What are you currently watching?


I’m currently watching “A Dream of Splendor” and love it. Just now at the half-way (episode 20) point and really don’t want it to end.



The writer seems to be going a pattern Asian Writers suffer from, in the next future episodes, and I’m furious about that. These drama is so enjoyable to watch, and I hope they don’t follow the pattern of a third party in the way because they will break the magic of this wonderful, different, enjoyable drama. What’s more amazing the chemistry in the ML/FL that has been lost lately in dramas (for me). ,


my happy place , me to, but the wait is the bummer, oh well I watch other dramas till they show the episodes/

well I got two new episodes to watch!! may I help you


wasn’t too happy with the ending, it was ok, but wish it could have been different (a dream of splendor)


I began watching not expecting much, however I was surprised and really enjoyed the story and cast.
Best wishes to Park Ji-hoon in his new drama “Weak Hero Class 1”.


Cheer Up Mr. Kim - 124 episodes - it’s almost 4 am here and no, I didn’t pull an all-nighter. I have sleeping disorder these days, but it’s getting better.
The amount of sleep is okay, only the hours when, will hopefully change in the near future. So after a good rest I wake up between 2-3 am, finally with the feeling that sleep is re-energizing.
About Mr. Kim it is a nice family slice of life drama with a humble young man as the hero and moral compass of the drama. There are characters you will be annoyed by but well life will take care of them and like in a fairy tale most of them grow in the process. I slept through some episodes, but except for one time, the drama is forgiving since it has so many eps already. Really loved the warmth of Mr. Kim and his family.


episodes were great!! (may I help- you)

also I started watching this one

now a question, some of the scenes seem so familiar, so I am wondering if there was another drama about this search & rescue a few years ago? still going to watch this like the actors…

later y’all


I’m watching

It’s really good and funny :rofl:


I just finished " Love in Contract."


From the :eye::eye: “must see drama” category,
1, "a dark comedy that sheds light on some of the furtive and controversial aspects of Korean society, the competitive education system in Korea. Sky Castle is still currently the second highest rated Korean drama in cable television history, it was an unexpected commercial success.”

2. Save Me ( 구해줘 / Guhaejwo ) S1 /2017 and S2/2019



Hi everyone!:hugs:
Some time ago, someone (I don’t remember who exactly but very active on this group) recommended :
1.Doctor Lawyer
2.Bad prosecutor
3.Golden spoon
Thank you :bowing_woman: , on this way, and I recommend, in turn , all are worth watching .


Just finished Touch. It was not the best older man/younger woman drama I’ve ever watched. The ML’s character was a 37 yr old and was fairly believable (and not hard on the eyes). The FL character was 25 and her depiction of a confused young adult made it difficult for me to watch. I felt she was a better match for the 25 year old actor who fawned over her than the 37 yr old makeup/cosmetics artist. At best, the romance in this drama was extremely lukewarm. I wouldn’t watch this again.


Î thought I dropped it, but when I looked at my list it states completed, but I have zero recollection, only about the start …
No thoughts of re-watching it either.


I just found Beethovans’s Virus!! you bet I am gonna watch it, Binge time


Watching this as it airs, each episode so far, makes you want to binge watch.


Here is what I wrote after watching Touch:
8 - Review Rating.

05 Jan 2021 - Review date.

They planted the desire to watch, till the end, firmly in place from the start. It took some accepting of who won the (main character’s) girl’s heart. I got very annoyed at her character, because of who she liked. My only solace, was knowing their talent from:
:sparkles: Glamorous Temptation :sparkles: (showing here on Viki). And, that drama was off the chain! So, overall (Touch)gets eight stars!

:sparkles: Glamorous Temptation, :sparkles: It’s since lost it’s Viki license, but this is proof it had a license.


that one was a good one, there was one woman I would have loved to throttle, but otherwise an awesome drama! (glamorous temptation)


There were men too, let me drag your memory with a cast photo.


yeah lets not forget about them too


I was amazed at this one, don’t know if any of our Asian friends know this one, but I thought she was so pretty!!


WATCH HERE:…/13-rich-facts-about…

Happy 80th Birthday to American actress LINDA EVANS (born Nov 18, 1942) best known for her TV roles including Audra Barkley in the Western series The Big Valley (1965–1969). and Krystle Carrington in the 1980s soap opera Dynasty (1981 to 1989).


Linda became one of the most celebrated female television stars of the 1980s. For her role as Krystle, wife of an oil multimillionaire played by John Forsythe and good girl counterpart to Joan Collins’ evil Alexis, Linda was nominated five times for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Drama series (every year from 1982 to 1986).

She won in 1982, sharing the honor with Barbara Bel Geddes of rival primetime television soap opera Dallas (1978).

Linda won five People’s Choice Awards as Favorite Actress in a Drama Series in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986, and was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead actress in a Drama Series in 1983. For her contribution to the television industry, Linda has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6834 Hollywood Blvd.

Her first guest-starring role on a major television series, Bachelor Father (1957), starring John Forsythe, whose career would become eternally tied to Linda when they portrayed the powerful Carringtons on Dynasty. She went on to guest-star on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952), Wagon Train (1957), My Favorite Martian (1963) and other staples of the 1960s before landing the role of Audra, daughter of Big Valley matriarch Victoria Barkley, played by Barbara Stanwyck.

Between her Audra years and her portrayal of Krystle, Linda was rarely off the airwaves, guest starring on shows that ranged from McCloud (1970) to The Rockford Files (1974), from the miniseries North and South, Book II (1986) to the primetime drama Hunter (1976), co-starring Linda as secret agent Marty Shaw.

After Dynasty, Linda decided there was something more to life than Hollywood and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she began an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

But she returned to performing frequently, starring in the stage play, Legends, and winning the Hell’s Kitchen competition while working under Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White.

Linda’s often lavish and luxurious life has rivaled Krystle Carrington’s. She has dined with queens and presidents, been romanced by the rich and famous, and today, what Linda treasures most is the wisdom she has gained along the way.