for me it’s like a fashion royal … for me it’s a good movie:heart_eyes: