What are you currently watching?


The YouTube algorithm caught me watching extremely compelling trailers of Hope or Dope and Hope or Dope2!!! I was so thrilled it is on viki.

I kinda ignored it the first time reading the synopsis for being unrealistic, but the acting and premise set up by the trailer drew me in.

Their hope is not on solely the batch of marijuana, but rather the draw is on how they deal with their everyday. I kept getting curious what happens next.


like when they make 2nd seasons, somehow somethings missing, oh #2 was ok, but still not as good as #1, do watch it, you will enjoy it, and there is a twist, um cant tell, will give it away.


thats when I find something else to watch, theres a bunch too! I won’t name them at this time.


I decided to watch this one again, 3x for me.

If you havent seen the one on Netflix, Live up to your name with that guy, you are missing, its funny, kinda boring too. but so funny. I think he played in the Pirate, the first one that was quite good, funny too. so this and more, to wait for other episodes to come on. trying to find the ones that are funny, yeah a mystery too here and there, those like Riddle, or a couple of cooking shows, so I wont get bored from “waiting!”




:clap::clap: both series are excellent, different in theme, script and action but motivating, engaging ….


I have True Beauty on my top list and my ID is Gangnam Beauty. I’m currently watching Revenge Note 1 and it’s going on my top list too!:blush: What I like about what I’ve been watching is that I love all the K-dramas with actor: Cha Eunwoo.:heart::blue_heart:


where did you see my secret terris? not here on viki?? I seen itr only once and have been trying to find it to be able to watch!!


Sure on viki, I gave the link, you can watch if is available in your region…


Now we watch the series :eyes:Bad & Crazy:sunglasses::wink: (2021), with Lee Dong-Wook, Wi Ha-Joon, Han Ji-Eun and Cha Hak-Yeon in the main roles …
Super :heart_eyes:


I’ve been wanting to watch ‘My Secret Terrius’ because I always hear good things about it, but it has never been available in my region. Out of curiosity, I clicked on your link and was incredibly pleased to see that it is now available. I better hurry and watch it before it disappears again. :grin:


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A series in which both laugh and cry, in which discover that you don’t have to “put yourself with the determination and vigilance of mothers”…Worth seeing …
So Ji Sub is just as good, maybe better than in "Oh my Venus"



Worth seeing …


Whole I wouldn’t say it’s better than oh my Venus, I really really loved My secret Terrius. Loved the subtle issues they handled, the comedy and ofc the absolutely ADORABLE interactions with the twins. Such a cute little show


I am a big fan of stories that show how the little guy wins against corrupt officials . . . but Insider is so complicated at the moment that I am wondering how the show will ever tie up all the loose ends and create a satisfying ending.


I watched Insider but I gave up around halfway. I didn’t really understand the plot around all the gambling and the words used for them. I also thought it was unnecesarily violent in every episode, so I just lost interest in the end.


Wait, vivi just wrote it’s a clear-cut happy ending, and you say it’s so sad? Where is the truth? I don’t like sad endings, no matter how good the series, I won’t watch it. I’ve had enough sadness IRL and I want my dramas to end happily, even if there’s tribulation before that.


Wow, that was from a post I made almost a year ago. LOL! I had to do an internet search to find which one I was talking about. Lots of k-drama water has gone under this bridge. I thought the ending was sad; at the very least it was extremely bittersweet. If you want to get a very brief synopsis of the ending, read on. “Princess Deokhye [Son Ye-Jin] was the last princess of Korea. Under Japanese colonial rule, she is taken to Japan as a hostage. With the era’s harsh conditions, she struggles to maintain the hope of the Korean people. Jang-Han [Park Hae-Il] is a fighter for Korean independence. His mission is to bring Princess Deokhye back to South Korea and he also loves her” ( So at the end, the princess has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember much of anything but she finally gains her freedom and is recognized by the Korean government as royalty. Lots of emotions at the end which really melt your heart. I’d watch it again though, even though what she went through made me very sad.


Wow I don’t remember her having Alzheimer’s at all… are you sure she had it in the movie? You could call it bittersweet but it did end on a hopeful note… I dontremember all the details so I probably cant discuss it now


That’s the way I interpreted her condition but, of course, Alzheimer’s wasn’t recognized back then but perhaps her condition was caused by all that she endured while in Japan. Some people have mental breakdowns from the trauma they go through. The movie ended with her gaining her freedom from Japanese captivity so that was a plus but the fact that she went through so much and didn’t recognize anyone in the end was very sad. (MHO).