What are you currently watching?


I spoke too soon. :sweat_smile: Love like the Galaxy is so good! :heart_eyes:
It makes me think a little bit of the drama the Story of Ming Lan.

There is also Immortal Samsara coming. It’s a great year for Chinese dramas.


The release date of Alchemy of Souls: Part 2 is not yet known. :pensive:
I hope we won’t have to wait too long.


yes I hope not very long wait #2

, my fave was whispering blue till I got the love like the galaxy and you know me and my mermen, so he has to bow out this time, the love like the galaxy tops it. I finally discovered why those people around her hates her so much, cause she wasn’t a boy? oh come on give me a break!! but still loved the story!

and watcher was a good one as well, watched masters sun about 4 times, the good doctor was awesome, now we have the special lawyer on Netflix, awesome story. but hate waiting for the episodes, and alchemy of souls, better than I thought it would be and not like I thought it was. no worse than some of our other dramas we watch! oh not to forget the other guy with the magic, oops brain fog, but that is good too, not like Wookies , this guy was a cop before he became a shaman,( did love Wookies drama)


WHAT?!?!?! There is going to be a season 2?!?!?! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!


jinxed at first


I was so disappointed with Reply 1988 and how they treated Kim Jung Hwan. I have a hard time understanding how they could have Sung Deok-sun end up with Choi Taek, a character that acted like a 5-year-old for almost 30 years. So I decided to watch Lucky Romance instead to see Ruy Jun-yeol’s treated better in a drama, and was happy with his character of Jee Soo-ho. Now that I finished Lucky Romance, I’m trying to see what I will be watching next.


The kids wanted to see something new / different from Asian movies / TV series, compared to what we’ve watched so far, and then they chose “L.U.C.A .: The Beginning” .:open_mouth:
Honestly, because of the low score , I bypassed it, but now, after watching it in its entirety, I’m sorry … The film is really good, from my point of view.
I didn’t find … is there a second part?:pleading_face:


I think you’re talking about Cafe Minamdang :smile:


yeah, Cafe Minamdang.

watching Noku flower, found the info that was quite interesting, so thought I would watch it

watching the other dramas I mentioned earlier as well


I finished watching it, it deserves to be seen, thank you!:grinning:


These two dramas are really good and both remind me Ming Lan, one is modern and one historical. I usually do not watch modern chinese dramas, films though and I was just curious and because of main lead is a known actress I gave it a try and I was hooked from the beginning… there is lots of food for the thought and women’s unfairness… Some parts are adapted from true events. Anyway it’s really interesting how things are developing!!

and of course the NIF boy who grew so tall isn’t to be missed :star_struck:


Looking for something simple, in a calm atmosphere …
A break from daily life , an emotional refreshment, a journey in memories and a coffee at
a late hour …

If patience is a virtue, well, it is supposed to be properly dosed, because when you wait too long it may be too late to unload your emotions …

Time is not waiting for anyone, so when you try to find yourself, you must first get lost.

Is there fate or “guilt” (for what we live / are we now) are only the effect of our choices?


I just found out that Ming Lan and Love like the Galaxy are based on novels by the same author, Guan Xin Ze Luan. :grinning:


yes some older ones too

this next one I just didn’t finish it


Just came here to see whether anyone is watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo. I’m midway through the first ep but so far it’s out of the ordinary and so good! I wish it were on viki because I hate not having the timed comments for my snarky comments, like laughing at the other attorney being named Lee Junho. It’s probably a very common name in Korea, but I do love me some Junho.


oh yeah I am watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo, really an awesome drama


I plan to watch it after it ends! So far, its been getting so much praise both in SK and internationally for the ubique concept. Was excited for Cafe Minamdang but i see a lot of comments unhappy with the FL’s immature behavior so I dont think i’ll be watching that one.


and that Cafe one is turning me away, yes due to behaviour.


I am already caught up to the available episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo! (An extreme heat wave and not wanting to move too much or go outside will do that) It’s so good so far. Now I have to wait so long for the next episodes though!


How was Mr. Jo2???