What are you currently watching?


Another challenge this weekend at : Cinema at home, in the family, with Japanese series.
So, since yesterday, with great pleasure, we started watching the Japanese series
" The Emperor’s Cook " / 2015, a series which, to our disappointment , like many other excellent Japanese series and films, is missing on Viki …


12 episodes, episode duration - 54 minutes
:grinning: I recommend watching it, it’s really worth it !


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its finally on!!

still thinking Vincenzo… first episode was quite good

and a slight copy of first time I am watching this, first episode good too

. two different deaths but so almost like each other [spoiler]r. one shot[/spoiler] and the other thrown over banister I sure dont want to bea spoiler here! they both are a good watch

would love to find that emperors cook, some of those Pirate ones , bet have it!


I watched “The Big Valley” from 7th grade through my Junior year in high school. Reruns are still on TV and I catch an episode every now and then when my husband watches. Thanks so much for sharing. :two_hearts:


Oh my! So glad Viki made this available. I remember watching it in 2008 (can’t believe it’s been 14 years). Such a unique story with a great cast too. I hope you enjoy watching.
Kim Myung-min is a fabulous actor. Have you seen “Law School” (2021)? It’s available on Viki.
Also, hope Viki can bring us Jang Keun-suk’s upcoming drama. (2023)


Yes! I was pleased to read about his upcoming drama.


On the violent side (rated R) but very well done.

  1. Love in Contract (Started when first 5 episodes were released, and now I have not watched it for 8 days). Guess I will watch it tonight. I am in mid of Episode 15.
  2. She and Her Perfect Husband (Watched first 2 episodes) I will watch it on Friday Night.
  3. Stand By Me (First 3 episodes)
  4. Are you Safe? (7 episodes)


:disappointed: Again, I propose TV series that Viki does not have, good series, worth watching…
:sunglasses: it’s not ”woooow ”, but it sure catches you…

:wink: new and good

:clap: old but very good


The series was not available on Viki - in my region, but I found it elsewhere and I really liked it.
Thank you !:hugs:


If you have NF, I would highly suggest you watch First Love, a Japanese drama. It is soooo good! It is a 9 episode series; the end of episode 8 just about killed me. It also features a beautiful song by Hikaru Utada (First Love). It was one of the best Japanese dramas I’ve ever watched.


I wasn’t sure I’d like “She and her Perfect Husband” after the first few episodes, but it keeps getting better and better. Now almost midway through the drama (i think), I’m definitely hanging on every episode. It’s really refreshing and shows a feminist perspective and a FL who deals with the unfair, sexist work environment in her industry, sometimes with a web of lies about her personal life, sometimes by directly confronting some of her coworkers’ sexist statements.

The relationship develops nicely between the leads and the ML is just a great character. He’s not the tsundere chaebol type at ALL, he has some stuff going on that makes him not “husband material” on paper, but they’re great together. One of the things I love about a good Chinese drama is leads who complement and help each other achieve their life goals together. I don’t find her in-laws’ relationships very interesting, but I really enjoy the subplot of her ex and his gf.

I recently finished Healer for the first time (how did I miss this one previously!? Definitely in my top 5 dramas of all time, it’s fantastic) and needed something to get me out of my drama hangover. “She & Her Perfect Husband” and “Love is for Suckers” have been doing the trick.


I love your post, so full of life, and enthusiasm! :blush:

So that’s what it’s called, neat! Thanks!

You’ve hit the nail on the head for the dramas mentioned. I too am enjoying S&HPH. I’ve long enjoyed Healer, and would probably get a kick out of a re-watch. :smile: I’ll add the last mentioned, LIFS to my watch/follow list. Thanks Again!


I dropped this drama… either it was too slow or too silly, I gave halfway up…

I have lately so little time to watch at night. I can’t keep up with the episodes. Currently watching:
- Reborn Rich
- She and Her Perfect Husband

And just started this with Luo Jin :+1:, the first episodes of the flood reminded me Titanic… the floods of Yellow River have been catastrophic since so many centuries… River goes where it wants to… you can’t really force it.

and the this will be on my rewatch list: :star_struck:


Ohh! :hushed:! I’ll remember to update when I get to it on my list of watch / follow shows. :blush:

I’ve got this on my list too!

This is true.

I loved it so too! :blush: Even after watching it so many, many years ago, with one look at the Cover, I can remember the details of this drama.


Episode 377.

Finished “A Dream of Splendor” on Friday night. It was a delightful watch for me.

Starting the 27th episode of “Love Like the Galaxy”. Leo Wu is ‘shaping up’ Zhou Lu Si’s family.


While waiting for my now-airing dramas to post new episodes, I stumbled across New Life Begins. WOW this one is good and so different - I love a funny period drama! A nice feminist angle to this one as well… I don’t know if I’ve just made some good selections lately or if the recent Chinese dramas are becoming more pro-woman than previously but I am loving these awesome, supportive lead couples.


This one is a bit of a slow burner, but I enjoy it. Two mature, talented actors that do a lot with a fairly simple plot. The drama-in-a-drama is great, but I could watch the two leads cook dinner and feel happy. I really enjoy Siwon’s shows.


I’m watching Reborn Rich. :japanese_goblin: