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I have somewhat a hard time with this drama, it started out really interesting but the violence I skipped when it was too much… I’m translating there also :zipper_mouth_face:. It reminds me the Tazza: One Eyed Jack… at times it’s funny but also quite brutal. (on Viki and I worked on that too.) :flushed:

I like Kang Ha Neul so I looked really forward to his drama, but… it’s a bit complex and dark as well.


I liked the story in the beginning and the problem that he got into and had to solve. Just all the gambling and violence made me lose interest. I made it until episode 8, maybe I’ll give it another chance in the future, but i’m not sure


En ce moment je suis embarquée dans TRAIN :pousser un cri:

Montez à bord… Si vous osez !


I have managed to whittle down my Viki bucket list because I am working on subs for ASC (which–hint, hint–has too few of the highly committed segmenters and subbers Viki is famous for and too many episodes that are wack in some way), and I need to shift more time to working on that before my “deadline” in October for leveling up and maintaining my QC status.

I finished Eve two days ago. Acting: superb, especially the child actors. Costumes and sets: gorgeous. Editing: smooth and precise. Story line: way too complicated. “I didn’t see that coming moments”: way overused. Will I re-watch? No.

I finished Why Her? last night. So worth the commitment of time. My only complaint: I wish the director has used the actor who played the ML for both the younger and older versions of himself.
Will I re-watch? No, probably not.

I am waiting for the end of Insider. I have the same positive and negative comments as I do for Eve. I think the chief character in the revenge genre is the blood. I am waiting for the end to see how the storyline handles one particular character who I think has to (according to the revenge genre code) survive.

I am currently going back and forth among and between Love the Way You Are, My Fated Boy, and Psychologist.

Otherwise, I have just started Andante and am unsure about continuing because it’s developing way too slowly. Love Like the Galaxy has me hooked.

Assassin Academy looks good as does Dear.M, but I discovered them very recently and they seem a litle like clones of other dramas, so I don’t know if I’ll stick with them. Besides, where I live, it is STINKING hot and humid right now, and I Have no AC, so major use of heat-generating electronics during the day (including phones) is a problem.


Was in the mood for some silly brainless fluffy romantic comedy. I won’t say it’s the best drama ever because it’s not. I did skip around over some arcs. Lots of people may get annoyed at the FL’s voice. I personally didn’t care after I got used to it. The plot itself was pretty run-of-the-mill but a lot of the dialogues surprise me with their depth or comedy. Some lines are really really funny.

The ML is the cliche rich boy who likes pretending to be a jerk but I liked the fact that he was as silly as the FL was, in different ways. I loooove the fact that they directly address that instead of just making everyone around him always worship the ground he walks on. Neither of them are superheroes who are naturally good at stuff. His bro straight-out tells the FL that ML has “eighth grader syndrome” and not to worry about it. The two actors are pretty comfortable with the set and other actors so that’s another plus. All in all, not a show I would highly recommend but it’s a fun pastime.


Started watching newly added C-Drama, since there isn’t that interesting choice of K-Dramas, except the Miracle and coming soon with “wookie” If you wish upon me. Monday’s selection is bleak…


Currently watching Blue Whisper at the moment. I started it because of Dilraba; I really like her! If anything, I think she has grown in her acting skills since, say, The King’s Woman. In terms of storyline, Blue Whisper isn’t complicated or anything special. In terms of relationships, I have to say, the secondary characters’ relationships are the most natural and rather fun to watch. The main couple’s relationship starts off based on a lie, so obviously it won’t be as innocent as the other relationships in the show. The male lead really fits in with the wuxia theme, I think he’s doing a good job in his role. I’m on episode 35 right now, and the show has 42 episodes.


:zap: A series that I avoided watching for a long time, due to the depth of feelings and experiences in the action of the film, but now the time has come… It is as I expected… deeply emotional, and the direction , the script and the interpretation are brilliant :clap:


:watch::wink: Maintenant je suis monté dans le train aussi, j’espère que ce sera un bon voyage, super !!! :zap:

Update :grinning:
Thanks for the recommendation :hugs: , it was interesting and especially the ending is unexpected…
Merci pour la recommandation, c’était intéressant et surtout la fin est inattendue…}


@ninjas_with_onions . . . Am I being treated badly by Discobot again because my just-now rejected review of Insider used a banned word? If so, which one?

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I gave the show five stars and wrote the text below. Much, much milder verbiage than I wanted to use.


I liked the:

– Acting.
– Music.
– Costuming.
– Cinematography and editing.

Other aspects were less than impressive.


When I clicked “Submit,” I got a little message in red:

"Oh no, we weren't able to submit the review.  Please try again."

Didn’t matter what browser I tried.

Why do you think my harmless comment being blocked this time?

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To me, it looks more like being “bugged”. The problem of not being able to add a review was stated more often this year, I can’t even remember, if they meant that it was fixed.


Its not being censored. Check again in a few days… it should be there


currently rewatching hotel de luna! Just finished watching Extra-Ordinary You!


Ah, found it, you are not alone


Perhaps the programmers and help-deskers are on summer vacation? Or as the Brits and friends say, on summer holiday? It occurs to me that Viki segmenters and subbers who show the most dedication and precision might be promoted to being help-deskers for their area, time-zone, or whatever.

Having more “on the ground” awareness of various issues with the website and the subtitle editor and segment time and whatnot, those volunteer help deskers could save the paid folks a lot of headaches.

Would it be worth the headaches? Mabye if some of that ultra-pricey Viki merch was available for free.

Wikipedia defines “sweat equity” as: " . . . a non-monetary benefit that a company’s stakeholders give in labor and time, rather than a monetary contribution, that benefit the company. Sweat equity is rewarded in the form of sweat equity shares. These are shares given out by a company in exchange for labor and time rather than a monetary amount."

Obviously no segmenter or subber or even volunteer help-desker would ever get shares in Rakuten Viki, but an appropriate amount of expensive merch on a regular basis would be pretty cool.

Ah, but (as Viki dramas show) chaebols generally cannot think outside their own little economic boxes. And those who can leave to start their own companies and make billions of won by giving a beep about the average consumer, looking super-hot in the process.

(Viki screen cap)


This drama has the BEST cliffhangers ever!




I am trying this short one with music 12 eps only


Japanese film week


:heart_eyes: and we continue with


I started watching now.“it got me”… I didn’t expect to like this kind of series…
Thanks :grinning::hugs: