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per my other message of checkmate, so funny, not a hahaha, but from

my roommate is a detective,

the houses, same or look alike, the older guy the girls father is the officers father so many other things. still good though, I so want to binge it, but got so much stuff to do today. I am on episode 5 now. it just has caught my fancy is all. if anyone has read my messages, if they dont catch me on the first paragraph or first episode, just as well forget it.

well I won’t go into more detail, y’all gotta find out yourselves
and I haven’t had any problems so far with watching on YT

the girl isn’t there

think I will switch and watch Law cafe

a bummer for sure!! 5 episodes showing only!! so I am going to look elsewhere for this

2 places to look dramanice[/spoiler] and dramacool [spoiler]IQUI

just finished episode 6, oh wow what an awesome drama, now gotta get into that

time travel again!

this one is awesome so far

watching one on NF

Once Upon a Small Town (2022)


I also requested checkmate here as well

Live up to your name, maybe I should re watch it. I loved it


Live Up to Your Name -

I love it!!!


I found a 1951 Japanese adaptation of The Idiot by Dostoyevsky. It’s called Hakuchi and it’s directed by Akira Kurosawa. I wasn’t so sure what to expect from it since it was originally meant to be a four hour long movie adaptation of a 564 page book, but the movie studio cut the film down to 2 hours and 46-ish minutes. Apparently, no copy exists of the original four hour version.

Anyways, I watched it and was riveted to the screen the entire time! I would have loved to see the entire version without the edits. I think the director was very creative with the adaptation.

I also found a 1991 Indian adaptation of the same book, but I haven’t been able to find English subtitles for it. :frowning:

Here’s a link just in case anyone wants to watch an old black’n’white film set in post-World War 2 Japan and based off of a Russian book:


Have you ever wished xianxia MLs didn’t just claim to be the strongest, and then get destroyed by an ultra-strong villain? Have you ever gotten sick of stuffy, evil, love-forbidding, useless Heavenly Emperors who forced the ML and FL to be apart? Have you ever really really wanted someone to just KICK that emperor’s butt? Have you ever wanted justice to be exacted against all those stuck-up pretentious white-wearing heavenly immortals who are actually just plain mean and wicked?

Love Between Fairy and Devil is all of that, and more! :sob: (Watched upto Ep 16)

All of us viewers shamelessly extend our full support towards the Devil King, Moon Supreme Dylan Wang, who is one of the BEST xianxia MLs I have ever seen. Dylan Wang carries this show… his expressions, actions and dialogue delivery are amazing. I’ve never seen him before, but I am IMPRESSED. ML is a classic emotionless bad boy, a really bad boy you can’t help but cheer on wholeheartedly. He’s wickedly sexy, and the strongest immortal in all the realms - you heard that right, no one, not even Emperor Dearest(dripping sarcasm), can stop him from doing what he wants. He doesn’t hesitate to beat stuck-up heavenly idiots up, which gives me immeasurable pleasure(Judge me after you suffer through enough xianxias). Esther Yu is a cutie, as usual-- please, please excuse her voice. The drama is too good to get hung up on that. She acts well, and her character is ditzy enough to make their body swaps HILARIOUS.

It has good, solid, side-splitting comedy and great chemistry between the ML and FL. I haven’t laughed so hard since Ashes of Love(eps 1-15 ofc, don’t remind me of the trauma that comes after that). As an S+ production, it boasts stunning CGI and visual effects, with beautiful costumes, cool fight sequences, and creative sets. I’m also watching Immortal Samsara at the same time, and LBFD feels like a breath of fresh air. I don’t think LBFD is a “proper” xianxia - it doesn’t have some of the elements of the big xianxia epics - but there’s just something really unique about it. The production team is ultra-creative - I just LOVE the VFX.


What a ringing endorsement. Despite some of Dylan’s awkward rookie acting in “Meteor Garden”, I really enjoyed him in that and thought he had nice screen presence. I haven’t watched him in anything else because it’s mostly been historical genres that aren’t really my thing. I wasn’t really planning on watching LBFD either, even though I also love Esther Yu, but maybe you’ve convinced me to give it a try.


It’s only 36 episodes long, which is why xianxia enthusiasts like me feel better about endorsing it :joy::joy: It’s a good xianxia for viewers who are new to the genre.

Haven’t watched Meteor Garden but Dylan Wang is a total professional in this one. He switches from menacing, intimidating Devil King smirks to curious big eyes and chipmunk cheeks with scary duality. The trailer pretty much describes what you’re in for, so you can check it out and see if you like it.


yes. my happy place, do give it a try


Happy, please do give it a try. I enthusiastically endorse everything that Vivi wrote. This has to be one of my most favorite C-dramas of all times. Dylan is awesome and Esther is just precious; what a great pairing!


