What are you currently watching?


True, I also wondered what happened to him


I love this movie!! I even chose it for my Literature school projects :heart: There’s so much to write about it


Immortal Samsara, i love it!


Thank you. I have already watched them. Still waiting for Joy of Life season 2.


Surprisingly, I dropped it. It reminded me of a lot of dramas I’ve watched before. Love and Destiny for example.


Thanks for the mention, I’ve put it on the list for a long time :sunglasses: , now I’ve reached ep 2 and… I think it’s brilliant. :clap:
I hope I won’t change my mind until the end.
Thanks :hugs:
Conclusion at the end of the viewing: the series is very good, I’m waiting for season 2 :hugs:


So worth it. Lots and lots of dimples. Sort of a mashup of Dr. Romantic, Jiri-san, and . . . pick a good family drama, not one that disappointed you.


I very much want to watch The Huntresses from 2014. Looks like great fun. But every ten seconds I am seeing subs that appear to violate the most basic formatting rules. The English translations are great, but I can’t ignore the formatting.

Does anyone else have moments like this?

(Giphy website)


I have been wanting to watch this drama from nearly the beginning of my drama journey a few years ago, after reading about it in a drama recommendation article. Unfortunately, it has never been available in my region. I was pleasantly surprised to gain access to it once I reached QC status on Viki. I am about a third of the way through, and I’m loving it so far.


I watched these too including Immortal Samsara and I’m happy it’s almost over I moved over to a bit different genre and so far so good but lots of martial arts instead of “magical spells” :grinning: It seems to be a long awaited C-Drama!

and Viki brought back this cool movie with Ha Ji Won!


It was subbed by Viki subbers… I’ve seen this bad formatting before and it’s annoying when you know it is wrong.


Arent the kids the CUTEST? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They really are! And I love the mystery and the comedic elements. The cast is really great all around.


I finally watched Big mouth, that was an awesome drama! I admit I went somewhere else to watch it.


Old series, but recently watched, that we liked and that we commented on quite a lot in the family and in psycho classes , if you haven’t watched them, I recommend:


Typical Japanese, concentrated, with deep meanings, a series with life stories, fiction or not, the coincidences are obvious and for those with an open mind, the series is excellently made.:smiley:
Well done , Kensaku Kakimoto.


I finally found a drama I have been waiting for, and of all things its on YT and english subs.

the guys from “my roomate is a detective” which I really like, this one is called Checkmate, an Agatha Christy, and first episode really good, also some of those news places say its a second season of the afore mentioned, they don’t know each other in the movie!! so how can it be a second season??

anyway, thought I’d let y’all know.


You already watched Big Mouth? I’m watching it too, and I thought not all episodes are released yet.


I watched on another streamer, it had the 12 episodes


Okay, I get it. There’s still 4 episode left, then