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Ji Sung/Ji-Seong (
An actor who caught my attention a long time ago and whose evolution I have followed over the years due to his charisma, commitment and, apparently, the ease with which he gets into the skin of the character…
The first TV series was “All In” and since then I watched all the movies and series that I could find online… His roles as “good boy”, the partners (extraordinarily good - starting with the experienced to the young ones but endowed with a lot of talent) on the filming sets, the excellent scripts and vocation directors led to the making of some special films. I especially appreciated the fact that he accepted the main role in “Kill Me, Heal Me” /(2015), a difficult role, refused by Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin, in which he excelled…
So , here are some series with which he won me over ”All In ”, Save the Last Dance for Me , Kim Su-ro, The Iron King ,
Protect the Boss
Secret Love
Innocent Defendant
Familiar Wife
Doctor John
The Devil Judge


Another good movie.


It’s excellent, I loved it very much!!


I finished watching when you wish upon me, was a very good ending!


Yoonie is back with a very interesting drama that will be interesting to watch as it unfolds. It’s got lawyers and doctors and chaebols and loving families and little kids and food, food, food. It’s a mashup of my fave genres.

It has one really not nice guy with narcissistic personality disorder. Since I have run into more than one guy like that in my life, I am going to watch with great interest to see how that character gets taken down a peg.

Yoonie’s characters always end up being the sweet, kind, determined, chivalrous, intelligent kind of guys who win by the sheer force of good values and common sense.

His dimples are deadly because they are so pro-woman and family and decency.

Bad boys are not the sek-shi ones when Yoonie is in a drama!

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I don’t think I have enough chocolate to get through this drama. Who will mail me some?

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I was so happy to see this one come to Viki. Yoonie is such a joy to watch. I will be getting to this eventually.

Chocolate’s in the mail. :chocolate_bar:


Kim Hye Soo is great in “My 11th Mother”.


Yep, saw that one as well, before Familyhood, my favorite is The Queen of Office with Oh Ji Ho, very funny!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Another really sweet movie

Jo Seung Woo was quite young in this one


I just watched Tehran Taxi, well I am not absolutely sure that it is the English title, but I guess …
A lot to think about for this foreigner’s head, I remember that I wanted to go to the cinema back then, didn’t happen, today it shouldn’t have been available in the media library of a broadcaster, well since yesterday, but maybe it is a bug, anyway I got lucky and finally watched it. Political, social, … Hard stuff. Not too easy to watch.


Thank you! There is a book in my local library, written by a nutritionist, called Why Women Need Chocolate.

I am absolutely hooked on It’s Beautiful Now.

It is a chaebol/law/family/medical (sort of) mashup that has great actors, a decent script, interesting locales, very few cheesy moments, and great clothes.

The tropes are nicely used. No red umbrellas however.

I’ve become aware of a new trope, the one that I call “no, I’m serious, I like you even though it’s taken me months to realize it, and even though we’re twenty feet apart on a sidewalk next to the Han River.”

I keep hearing these words pop out of my mouth: “Aw, that’s so sweet! Oh, I love them! Oh, my gosh they are SO sweet!” Kids, old folks, siblings, you name it.

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I actually started it the other day because, well, I didn’t already have enough dramas in progress. LOL

I have really liked it, too. There are a couple storylines that I have started to skip through, but it’s a lot less than I maybe would have expected in a drama like this. The main family is so lovely. Overall, it has me curious about what is going to happen, so that’s always good.


I must have started it three times. Every time I was so bored, and especially so pissed at the unlikable female lead, that I couldn’t go on. Everyone said it’s a gem, but not for me. And I do enjoy family/slice of life/quiet dramas.


So do I, actually I watched the first two episodes of it and then stalled it for quite a while. Because it was everything but a quiet drama at the start it was loud, every character seemed to be annoyed by another one and only care for themselves, but like in life when you take a closer look you get to see more of the character and understand why this or that happened. A gem? In the way that it actually not always like every so often, that at the end it is one generation against the other, but kind of living a dream.
I won’t tell you to try again, because I know that it can be hard to find an approach to this story, but I am glad I gave it another try and I really had a tab open for weeks or months to get back to it, as I don’t like yelling and hair grabbing, and it practically happened right away, I was wondering what kind of story it would deliver since everyone around was praising it. It’s a lot about longing, loneliness, sacrifices, and then it turns around into the direction of “What if?” and “Why not?” And the characters give into the longing, abandon the loneliness and stop thinking that self-sacrificing is a good thing. Because it offered a nice twist, I liked it, I guess you can say at first you see the ugly truth, then you will find out that the so-called ugly truth is not the whole picture there is, and then you have those characters that do not act the typical way some unreasonable characters in other dramas do. They all seem open-minded and ready to change their ways of life in order to be true to themselves.


That’s a very nice analysis. I wish they put this kind of thing on the main page of shows.


Just finished this one, and I think it was rather good, each episode has different protagonists and there is a lot of psychology in the mix. Only one character is, I think, in every episode, but that clue is at the end. 2-3 episodes I found a bit weaker than the other ones, but the episodes are short and that keeps the danger of fillers small.

Maybe someone wants to try some older dramas, if you are lucky to be in the right region

You know these young actors almost 20 years ago

… apart from the leads, you will get to see Kim Nam Gil in a small role as a sidekick for the ML - dimple warning

Same actress as in Lovers but famous “Mr.Dimples” as he has many of them …

Lee Bo Young, did she ever fail a role, I can’t think of any …


@lutra these Korean series are only for US and in English only, sadly. I find the “Categories” features not good, and not at all complete, it’s much harder to find movies or dramas…


…, well if you live outside the Americas I guess and since it is probably the minority of the Viki customers you can imagine how much interest Viki has to make another change.


This one is great too. I started to watch. Ode to Joy 1