Well, if my fellow triplets say so, I guess I have no choice. :wink:


I just finished “My Dear Guardian.” I enjoy a good mix of medical and men in uniform. Truth be told, there were some elements I ended up skipping through, but this is just my style of love story - a power couple from beginning to end whether they are officially a romantic couple or not.


Am I the only one watching anything these days? :joy:

Jokes aside, I just watched this cute, fun, slightly chaotic movie:


well of course we are! and watching some of the older ones too, taxi driver for one, and much more, cause my other dramas wont show another episode till today or tomorrow! (9/12/22)

my roommate is a detective
ands one like it checkmate, neat to find similar stuff in this drama
secret royal inspector
the game toward zero
good job
law cafe
if you wish upon me

the silent criminal. and on NF that small town one

so theres my list…


of course not! :joy: I’m wondering whether to bless you all with another of my super-long review-rants :see_no_evil:
Currently watching Good Job

I’m having fun


Nope, you are not alone in your viewing frequency. I watch when I have time which is usually in the evenings during the week. Unfortunately, I now have a 45 minute commute to and from work (one way, not total) which does cut down on my viewing time. :wink: I am hoping to be able to work remotely this winter as ours can be somewhat brutal.
I finished watching Blade Man last week. Although the premise was a little weird (Lee Dong-Wook had blades coming out of his shoulders/back when he was mad), I found this an enjoyable watch and felt no need to fast forward. I should add, for those of you who enjoy fan service, that there were quite a few ML/2ML shirtless scenes in this drama. You’re welcome for the tip. LOL!!


@frustratedwriter You always have quite a list. I can manage to follow a few shows at a time, but I don’t know how you keep track of all those at once. Impressive skills you have.

@vivi_1485 I can’t speak for everyone else, but I really enjoy reading your long reviews/rants.

@stardust2466 I thought you were going to be done working soon. Plans must have changed, or I’m completely confusing you with someone else. I used to live in a land of obnoxiously long commutes, so I understand. I hope you don’t have to deal with it during a rough winter. The show you mentioned is one of those that I usually skip over because of the premise, but since you said it wasn’t bad, I will give it more consideration someday when I get around to it.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your current viewing. I was just self-conscious about taking over the thread for a minute. :blush:


i am curently rewatching revenge note its so good :slight_smile: i love it


I plan(ned) to be done working after the first of next year. Actually, I love my job a lot and am going to ask to work remotely but if the powers-that-be won’t go for that, I will fully retire and enjoy watching the snow fly from my living room window. If they let me work remotely, I can watch the snow fly from my home office window. It’s a win-win either way!


How lovely to hear from someone who loves their job so much they are reluctant to leave. Good luck either way.

Now I have to go back to perusing my “To watch” list and figure out which drama is getting checked off next. Why are these decisions so difficult? :laughing:


you just have to learn how to watch them, like they have 16 episodes, just divide them however way you want, and week days 2 a day? 8 days?? or any other way. Ijust pace myself. I cheated of course “checkmate, and my roommate is a detective”, what fun!!!


Just finished Love Between Fairy & Devil(henceforth LBFD because that is a mouthful XD)

I knew it was one of the highest-rated currently airing cdramas but I didn’t expect it to be SO. FREAKING. GOOD. It is with the mixed emotions of happiness and regret that I confess now - LBFD has replaced Ashes of Love as my favorite xianxia ever.

With only 36 episodes, it’s one of the shortest xianxias there is. It’s an S+ production, that is, the highest level of quality and budget a cdrama can have. And it lives up to that completely. From the CGI and VFX to the acting, direction, and scriptwriting - it blew my mind. I was blissfully wrapped up in their world for most of the thirty-six hours. The OST was hauntingly beautiful. Play that one “Tearful Goodbye” song and I’ll instantly fall down crying. The songs were all creatively placed, get you in the feels, and break your heart.

The CGI was in a class of its own. It complimented the actors’ good looks beautifully and brought the drama to a new level. It wasn’t just careless shoving of money everywhere. Lots of creativity and effort went into those well-placed, well-designed sets and action scenes. They literally built that world from scratch, and it was convincingly, fantastically beautiful.

The costumes were creative, detailed and chosen well for different scenes and settings. Some of it was funny because of the budget but I had fun reading the TCs.

