What are you currently watching?


Recently I finished Crash Landing On You. It was a really good drama. The only thing I didn’t like was the length of the episodes. I prefer a drama with more episodes that are shorter than a drama with the ‘sacred’ 16 episodes that are too long.

I’m also rewatching Joy of Life. I did watch it until halfway the first time because I got confused with the many characters and didn’t understand who is who and what was going on. Now, I put all the info in a google doc, so hopefully I’ll understand it this time. The story is great and worth watching.

Two other Chinese shows Im watching are: A Love So Beautiful (rewatch) and Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Both are cute, simple stories about ‘boy and girl fall in love in school’

The latest series I’m watching is Big Mouth. I watched 2 episodes so far.


I love Park So Dam so this is on my watch list. Thanks for letting me know that it is worth the watch. :wink:


Ok so here is my current list:
This first one I really like.

This one I find fun:

But this one is my favorite!!! It is one I could watch again and again.


Just finished this one:

I went into it with NO expectations… I just wanted a segging project. The entire plot is weird and absurd BUT the actors pull it off so well! It was such a cute, funny little drama - with only 6 30-minute eps, it’s a sweet filler drama between heavy shows. The OST was unexpectedly awesome - I loved it so much.

It’s one big happy pill. I loved the way ML Ryan Cheng gave his ALL to the role, which was quite weird at times since the ML is supposed to have husky genes mixed into his genome. He wasn’t stiff or awkward, as is the case with silly web dramas. I loved his expressive face and actions - he really convinced me that he DID have husky genes! :joy: Even with all the weirdness, I found myself falling for him and the way he carried his role. I can’t believe that such a silly show actually managed to bring tears to my eyes with the way they delivered their lines. My brain kept telling me it was a silly situation but the actors brought out all those emotions beautifully.

I laughed, I cried, I forgot to segment while grooving to the OST or giggling uncontrollably :sweat_smile: I’d call this a guilty pleasure hidden gem show. SO excited to see how these actors grow in their careers :heart:

Please forgive the bad subtitle editor quality 🥲


would you believe; third time around for me

I thought there was gonna be a second season for this

I still am doing my other dramas, as well finished up one on NF, got the other twi to finish this week, and alchemy of souls , can’t wait


Here is a short but very sweet one!!
One Fine Week | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (


one of my favorite actors. wish him the best too!

maybe I ought to watch my roommate is a detective, and wheres the other one that they are in?


I loved Jung Il-woo in Cinderella and the Four Knights. Of course my favorite pixie actress was in that one too (Park So-dam). She was really cute and spunky in that drama.
I wasn’t so crazy about his appearance in Bossam: Steal the Fate. He and Minho were both in that terrible car accident years ago when they were both young men. I’m looking forward to watching this one.


I have watched it and was somehow disappointed - I finished it because of the actors. I put the 2nd season off my plan to watch list.

I now started

… don’t know by now, if I will stick with it.


lutra, do keep on sketch, neat twists & turns, I think you will really like it, some of it I didn’t care for, honestly, but it really was a good drama

oh and heres another, switch, neat one for sure!!


More or less forced (and I’ll explain why) by my children and nephews I watched…

:eye::eye: Another series with elements of surprise in the action, involving a hidden story within the story, with _fine philosophical perceptions _ starting from (fundamental and always) existential questions: “Who am I?, Where do I come from?” What purpose do I have?” , to the projection of phenomenology in modern psychology, in which any individual can shape his fate through awareness of consciousness and intentional relationships, thus recalling Heidegger’s ideology (confirmed in the last episode).
Consequently, a series that hides philosophical and psychological theories romantically put into an excellently made cinematographic material.


Sketch does have moments but watch it all the way through. Very unique drama!!


per my message, some of it I really didnt care about, but still a good one.

also, which isn’t here anymore “who are you”, I mean the older one,


I just started this drama and really enjoying it.


OMG! look at the cast!! awesome first episode!


:sunglasses: and we return to Taiwan to watch

Does it make sense that I write another comment for viewing?
I raised, to my young people in the family, a topic to think about - if children are most of the times the bond of a family, in the case of this story, would the lack of the child have led to the same end?
:zap:What do you think ?:speech_balloon:


It wouldn’t. Because he didn’t remember and was completely devoted to his fiancée. They would have to stress the “jealousy aspect” a lot more, but the thing that brings one back to this drama is Xiao Le.


Took me 6 years to finally pick it up.


How I cried at the end… And then I was happy :smiley:

even if the ending was unrealistic again…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

let’s see how it will be
Where I actually prefer to watch historically :partying_face:


ok y’all alchemy of souls , finished it. oh my goodness! now cant wait for #2!

p/s just found out a season 3? they should stop when they finish #2