What are you currently watching?


I was recently recruited to actually do some volunteer work for Viki, so my drama-watching time has been more limited. Nevertheless, I have been working my way through this when I get a chance:

Given that the entire basis of this plot is multiple parties scheming against each other, paired with the fact that I really do not usually enjoy such scheming, it is surprising how much I am actually enjoying this. They managed to include all this plotting in a way that keeps me wondering and wanting to see what will happen next rather than skipping through to the outcome. It’s probably because I really like so many of the main characters - even the ones with questionable loyalty (whose side are they really on?). It’s been sort of a slow go, but I’m nearing the end.

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Okay, don’t laugh but I’m finally making a concerted effort to finish up City Hunter after starting it nearly a year ago. Without a doubt, Lee Minho is eye candy but, in MHO his acting skills are meh in this one. Granted, he was only 23 or 24 when this was filmed. I have always liked Park Min-young. Her eyes are very expressive in this series.



alchemy of souls, love like the galaxy, a dream of splendor, webtoon, that cafe Minamdang, is getting better, extraordinary Attorney Woo, finishing up a business proposal, so much like hello Mr. Gu.Poong the Joseon psychiatrist, a female student arrives at the imperial college, then almost like in a class of her own. I also am finishing up some of these, then I will add more later


and I really didn’t like the ending as well, one thing I would like to find out, and we have it mentioned in different dramas, an eunuch uprising??


I didn’t find a short drama that picked my interest, so I went to my incomplete list of plan to watch …

I thought I would give up midway or so, but I watched it completely. I kind of really enjoyed it, it is different … (For those who do not like some things like, well I am not really a fan of it, but can ignore it - farting and swearing is present in this drama more often) I liked the characters and the pairings (minus one), I also have to acknowledge that I have a weakness for dramas about writers, writing in general and story telling … So it may not come as a surprise.


I just finished Dear Adam, a thought-provoking Taiwanese show. Currently, I am watching Ever Night which has stunning cinematography and interesting story. I also watch Immortal Samsara and Love like the Galaxy.


Thanks for mentioning it.:grinning:
We enjoyed watching it .
Along with “Reply 1988” and “Fight for My Way”, “Melo Is My Nature” is a good, current movie, without princes, Cinderellas, chaebols, just ordinary people
“Melo Is My Nature” (Be Melodramatic / Melo Suits Me) is an unpretentious series, nothing spectacular, but not monotonous, topical. The series has good lines and brings to the fore the true friendship, forms of love,growing up …


A mature film, with a historical theme, well structured and directed,thanks for mentioning it :clap:
It’s one of the movies that stays in my memory for a long time, along with

Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!

I’m taken over by Love Between Fairy and Devil, “Dylan Wang” is just too addictive… the whole series is captivating… a fairytale indeed. Fantasy knows no limit!!

And the Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist is quite good and entertaining!!


just started poong the joseon psychiatrist, love it, course I compared it with the investigator & joy, yeah they aren’t really alike, but some alike type stuff.


It’s slow going at times, but Love Like the Galaxy is at the top of my list right now.


I watched this movie last night when I definitely should have been in bed asleep. So worth it.


Liked it, very much actually, but now I should slow down.


understand that.


Now waiting for the last two episodes on this one

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Alchemy of Souls

and cafe whatever,


I’m watching

but I dropped :woman_shrugging:t3:


Short and even shorter, I think I never used ff so much as with this drama. I am sorry, when it comes to the label - fantasy, why let so much logic fall over the cliff?

Anyone enjoyed this one more than me? The romance itself was good, but the other part of the story felt something like a “convenience marriage” of fantasy crime and romance, that just didn’t win me over.


yes I have started watching those two also


wonder if that special delivery is like taxi driver? no not going to pay for it, will let this one go for now


Attorney Young Woo: I am hopeful for a resolution between Junho and YoungWoo. I could have throttled his sister. GRRRRR…
I have a special needs younger brother so I understand the bias but don’t agree with nor like it.


I just finished Dinner Mate this afternoon. If you get a chance, it is a cute series released in 2020 featuring Song Seung Heon (one of my crushes) and Seo Ji Hye. It is not available on the usual streaming services though. Sorry to tease…