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What you said :no_mouth:


As long as he’s a funny old guy I accept it lol the ones in Perfect & Casual and A Business Proposal were a HOOT :joy:



I am more, and more turned off by the comments in the discussions of this drama. Such a sad thing. These comments are literally sour notes.

I on the other hand, I am enjoying this “On Air” drama. I applaud the team of volunteers for prioritizing this show, amidst a very family centered holiday season.

Everytime I complete watching an episode of She, And Her Perfect Husband, I wish I was binge watching the entire drama. To the team members providing the translations.


Nah, he’s not funny although there were some laugh-out-loud moments in this drama. I finished it last night. I would have rated it a little higher, say a 9.2 or so but I wouldn’t rewatch. It’s not a Goblin by any means but I did find it interesting enough not to FF through any of it. I think it would have been a disservice to this drama to FF simply because there were soooo many details imbedded thoughout. I absolutely loved the way the 2ML portrayed his character; the way he conveyed his thoughts and feelings through his eyes, facial expressions, and body movements. He actually became my favorite character. I always cheer for the underdog. Although for the ML and the FL, the ending was somewhat bittersweet, most loose ends were wrapped up the the last two or three eps of this drama with the outcomes I expected. Yeah, there was a lot of craziness interspersed throughout but I kept telling myself that in extreme cases, this kind of stuff probably could happen in real life. It did make me appreciate how normal my upbringing had been. LOL!


I got done watching


:+1: A pleasant film,funny, romantic, and sweet story , in which humor is intertwined with tragedy, with a perfectly structured script and a facile direction, as for the scenography and music,these are well chosen.
Very good actors, great acting, with a chemistry that transcends the screen…
:sparkles: :sparkles::sparkles:Comments are superfluous, this is a must !
:revolving_hearts:Enjoy! :+1:


i’m watching cherry blossoms after winter i love these series i’m obssesed with bl’s so much and this series is actaully pretty good but i’m also watching true beauty these series is actaully pretty good also but if i have to choos between one i’ll have to pick… true beauty cause there is so much drama in it and i love drama but ngl cherry blossoms after winter it also have drama in it but it dose’nt have that much.


I am watching this


Re-enactment of Episode 20, part 1 of Boys Over Flowers. Reactions are welcome!:slightly_smiling_face:


I am watching the rain and seeing how dark it is. my list is above


I just watched a sweet and heart-warming KBS drama special called The Brothers’ Summer, with an excellent young actor (who also got an award for this role).


A fantastic thriller, forbidden to minors (and I would say “the sensitive ones”), in which extreme violent and bloody scenes abound, but which are fascinating for those who are curious to discover errors in details (even with slow motion) in creating visual effects and editing images. The cast is surprising and the performance of the actors is brilliant, the scenographic and directorial vision makes this film comparable to the great and successful genre films from the West. A film that, in my opinion, demands a sequel… Project wolf hunting


I am watching Season 2


the other side!! oh my goodness, really quite good

I hope this gets better

guess I am waiting for my “merman” well the guy is immortal here so anyway


WOW! All I’ve got is wow for this one. Seo In-guk plays a VERY different character than what we are used to seeing. To say this movie is a gore-fest is an understatement.


:zap: From the category of films/series such as action thriller, apocalyptic, horror (with zombies), I can say that “Train to Busan” attracted attention followed by the prequels: the animated film "Seoul Station" in 2016 and in 2020 by "Peninsula" , directed by Yeon Sang-ho, for which Westerners made some efforts to buy the remake rights. I recommend watching!
In this sense, the director’s artistic vision, the scripts, the directors of image and editing, not least the soundtracks… and above all the acting performances prove that in South Korea is an enormous potential to be explored (and for this reason, many western viewers have became “addicted” to their filmography) , as a result many western producers, directors and famous actors declare that they have in their plans the development of co-productions
Don’t take my comment lightly :blush::pleading_face: , the other Asian countries also have their merit, but I chose to comment on South Korean films because, in the last 2 years, in our psychology/theatrical and cinematographic classes - “Treating addicts with another addiction and Influence of the cinematic message in the singular and mass psyche”, we focused on comparative studies… without any other details… I should stop, what is much becomes too much…
Thank you all for the suggestions, comments and especially for the “message addiction” from movies ( :eye::eye:because the true and good message received can change our life ) … let’s have a better year, be better, be more responsible for a beautiful world.
Merry Christmas,:snowman_with_snow::snowflake:
Happy New Year to everyone and 2023 will bring the fulfillment of your dreams!:clinking_glasses:


I got done watching


Since RViki is not offering much for free I’m not watching anything here so far but if you have this two I highly recommend you watch…

I have/am now watching on NTFX Alchemy of Souls 2/ Alice in Borderland/The Fabulous/ First Love/Troll (norway)/ Birthcare Center/The Call/Little Women/ Love and Leashes/ Under the queen’s Umbrella/ TROLLEY/A korean Odyssey/Arahan 2004 but GOOD!/Money Heist:Korea/The Violence Action/The Curse/HellBound/Glitch/The Rules of the World 2022/20th century Girl (hate it!)/Behind The Stars/Love Between Fairy and Devil Chinese/ WARRIORS OF FUTURE/The Interest of Love/ Would you like a Coffee?/HELL DOGS/Business Proposal/The Sound Of Magic/She would never know/SEOBOK/The Silent SEA (great one)/

MAY I help You? (detest this drama writer)/The Suspect 2014 (great one)/The WITCH part1 and 2/MISS BAEK/NOthern Limit Line (great one)/BEDEVILLED 2010/ LOVE FICTION/Mood of the Day/The Royal Taylor/ DELIVER US FROM EVIL (great one!)/ Memoir of a Murderer (shockingly good)/ HOSTAGE (funny)/ MIDNIGHT (GREAT MOVIE)/ RECALLED/Voice of silence (crazy one)/PIPELINE (great one!)/IDOL/ UNSTOPPABLE (great one)The Gangster,The Cop, The devil/ BLACK LIGHT.


Did you like it?

Although you have to have a stomach of steel to watch the abundant gory scenes, this is one movie I highly recommend because you see plenty of bad ppl. see justice done for their wrongdoings. Witch 1 is great too so don’t start part 2 without first watching part 1. Make sure you are not eating bc you’ll definitely have to throw up lol