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I liked The Witch 1 better but The Witch 2 was alright especially the end had a fight scene.


I thought, I would try this one even my mind would rather watch something silly, but somehow the silly stuff gets me bored, so here I am watching another crime happening on the screen.
Just for one actor, since I might not be able to watch it later on, this might be my sole chance to see “the ahjussi” of the first batch of k-drama I ever watched. It’s quite intriguing so far I am at ep 4 I think and will call it a day, should I say night, almost 3 am this week there was a lot on my mind so my sleeping habits are a bit out of control, well today is still a holiday in my country, I guess it will all be better after Christmas is over.


It was in so many parts so heartbreaking too. I wanted so bad to hug her and make her feel she was loved. If they make a part 3, I won’t watch it even if they pay me. I really wished I had not started part 2, but I expected something totally different from what it turned out to be, so I took a chance and …:cry: I kinda of regretted big time.


What?!? They should continue with more The Witch. I expect more fight scenes :slight_smile:


I hope they do for your enjoyment. The special effects while fighting are awesome, but I had enough. lol


lol… no way… you can never get enough :smiling_imp:


While I’m off on Christmas break, I’ve been watching Silent and The Forbidden Marriage. (Both are VERY good but I have to wait for episodes to come out every week and we all know how impatient I can get about that). LOL! So to fill my waiting hours, in between doing laundry, etc., I’ve been watching a 2018 Chinese drama series (48 episodes) called My True Friend. It is actually pretty good. I’m up to episode 25 right now. Rated 9.2 by previous Viki viewers.


I am currently watching


my last BL drama was Love In The Air, I watched the UNCUT (BETTER version:smirk::sweat_smile:) through Dailymotion.

Im JUST about to watch season FIVE of HIStory: (


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I’m watching (Dylan Wang :heart_eyes:)


I am watching


I have literally become hooked on a masterpiece of a series, sadly not on Viki, called Our Blues. To get an idea, read what viewers have to say on MDL. And I fully agree.
It’s a slice-of-life drama, taking place in a small fishing town in Jeju, where each 2-3 episodes focuses on one family or one couple or one couple of friends. All the characters interact in all the episodes, and their stories continue throughout the drama, but a different set of people get the limelight every time.
The writing is out of this world. It’s written by Noh Hee Kyung (Padam Padam, That Winter, The Wind Blows, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Dear My Friends)
And the cast! It’s incredible how they gathered such a stellar cast.
Lee Byung Hun (Mr. Sunshine, Squid Game),
Shin Min Ah,
Kim Woo Bin (no, these two don’t play a couple here)
Lee Jung Eun (Parasite, A Piece of Your Mind, Once Again, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)
Han Ji Min (Padam Padam, Rooftop Prince, Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Familiar Wife, The Light in Your Eyes, One Spring Night)
Cha Seung Won (Splendid Politics, Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey),
Kim Hye Ja (I Live in Cheongdam-dong, Dear My Friends, The Light in Your Eyes),
Go Doo Shim (All About My Mom, Our Gap Soon, My Mister,Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter)

Even the ones you don’t know (who have had support roles so far, and the young ones) are terrific actors.

Warmly recommended!


DYLANNNNN!!! :sob::heart::heart: How is the drama plotwise? I missed seeing him on screen even though I’ve watched LBFD three times already :see_no_evil:


… the music is still on, I knew my eyes wouldn’t stay dry … beautiful story, about a beautiful soul…


I’ve only watched 4 episodes and it’s not bad. I’m still waiting to see how it goes.
What I can tell you is that Dylan is still great. :heart_eyes: I love his character.


his eyes!!! Dylan wong that is


The Sound of Magic

A series in which we rediscover, the desire in our lives to happen to us, or to have it happen to us: a little magic, a miracle through which we can overcome our fears, needs, pains, troubles…
Don’t hesitate,don’t hesitate if you haven’t done it yet, watch it!


that was an awesome drama and theres another one here on VBiki, kiinda sorta like it but he used ghosts, and another one on NF something cafe, that one was good too. wish there were more like these
a good mystery or sci fi would be good, even a back to the future thing…


A few of us watched “The Killer Inside” in a WP and really enjoyed it. I have seen two dramas with this ML now and would love to see Viki get more of his stuff because he is quite good.