What are you currently watching?


I loved this show so much and re-watched it a few times. And then they divorced and now I don’t watch it anymore. :sob:


just finished Extraordinary Attorney Woo


need to put that oath of love on my list


I started this one, so many familiar faces …


started re watching Tomorrow on NF , now I see why I really don’t need to watch it( due to my depression and all) also to get away from that I am watching some funny ones too


This is a gem! I watched probably one third on DF and then DF closed… :open_mouth:


I thought this drama was very touching :blush:


I’m watching a lot of wonderful dramas. I really like dramas with period plots, but focused on Fantasy. I’m watching The Blue Whisper, Love Between the Fairy and the Devil, and Immortal Samsara. They have basically the same style, with immortals, wonderful soundtracks, beautiful costumes, and lots of love stories and plots. I recently created a thread asking for some nominations and now I intend to start watching them too.


I started watching Forest just as the state of New York was going into lockdown in 2020. No worldwide craziness had started yet, no AAPI hate. It seemed like a great way to liven up the cold start of a “slightly challenging” New Year. I never got past episode one because the strangeness of modern history distracted me.

Forest came to my attention again this past week, and I have to say that it is a near-perfect drama in my book. It explores all the themes I like most, makes good use of all the tropes, offers a lot of real wisdom about life, is well-written, well-directed, well-edited, and does that marvelous thing I’ve always liked about certain types of K-dramas: it educates about the value and beauty of nature. And it has THIRTY-TWO episodes. Marvelous!


ooh please tell me how you liked it! I’m thinking of watching it for Park Hae Jin!

its 32 half-hour eps, which is actually equal to the normal 16 one-hour episodes for kdrama.:sweat_smile:


I don’t know what to watch after Love Like The Galaxy and Love between Fairy and Devil. :pensive:


I know that feeling

Feel free to ask around, your fellow co-drama-addicts will help you.


I want something exactly like Love Like The Galaxy lol


That is not my favorite genre, but have you checked MDL?

I think I saw 2-3 dramas, LOL, hardly watched any C-drama this year.


I found this one, I hope it’s good.


dito - :crossed_fingers:


Joy of Life?

Story of Ming Lan?

Who Rules the World? (Not on Viki)

If you want it lighter or funnier -
The Legendary Life of Queen Lau

Oh! My Sweet Liar!


Last night I watched

If you missed out on it so far, try it! It is kind of a history lesson, it has brutal parts of what happened in the past, but well, it is better to be reminded than to forget.

I rarely rate a 10, but this one got full points, the only thing I have to say is that the translation of Hinzpeter’s words at the end are not that accurate in the English translation, it doesn’t hurt the content, as he spoke German, the German subs are correct.

And what a coincidence that I just read on a blog that ML actor Song Kang Ho will play in his first drama ever after being 32 years in his career. He will play “Uncle Sam Shik” broadcaster and date of broadcast yet to be announced.


Taxi driver is a great movie. It was beautiful and heart-breaking to watch. I didn’t know it was based on a real-life story, so I was glad to learn something new about what happened in Korea back then.


I hope that the taxi driver had a good life, it’s sad not to know what happened to him in real life.