What are you currently watching?


I really like it so far. Watched until episode 3


There are more channels that only have English as a language, but are open to other language, so I thought that they might have been English only before.

I think they “release” some of the shows after a while, not all though. But, i could be wrong :blush:


Is not available in my region


I was watching “After The Rain” yesterday, a special from KBS 2 episodes (1h each). Since I am not in the mood to start a bigger drama, I stay with “shorties” or movies.
It was a nice watch, I can’t even tell much haha, or I will spoil the whole story - it’s about an old man, who doesn’t want to leave his home because he is waiting for his only love to return and his son and no, the only love is not his mother …


Ah, that’s too bad. Maybe one day!


I’m watching The Law Café, and I like it. Lee Seung Gi is not a conventionally handsome ML, but he is a great actor. Lee Se Young is amazingly versatile, going from tragic to comic moments without forcing or faking anything.

There are only four episodes up, and the writers/directors could screw things up along the way, but so far, so good!



Excellent! Looking forward to the release of Season 2.


Not in my … You know, right? How many eps has it?


Unfortunately, it is “English subtitles only” show. Season 1 had 8 episodes and I expect Season 2 would probably have the same number of episodes.


… that doesn’t mean a thing, many others are available to me.


Currently finishing up The Snow Queen featuring a young Hyun Bin with facial hair! :relaxed: Every time he smiles, I smile too. It’s like everything brightens up whenever he smiles.

Also, I binged the first 10 or so episodes of I Am Not a Robot. I just felt like watching a drama with Chae Soo Bin, she is such a delight to watch on screen. I’ll continue it once I finish The Snow Queen.

I’m about to get started with Yook Sungjae’s newest drama The Golden Spoon! I’m so excited for him, he finally has the first lead part!


I just got an email from Rakuten / Viki with the subject line " NEW! Rent a Wife?! Magical Romances Epic Sequels & More!" and…

Thirteen new titles, and a full eleven of them are… you guessed it… “Romantic Comedies.”


The endlessly-overdone “Romantic Comedy” genre is down on my list of Favorite Genres sitting at maybe #5 or #6, after Mystery, Police Procedural/Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal, etc.

And not one of these is a Japanese drama. They’re roughly half-and-half Korean and Chinese, with one Thai drama we may watch just because my significant other is Thai and I’m studying that language.

W’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Viki subscription when it expires, I think next February.

Rakuten / Viki has become a single-genre streaming service: Rom-Coms and only Rom-Coms.

And there’s a bizarre prejudice against Japanese dramas as evidenced in the sheer lopsidedness of representation vs. other countries. Along with Thai I’m studying Nihongo, so Japanese dramas are a massive help in this - and Rakuten is flatly ignoring requests from subscribers, both on country of origin and on variety in genres.

We really want to support R / V on the hopes that it will expand, but we’re tired of paying a service that does not seem to care in the slightest what its viewers want to see. And adding dramas from Japan and from genres other than romances is not a difficult thing. It’s a matter of choice - and Rakuten / Viki is apparently sending the message “Go pound sand, we’re not changing anything.”

Really disappointing. 'Hoping against hope that they’ll make some changes in the months to come, but when this subscription runs out we’re done. We’ll be back when - or if - some J-dramas and some variety in genres start to show up. We’re tired of paying for 100% sappy romance.



I love the whole crazy events that unfold in this series. Love the funny parts bc laughter is the best medicine in life so far on second episode so it has my full attention.


Well… I am watching a Thai drama.

My Bubble Tea.
I would recommend to you! Idk if you like Thai titles but this one, I loved! I am BL Lover so… sometimes I need to see something different lol.



How is it? I was worried it’d be too violent for me to handle…


It is rated PG-13. There are definitely fight scenes with guns and bombs, etc. but they are not excessively violent or graphic. It has some similarity to “Mr. Sunshine”, one of my favorite K-dramas of that time period.


Yay, Tracer Season 2 is out!


Watching movies is quite different than long dramas, I stumbled over this chick flick for rainy days… as we have currently for 10 days dark skies and rain and hail… doomsday weather…

I love Kim Hye Soo, she delivers her roles perfectly! This story is heartwarming and has some funny comic relief but also food for the thought. Why are single pregnant women and single moms still judged as if they did something wrong or do not fit in the mainstream of our society. I think the western countries have accepted in today’s times such, but there are still many countries who look at this as if it were a crime and the woman is a bad apple…
Enjoy “Familyhood”:


just a fyi, just found this morning. if anyone liked missing the other side, the second season on NF Oct 5. is 2 years in the waiting!!

did you mean this one??

love watching Law cafe, AND good job. think I will check that Bubble tea today, I think I watched Assination about a year ago, I liked it! I got tracer 1&2 on my list also, Familyhood, now when I plan to watch these is another question