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I made a note of that, we’ll see how it turns out


It was a good drama.


what got me hooked was Dylans eyes, oh my goodness! and VIVI you did a fantastic job describing this drama!! theres another guy that has those k,ind of eyes. haunting I guess… anyway an awesome drama!!


Vivi, what a wonderful critique of this fabulous drama! Thank you so much! I felt like we were sharing a brain as I read this. Kudos for giving us such a marvelous, very readable presentation. :slightly_smiling_face:


As usual, you give a very detailed (without spoiling) and well-written review.


One of my new favorite Japanese dramas! The difficulties the main couple / characters went through are difficulties that I was and still am struggling with to some extent, so I felt that I could relate to both the male lead and female lead in different ways.

Great points about the show:

  • The development of the relationship between the male lead and female lead. I found myself smiling along with them as they navigated the awkwardness of first dates and the uncertainty of how much to share of themselves in the beginning of the relationship. Very funny and cute and realistic.

  • The female lead is portrayed as strong yet she still has weaknesses and fears about vulnerability. She doesn’t mope around for too long, and even when she’s frightened of the future, she still pushes forward. She’s definitely not perfect, but that’s what makes her relatable.

  • The male lead isn’t a jerk. Or a Byronic hero. Or a stuck-up former superstar. He’s just a regular guy who has lost his direction and has grown apathetic to life. Watching him start to feel again was a true joy.

  • The comedy. The show does deal with some heavy topics, yet the comedy helps to balance out the show. It’s a different type of comedy, maybe it’s more of a Japanese type since I haven’t seen any Korean dramas or American comedies with that kind of humor, but I still enjoyed it and laughed along.

  • The romance was just enough for lasting only two months. It wasn’t explicit or racy, which I appreciated. It was sweet but not sugary, just what I needed after watching some sad stuff.

My gripes with the show:

  • Over the years, I have come to a conclusion about second male leads: if they don’t have a chance at gaining the female lead’s affection, then there shouldn’t be a love triangle in the first place. The second male lead suffers unnecessarily and I don’t think it adds to the beauty of the main relationship. I could totally see the second male lead without romantic feelings towards the female lead and still the show wouldn’t change too much. Brotherly love would totally suffice here.

  • Too many crushes. It was like, each side character has an unconfessed love or crush on another side character or the main character. I’m not sure what’s the point of that…

I’m glad to have found this show. Now that my desire of a happy romantic drama is complete, it’s time to watch a tragedy! I watched one episode of The Snow Queen (with Hyun Bin) and I’ll probably continue watching it, even though it seems heavy already.


I recall Korean tv found him and the descendants? I also got curious but forgot lolll


Aww thank you for the compliments! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@my_happy_place hope you enjoy the drama too!


y’all the one I was thinking about is this guy, his eyes !!! almost haunting,

I have just started watching this one, I hope its a good one

  1. autum ballad
    2 legend of the Pheonix
    3 and be my princess.
    is what he is in

and now I have discovered that Dubbing y’all mentioned some time ago. he has 3 different voices!!

in autum ballad a deep voice to be sure. but plan to watch it anyway


This one is his real voice.


OH! well it’s awesome then! sexy voice, sexy eyes, what more do I want? hehehehehehe. yep going to watch it. and thanks for the info!!


You’re right about all of it. I’ve enjoyed Autumn Ballad so far.


Same for me. Who knew the Phoenix could have a rival?:grin:

Yes, that was refreshing. I thought the writers didn’t want to drag the story but they did with their trip into the human world. That part was boring.


wonder how he would look in a vampire drama?? aawwwwwwww leave well enough alone, right? he is good just the way he is!!


I agree. The only interestin part was DFQC’s reluctant bromance with Changheng :joy::joy: that was hilarious!


house of dragon


Just finished watching Big Mouth. I couldn’t find it in the regular sites, so it was the first time I watched a series without subtitles. I thought the show was good, not sure about the ending and trying to understand enough of the story was challenging.

On Viki I’m now watching 18 again . It’s based on the American movie 17 again. I was suprised to find out it only has subtitles in English and Vietnamese, with the latter only until episode 3. No other language is present, which is unusual for Viki. I did notice the channel manager is a Viki staff. Maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t accept much languages/applications from moderators.


I just love it, hope you enjoy it! That show is gold!!!


Is it one of those shows that only had the “subtitles in English only” sticker till recently? :thinking:


Maybe. I thought ‘English only’ tags would be there forever. Don’t know if that can change.