What are you currently watching?


If you want to see another one of PMY’s hit; don’t miss this one! Love the chemistry with


I love everything about this drama, and I hope it stays like that through the end.


I’m trying to watch Material Universal right now and wondering how long I can keep it up, even though I’m on episode 19 by now.
Usually dramas get better from episode to episode… I’m still waiting, since this drama has 60 episodes, some characters must be maturing ?! But this crying and extremely playful is already really annoying


This is the one?


Have you watched Father is Strange? For me that is the one to beat for family dramas!


Anyone else watching Little Women?


I enjoyed Little Women. I thought it was going to be a remake of the older Little Women with Jo and Beth but it wasn’t even close.


to me, that one got boring so I didn’t finish it


no and don’t want to. no big reason or anything. Little women. stardust, can you explain more?


Yes, I did enjoy it, but the cringe factor was more than in other family dramas. I preferred “Five Children” (now “Five Enough” on Viki) and Once Again.
In “Father is Strange” I intensely disliked the younger “romantic couple”. I thought there was no way this guy could fall in love with that ridiculous creature. I don’t know why they wrote that role in such a way. Poor actress! As if they purposefully wanted to show her ugly, badly dressed, super-clumsy and boring. Why? I liked the character of the gorgeous’ lawyer, she was a smart woman, although also tied by tradition (what’s with asking her father’s approval to move to her own apartment, and having to lie about her living with a man? Is that standard in today’s urban Korean professionals?), but her husband irked me with his ajumma perm, it looked pathetic on a mature gentleman.
If we’re talking about family dramas, I enjoyed A LOT “All about my mom” The romantic couple was quite boring but the main actress was phenomenal and the secondary, young couple, lots of fun.


Yes, that’s exactly the drama I mean. Actually there is an interesting story behind it, I think… well, now I’m on episode 21 and let’s see what else happens :grimacing:



I like it so far. I don’t know why @frustratedwriter found it boring…:thinking:


ok maybe I didn’t give it a chance, so I plan to re-watch Martial universe, see what I missed


@sophie2you…Anyone else watching Little Women?

It’s such a painful drama to watch that I had to put it on hold for a while. I have never hated a role (mom) so much like I hate that woman/character.

Not going to say the place I saw this but these are awesome movies I saw recently.

  • Better than Us
  • Crazy Romance
    -#1 for me ASHFALL (Nk and SK conflict)
  • Start Up (not the one with Suzy) 2019 Dong Seok Ma/ Jung Min Park
    -Love Fiction (2012)
  • Love Again (2018)
  • The Warrior’s Way
  • RESTAR THE EART— Great Chinese movie
  • NINJA —from Japan/USA
    -The Swords Man- (2020) based on true historical events with Jang Hyuk.
  • A GIFT WRAPPED CHRISTMAS- would love to see a SK version of this movie with Suzy and LJG ( the singer/actor from Vagabond)
  • Little Woman ( on hold)
  • Once upon a small Town- Park Soo Yeong/Choo Young Woo/Baek Sung Chul.
  • The Glamorous Imperial Concubine.


Spoiler or misinformation from the synopsis, they didn’t live in an apartment but with his parents, to save up money for their own house.

Anyway this is my kind of drama a touch of real life, a bit of an ideal world with a slight piece of drama. 10 episodes à 45 minutes, at first you might think because of the synopsis that the couple Daiki and Nana would be too buzy spying on their neighbors and therefore wouldn’t have enough time to have a baby. That’s far from the truth though, even if the people leaving around them become more and more a part of their daily life, the main topic about this drama is about parents and kids. What one goes through for the sake of their kids? Or what kids do in order to make their parents happy? It doesn’t stop with minors, it’s also about the relationship of adult kids and their parents. And why to have children anyway? And what length you will take in order to have one …
In the mix there is a gay couple as well, and how they deal with the topic of their parents, or maybe become parents in the future.

So there is a lot going on for 7,5 hours.

Recommend More Web Dramas or Short Dramas To Me!

Did you see this article? I don’t agree with the ‘plagiarized poster’



Have you watched Never Twice? What do you think of that? It’s still my favorite family drama

I completely lost interest in Little Women after I found out it wasn’t based on the original Little Women novel


Scusate… sono nuova e vorrei capire, ho visto il primo episodio perchè è gratis non ho il Viki pass, dopo quanto tempo si sbloccano quelli Standard?


vivi & angel light, I agree, and about plagerism? that didn’t look “exactly” alike either, I didn’t realize it wasn’t based on the original. interesting.


@ martilu79_388
ho visto il primo episodio perchè è gratis non ho il Viki pass, dopo quanto tempo si sbloccano quelli Standard?

Sorry…I don’t know the answer to that. But as far as I know when a drama requires viki pass, unless you have a viki pass, you won’t be able to watch it at all (I could be wrong). Hope someone can give you a better answer.