What are you currently watching?


I’m watching two shows, both completely different, both great shows:

Ashes of Love
A fantasy story with immortals, powers and a love triangle.
Do not read the ‘about’ section, unless you don’t mind the spoilers. (I’m currently at the beginning of ep. 41)

Why Her
A modern day story about a struggling lawyer, with each episode we learn a bit more about her cases/her collegues/her students. The first episode didn’t immediately catch my attention, but after that I just couldn’t stop watching, because I want to know what will happen next. (I’m currently at the beginning of ep. 8.)


These are both very good, I’ve already watched, and they deserve to go on a rewatch list.

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Ashes of Love
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They have the same producer and director. - Fun Facts section

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Why Her
Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!


If you like scary stuff that makes you jump out of your skin this is the one for you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN>>>>>>:scream::cold_face::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


I am watching one I didn’t ever finish

and another one!!

and I am just re-watching this one.

finishing up this one, course have to wait for the episode

watching this one too

I got on the Roku channel, and found a bunch of old dramas & movies, thought I would check them out as well,not K,C T, J shows. also going to check out DCThis text will be blurred and a few othjers.


I don’t remember how I got to watch 100 Days My Prince… perhaps someone was mentioning it here or elsewhere. I somehow didn’t watch it when it aired so I’m watching it now, I was missing a sageuk. It started out really well… fast paced and funny but from ep 14 it seems trailing… not much happening and flashbacks… Update: I just finished it and it is still worth to watch it… ending felt a bit rushed though.


From Episode 1 it has been action packed scenes. The romance is there, but so are the tense and exciting moments.


hummmmm another on my watchlist.


I remember feeling the same way. I would have loved to see their new life as a married couple in the palace.


I found the main characters unlikable in the first episode, :sweat_smile:.
I kept watching just because I love the cast.



You didn’t like the lawyer? The Female Doctor? They are a bit snobs, but is because they are ‘‘though’’ like characters. The ML is extremely skinny so he’s not what I can call attractive, but she’s not all that either,so as a couple they match. That’s why I went along with the couple in the story. I hated the part when she tells the cop to give him a ticket I was like; ‘‘what a biach.’’’

It reminds me of a series we have here (US) called ;[911] very similar in a way, but of course, some episodes too wild for my taste so i skip some of them.


I’m a bit lost as to which of the dramas you are referring to. Could you pls help me remember? :laughing:


Wasn’t this the one you was referring to? I also didn’t see eye to eye with paired ML/FL not so much for their looks but the snobby attitude they displayed in the first episode.


No, I haven’t watched this drama :see_no_evil:.
Maybe someone else did?



lmao:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it wasn’t you it was @mas4! I’m sorry I replied to you instead of @mas4 I guess since I was multitasking yesterday this had to happen. I went food shopping, paid bills, and even cooked (i don’t cook often now for health issues). My poor son has to eat a lot of microwave stuff (I make sure they are healthy too).

I found the main characters unlikable in the first episode, :sweat_smile:.
I kept watching just because I love the cast.


I wanted to rewatch Ancient detective, now it seems like no manager. so how come no update here?

would love to watch and not able to. gosh!

I am going to start watching Light chaser, sounds like a good one.


… that does not keep you out, you may still watch it subs are there, videos are there. Once in a while, a CM quits and needs to be replaced.


Lutra thanks for that, Yes I got it. oh so pleased, so will start watching this today.


I started it, and what a refresher course for me!! really enjoying it


My dose of drama these days is nothing to laugh at, but well …

Sadly not at Viki for me, but at least another legal option found. I am somewhat in the middle like it so far, it reminds me a bit on


Only 2 episodes out but very promising. As expected, Kang Ha Neul is great.

An older drama I’ve been wanting to watch. Waiting for its release today.