What are you currently watching?


frustratedwriter4dI wanted to rewatch Ancient detective, now it seems like no manager. so how come no update here?

I saw Ancient Detective a while back, and it was fully translated in English and Spanish, and all the subs were at 97 to 100% done, so I’m wondering why they need a CM. It’s odd.


I am watching it now and I am enjoying it


So true, he’s golden! I’m watching Curtain Call as well, I also like the elderly actress!

I’ve watched Beethoven Virus so long ago and I just loved it, Jang Geun Seuk was indeed good there. Now just open for US region.


I stumbled in another tread about Love Me If You Dare with Wallace Huo. I remember when it was running but it didn’t catch my interest.
I’m on Episode 3 and so far it’s interesting because of many unexplained things and very mysterious. The camera takes interesting angles and Wang Kai is a bonus!
Now I remember it was the tread: Crime/Corruption Recommendation.

@stardust2466 Other dramas with Wallace I watched and liked a lot are:

and the thriller movie


Hang in there, simi11. I found it to be a very good c-drama. It’s been a while but I think I found it so good, I binge-watched. I was very intrigued by Wallace Ho’s character. Hmmmmm… Might be worth a rewatch. LOL.


I LOVE TAIWANESE dramas, and in the past we had so many available in here (the types I like). Their songs in the dramas are very touching. Later on, I’m going to put a few request of titles I have saved in my notes. I got lucky with MIDNIGHT DINER (Japanese) they have it here so I hope people watch them too bc they are funny, touching, they also might touch a part that you went through in life. Wonderfully done little short series!

I’m requesting this and the first two are for the younger crowd, but I watched them from beginning to end because is worth watching young or old.

My Missing Valentine----Japan


Heavenly Forest—Japan.

Cursed in Love–Japanese

Maid’s Revenge— Chinese

RESTART The Earth—Chinese

HOGU’S Love–Korean


Help me and make request. Thank you!


I binge watched and loved “Beethoven Virus”. Reminded me of all the orchestra auditions and concerts my kids participated in.


wow y;all have a bunc of good ones.

I did like “love me if you dare”, yeah maybe a second rewatch!! I didn’t get into the reset, maybe I will also go to that one too, maybe the great protector too, I also like watching Wallace Huo. He starred in another one, and I had to look it up, wow I didn’t finish it!! so I will plan to watch this one too

It was good when I first watched it

isn’t midnight diner like the ones of Korean? and angelight, those do sound interesting!

oh I forgot Betovans virus, , don’t remember where I watched it (maybe our older one, DF) but it was good! I did rfequest it here some time ago


Freshly added on Friday Chinese medical drama, didn’t know it was with Yang Mi, on the 2nd episode it’s looking good so far… I’m curious about the development. I hope it won’t slow down like some and it forces me to skip if I just want to know what’s gonna happen… the more I watch dramas the more I can tell if there are fillers just to extend time or boring stories I’m not interested in… anyone also uses the forward button often?? :rofl:


just got that one on my list


I also think tale of the nine taild, will also be put on my list, so I like to fast forward.


I accidentally stumbled across a funny one on Prime, “May I help you” so funny, cute ,silly, and other stuff. yeah its different, I think y’all will like it. couple of our favorite actors too.

looks like I got too many on here so here is what I am watching today while waiting for other episodes fo the other drama I am watching. I hope this will be a good one!!


I’m currently watching About Time. Released in 2018 so not terribly old. May/December romance although the age difference isn’t huge. It’s been very good so far, an easy watch; honestly, if I didn’t have to go to work Monday through Friday, I could easily binge-watch this one. I’m on ep 9.


Ode to Joy 3


Another oldie but goodie starring Lee Joon Gi and Jung Kyung Ho.


I’m watching it too and really enjoying it so far. Need to catch up on two episodes just released.


I watched when it was released in in 2008, great cast.
From the same writer as “King 2Hearts” (2012) another favorite of mine.


“Beethoven Virus” not only has great cast but great music as well. Many familiar classic orchestral pieces, and that “A Goose’s Dream”…

I helped MaryK re-do much of the Korean captions for “King2Hearts” as one of my very first projects.


I was just about to add this one (May I Help You). I just started it two days ago and already watched all the available eps. I didn’t realize it wasn’t complete when I started it. So now I am stuck waiting. :unamused:

It’s really good so far. Loving the cast.


I watched and loved it.
I checked and you can still watch the episodes. I clicked on episode 1 and it started playing. They probably opened for a new channel manager so more languages could be made available.