What are you currently watching?


I did watch some Vincenzo but something kept messing up and prevented me from watching the rest of it. The time went by and more shows came out and I never went back to it. You should give Reborn Rich a try.


Yeah, I might check it out and read what is about before I watch it.


I have started reborn rich, I really hope it will be a good one

also watching Christmas movies


Recently started this:

I was surprised to read so many negative comments about it in the comment section because I am quite enjoying it.


they look cool… :+1: i should check them out :smiley::thinking:


I’m watching an oldie (2010), Jewel in the Crown K-drama. I’ve been able to watch up to episode 9 so far; there are 60 1-hour episodes in total (the budget for this one must have been through the roof). I like the plot but I am having trouble slogging through this while watching the over-acting of the FL. I know the director either instructed her to act that way or he was okay with her improvisation of her character but, sheesh. I’m not sure I can endure another 51 hours of her. Luckily, the other characters’ acting seems fairly normal so I will probably be able to hang in there. (I especially like the king’s character as well as the character of her older ‘brother’). It has a 9.6 rating so it was pretty popular back in the day.


I am watching a new one, and it is something I really do like, not in particular genealogy, but its close!! first two episodes were a good one, what inspired me to watch is heritage, preserving the old records and all

just something different,
not like Dr Qin medical dr, far from it.

another different one,

going to wait & see on this one

this isn’t on yet, really haven’t seen the first season. but here goes

oh me, what have I got myself into??

I decided not to watch smo many christmas movies, they make me depressed

  • Love like the galaxy


  • Yakuza lover

  • Extraordinary attorney Woo


Really busy so i decided to stop watching dramas… but i recently watched this cute little movie

It’s your typical fluffy chinese romcom, but I liked the whole brain waves connecting thing - no logic but set the stage for some realllly funny situations. Both actors were pretty good, and the story as a whole left me feeling warm, with a big smile on my face - especially the very last voice-over. A nice passtime for a couple of hours :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed this one, and have been thinking about watching it. I was a little disappointed it’s a movie - gotten so used to getting TV series which give us a longer story - but it seems intriguing and well-acted, from the preview video.


well looks like another one on my watchlist, even if it’s a movie!

I have started watching alchemy of souls, not crazy about the first episode

when is love like a galaxy on? would love to see #2


Yeah I would have LOVED having an extended version because the crazy plot had the potential for more hilarious situations… but it’s a happy pill I’m glad I discovered XD

Warning I forgot to mention: the ML lives in Germany, and the TCs all say his and everyone else’s German is the worst trash they have ever heard lol didn’t make a difference to me because I don’t understand German but I’m putting it out there for anyone who understands


I understand German and I could barely figure out the German spoken in that movie, both by the Chinese guy and the supposedly German actors. Whenever I heard German, I turned on the German subs to see what they said and I noticed the German team also often didn’t understand them and just translated what the English team wrote down. There was one instance where the Chinese guy did clearly say ‘Vielen Dank’ (Thank you), but both the English and German team had translated it as ‘Goodbye’. This surprised me a bit, especially from the German team, who could just have listened to him talking. It was one of the rare moments where the German was intelligible.

I was later thinking about this. In Chinese movies they often use dubbing. Maybe they did hire native German speakers for the German actors and they did speak fluent German, but then they got dubbed over by Chinese voice actors ‘speaking German’ and that’s why it sounded so weird to everyone


I am a German native speaker, I did not watch it, but at some projects I realized that either German subbers ignore the audio or use bulk translation.


A special Korean film from 2016, with an impeccably structured script and a direction that refuses easy categorization…, as for the set design… almost visual perfection. A mature film whose theme is eternal and carries with it the consequences of the magnetic attraction (even if some viewers are disturbed…numerous sexually explicit scenes … they continue to see/watch the story to the end in private, in silence and in the comfortable shelter away from other eyes) of eroticism honest and innocent versus forced, flamboyant, unhealthy, psycho-eroticism, as well as Japanese-horror-vintage manipulations, lies and conspiracies…


Forgot to post it and now today I finally finished it.

I am still trying to figure out how to rate it.