I’ll get the cons done with first -
The FL’s babyish voice. ALL RIGHT. I did my duty and mentioned it. Personally, I wasn’t bothered much because the story and her acting were too good to miss just because of that minor inconvenience.
The last stretch(eps 32-36) was a teeny bit rocky. They tried to stretch it a little and gave unnecessary characters more screen time. The ending was abrupt and rushed BUT… fans screamed so loud that they’re giving us two epilogue episodes!
(cue wild, high-pitched, excited screaming and giggling)
The other thing is that, somewhere in the last stretch, the writers momentarily veered into typical xianxia territory, with some frustratingly unnecessary angst that could have been avoided. As usual, they make the ML suffer terribly for things he’s done and things he hasn’t done, and the things other people have done, and the things other people frame him for doing, and the things other people think he’s done. But that’s expected from a xianxia and, well, (cough, cough) the writers make up for it. Really. With a scene that I re-watched at least ten times before I had the strength and wits and sanity to move on.
That’s it. All the cons I could think of.


Dylan Wang. ohhhh Dylan Wang. I’ve never seen him before but he was AWESOME. Played his dual roles to perfection, made you feel every emotion his character felt, and made you fall completely, irreversibly, unwaveringly in love. I will never let go of my AOL Phoenix, but Dylang Wang’s Moon Supreme Dongfang Qingcang now shares the top spot with him. His eyes told entire stories. I love the way he carries himself as the Moon Supreme. You feel like dropping facedown whenever he passes XD

I loved DFQC’s character. As I said before, I was kinda tired of MLs who were constantly weighed down by the responsibilities that their heavenly ranks gave them, having to dance to the tunes of some useless Golden Head Emperor who never participated in any wars and had so much time on his hands that he spent his time punishing innocent people for no reason and forbidding random people from falling in love. Moon Supreme is your typical badass bad boy with a kind, dorky heart, ready to burn anything that stands in his way with his hellfire. His “I am the rules” smoldering self was a treat to watch - and his dual role when he switches souls with FL is hilarious.

Esther Yu is a cutie. I watched her before with Ryan Deng in the drama Moonlight. But xianxias always make the actors bring a lot more to the table. I was impressed with her acting. She’s your typical xianxia FL who starts out silly and innocent and grows up throughout the show. What sets her apart from the other FLs I’ve watched was her ride-or-die attitude. She was brave, kind, and formed her own opinions of people, instead of listening to what others said. She suited her role as a neutral deity perfectly. I absolutely LOVED how she earns the respect of all the subordinates of the Demon Realm. It was so cool to watch how they accepted her as their Moon Queen.

Dylan and Esther had loads and LOADSSSS of chemistry, too good to be true. The tension was perfect, and the two of them were just adorable. They complimented each other. I loved how the misunderstandings were minimal. I said this to some others but I have to post it here:
My eyes nearly fell out of my head and I went to check whether the sun was rising from the west when the FL didn’t go completely ballistic after someone told her ML was responsible for her family’s death. I liked how both had pretty strong personalities, thought for themselves, and came to compromises. I also loved how they didn’t let their “forbidden love” and various deadlocked issues come in between them. The deadlocked issues took time to sort through but they didn’t break up just because their views didn’t match.
The kisses were well-placed and creatively done. It wasn’t too much, nor was it too little.

I had the best time ever watching them switch bodies. They were just crazy and the actors pulled it off soooo well

I didn’t have much love for the SML, but he was really, really funny in Mortal Realm. His bromance with ML is just so hilarious; they had me laughing constantly

ML’s dragon sidekick was another source of constant laughter. They were true brothers, picking each other up, teasing each other, grieving together, and figuring out how women’s brains worked - blind leading the blind style :joy::skull:

I think the theme of the drama was letting go. A lot of the main characters(and even the villain) all had to learn to let go of things. Letting go of the past, letting the other make a decision that will hurt instead of constantly trying to protect, letting go of revenge, pride, prejudice, and guilt - and what hurts the most - letting go of a person. ML had it hardest, as is the norm with xianxias. I liked the arc about his father and how he had to learn to forgive and heal. As the leader of what is known as the Demon Realm, he has to protect his people but also let go of his prejudice towards the Heavenly Realm, even though it’s filled with the most selfish jerks ever. Forgiving when the other refuses to forgive is a hard thing to do. As a leader and a lover, the Moon Supreme had a lot to learn and sacrifice.

Both main leads’ growth was fantastic. The artistic visual effects coupled with heartfelt OSTs were used so well, making some scenes “visual poems”… expressing abstract ideas visually. I really really want to describe some of those amazing scenes but I can’t give away spoilers :sob: