What are you currently watching?


Mai. Certi drama hanno gratis i primi due, altri i primi tre, poi… basta


From the NF website: “Three sisters, who only have each other and never enough money, get entangled in a conspiracy involving the rich and powerful.”
From Wikipedia: “Set in the modern day, it is loosely based on the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott.”
Murder, mayhem, mystery…I thought it was good. I don’t remember such nefarious activities in the most recent adaptation (2019/2020) of the Louisa May Alcott classic which starred Saoirse Ronan. Also, if you are looking for romance, the NF version doesn’t have much. I semi-binged the NF version since I do like Kim Go-eun.


We live in a very litigious world where the masses are extremely sensitive. I do understand the plagiarism aspect of this though. While working on my Master’s degree, I had to submit several papers throughout the program. I knew it was overkill but I got to the point where I was citing more than I would have needed to. During that time period, I became a bit paranoid. LOL.
What I learned from my graduate classes period is that a concept doesn’t HAVE to be EXACTLY ALIKE to be considered plagiarized; if you use the original idea gathered from someone else, even though modified (like rewording it), it is still plagiarism. It must be YOUR ORIGINAL idea. Does that make sense?



Well, the thing is that when I was a teenager (I’m in my 60’s) I read a romantic story, and I distinctively remember the cover of the book, and seeing the girl and guy of this love story walking and you would see their shadow in the floor too. The only difference; their shadow were as when they were children, and they were two walking adults. I don’t remember why they used that image, but one thing I know and that is, this image/ goes back, way, way, back. Since in the suppose original poster there is one more person, and in the second image there’s only 3 proving the image was plagiarized would be difficult in a court of law.


It’s nice to have approval of parents. You don’t need it but culturally people want it


I found something I might rewatch, it has been some time since I watched this drama. An older drama from Taiwan, I think, that made its way to Viki and available in Europe it seems.


Ah Ok… grazie… non avevo capito… ora è chiaro. Peccato :frowning:


ok, y’all may have to set me straight on something, I watched a drama guess a few years ago, about a bodyguard, and think it was Korean,

well this one is cute, and surprising the guy’s name is Mr. Gu

this is the wrong one

the other one with this fella is

which now I know the wrong drama I was thinking about. but anyway about this one bodyguard and all, is it a remake??

and not sure this is the one I was thinking about

have I confused you enough? sorry about that

maybe I ought to rewatch them anyway

those two I mentioned aren’t bodyguards. so maybe its the last one. 2012, wow a long time since I have seen that one, so maybe watch again


thought i would rewatch those 4 dramas I mentioned


Currently watching Mr. Queen! I couldn’t stop myself and watched some spoilers, but it only made me wanna watch the whole thing as quick as I can. Binge watching kdramas is the only way of watching I know :rofl:


Wish I could see her more in the screen/Great actress and has chemistry with all her male leads bc she’s that great.
From all her best chemistry guy/ this one was the #1 in my book.


Started this one and I love it so far. I saw they have a part 2 so I’m looking forward to that one too.


I’m watching

  • Love In Contract
  • Love is For Suckers
  • Bad Prosecutor (D.O. :heart_eyes:)

I also finished A Familiar Stranger. It was surprisingly good!


This is a Chinese version of Strong Woman Bo Dong Soon with another twist (the girl has natural powers not super powers), it also has less episodes (12). I love that we can watch short version of Chinese romantic dramas since I have a hard time committing to 40 something or more episodes. They are finally listening to the audience making this small drama versions which I love them so much.


I was wondering about that! thanks for that info angelight!!



Well, is not really like the Korean version since she doesn’t have super powers but skills in the Martial Arts. I’m currently on the 3rd episode and I realized it’s nothing like the Korean version although the girl is strong and a fighter protecting her boss. It’s funny so that’s a plus.


truthfully, I think its goofy for a better word. just too much ,I am on episode 10-11, and just don’t care much for it, BUT you know me, going to stick with it till the end!


just wish there were better picks of dramas, be they K,C J,T,T


So sad they don’t have MAY I HELP YOU? in here; From episode 1, I’m totally in love with this drama. I will put a request and hope for others to enjoy it here, too.

— A young man who runs a cheap errand service meets a woman who is a funeral director. The woman can communicate with ghosts, and must fulfill…

PS. Tried to fill out a request and is not going through. Anyone knows why?


That little synopsis got me interested, and when I researched it on MDL, I realized it was a recent one that just started that I had seen previews for. It looks good, and I hope it will be available on one of my platforms eventually.