Shining Inheritance (2009) It’s loosely based on Cinderella with a hard working girl, an evil stepmother (she is so cruel!), and a caring (and fair) grandmother. There are two princes, the friendly one and the spoiled one. There is also a second girl for the male lead.

I’m watching this for Lee Seung Gi, but I have to say I’m not always in the mood for this series, because there is a lot of arguing, yelling and crying. There is a lot of drama, and plenty of storylines, but I don’t want to give spoilers. The story doesn’t really begin until the end of the second episode. I think you have to see the first three episodes, to get the starting point of this series. The first episode didn’t catch my attention immediately, but now I’m at episode 26 (of 28).

Serendipity (2021) I’ve seen 5 episodes so far, and I really like this show. If you don’t mind a bit of fantasy, then you should try this one. The mains have to complete missions in different worlds (books), so there are little stories in each world with completely different settings/time period/costumes. The characters around them have different roles in each world, so that’s interesting to see. And the male lead and female lead seem to build trust and become closer as the story progresses. The story has a nice balance of adventure/humor/and the possibility of a blossoming romance.

A River Runs Through It (2021) About a week ago I finished watching A River Runs Through It. It’s a sweet show about a group of friends going to college and then going to university. I don’t know what it was or how to explain it, but I just wanted to keep on watching and keep on watching. I’ve become a fan of Wang Rui Chang after this series. :slight_smile:


I am a total rebel sometimes and enjoy watching just released dramas as well as some that have been out there a while. Well, earlier this week I started watching If Paris Downcast mainly because someone on this link reviewed it less-than-favorably. It is a long Chinese drama series (48 eps) which contains some of the tried-and-true tropes that we are all familiar with: manipulative wealthy mother (who uses her heart disease as a means to get her way), manipulative wealthy grandfather (who uses his chronic illness to get what he wants…notice a common theme here?), two men loving the same woman…I could go on and on. It was rated 8.8 so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m currently on episode 24 and I have to say that I don’t think it is really as bad as the previous reviewer thought it was. Granted, reviews are based on a person’s personal opinions which have been molded by their life experiences, etc. What I may think of a show may vary quite differently from what you think of a show. So far I have found it to be interesting and have not felt the need to FF through any of it. The FL is a pretty, sweet little thing that doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone…you know, the one with the martyr complex. But I still like her. The ML tries to be a good guy but his mother is one manipulative you-know-what. He is torn between trying to keep the family business afloat and pursuing the woman he loves (you know, the pretty sweet thing that his Mom doesn’t think is good enough for him). Then there is the ML’s childhood friend (2FL) who wants him no matter what even if it is CLEARLY a one-sided love. To add to the confusion, the 2FL’s father is a wealthy business owner who only wants to see his little girl happy, even if it means marrying her off to a guy who doesn’t love her. But she is determined to have the ML and Daddy wants his spoiled little girl happy. So he is threatening to withhold support (read investment money) for the company that the ML’s family owns. YIKES! Oh, and did I forget to mention the 2ML who also loves the FL…he is being manipulated by his wealthy grandfather? Lots to keep track of here but it has been interesting so far. BTW, it surely doesn’t hurt that the ML (Zhang Han) and the 2ML (Lin Shen) are not hard on the eyes. :wink:


I am currently watching “Alchemy of Souls” and “Gaurdians of the Ancient Oath”. I think I’m watching several other shows like “Reborn Rich” and etc. :grin:


The “suspicion” that the series "REBORN RICH" will be a success was not left waiting…
The series is, thanks to the director’s vision and especially the performance of the actors , brilliantly realized. Words are superfluous, the series is worth watching, and no matter the end, for sure, I will not be disappointed.
At least Lee Sung-Min is, by far, the best supporting actor, whose interpretation really fascinated me… Song Joong-Ki is much more mature in his interpretation… at least the facial expression, mimicry in general, is captured in perfect frames…
:zap::no_mouth: I didn’t understand the negative Reviews & Comments regarding this series and I was curious to see if they would change along the way, so… a lot were deleted ,
a lot were changed to a positive score… which proves to me that many of them scored biased, irresponsibly or other childish reasons… Enjoy !:v::v::v: