What are you currently watching?


Yeah, I finally saw 2 more episodes the next day. Now, I’m waiting on the rest of the season.


I started watching this one because I’m on the team, and I wanted to get a sense of the story. Before I knew it, I was bingeing through all the available episodes. It was a cool new setting in a drama, for me.


what do you mean on the team? are you talking about “subbing team” or flight team? Well, whatever it is… good for your. :+1:


On the subbing team as an editor. I dislike flying. I could never be on the flight team. :sweat_smile:


oh i see… that’s cool… enjoy then :+1:



looks cool… i might check it out if i can find where to watch it


Only two episodes out so far, on Prime.



It must be almost a year ago since my last C-drama, I am going through my old “going to or plan to watch list” with the mindset – if the license would be gone in a few weeks and I wanted to watch this one with Ariel Lin like, since forever …
So I just started it a few days ago, I must admit I still like the charm she brings onscreen …


@lutra I am also watching this drama and I also started these days


I finished watching Reply 1988. A series about friends, family, growing up, day to day stuff, and love. I loved all three of the Reply shows. Wishing for another season.

Another one I’m almost done watching is Fated to Love You (from South Korea). I saw the Taiwanese version about 4 years ago, and even though I know the story line, this show captured me as well. There is happiness and sadness and all I’m going to say about this one is: Hamo Hamo…

I’m also watching Lesson In Love. This is not just a simple student-teacher love story. The story is more intriguing than I expected. Slowly we get to know more about the past, which plays an important factor.

I just started watching The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love. (I have seen the first two episodes). So far it’s not bad, but it’s a bit early to tell. The line up is good and it has a fantasy element, the ML seems to know the FL from different lives, although she doesn’t know him, and the FL has a boyfriend in this life. I feel the story is only just beginning.


Finished this lovely drama a couple of days ago.

No complaints except that the ML played by Xu Kai is, in relation to the FL played by Yang Mi, a little too young and lacking in charisma. Xu Kai has only been working in “the biz” since 2016, and is not entirely convincing as a young hunk.

Otherwise, I just loved and embraced all the characters and the funny, sad, relatable, wild, unexpected way the story unfolded.

#4974 I rewatched this, on Viki also am watching season 2! and elsewhere.

and its awesome!!


Accidentally Meow on You

I don’t know how to feel about this drama yet. Still have to watch it to the end.


Was in the mood to watch something dumb and fluffy, so I ended up watching this one… it wasn’t fluffy but dumb and stupid all through. I don’t know why I kept hoping it would get better(It did not.). All the characters were weird and both ML and SML were weirdo jerks

Ahhhh it’s so hard to find shows that are just the right amount of dumb and fluffy :skull::joy::joy: This was a bad deciison… MANGOTV!!! I’M COMING FOR YOU!


This is one of the best series I have seen, and if you have a chance do watch…
IN FROM THE COLD not here, but on NX


I’m putting a request. Something different for a change.
Submit a request if you like. Thanks!

Request a TV Show or Movie – Help Center

Another request I’m making a sci-fi thriller Directed by Yeon Sang Ho. Dedicated in memory of one of the main female lead her performance deserved an award may she rest in peace: Kang Soo Youn.

2023 on NFX, but hopefully here at RViki soon…:pray:
This movie has made up for all the disappointments k-drama has given me lately with bad endings and such. I have seen it twice already. You will never get tired of it.


This is the trailer. Please request so we can watch it here at RVIKI too!


PS. Special effects are over the top!


gettint ready to watch something different

check also the Japan link, I put some on there as well


I’m watching

A good rom-com :+1: with Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho.


got 2 more episodes of season 2, oh my goodness! what drama is all I am going to say! I really hope they do a season 3. really a lot of twists & turns, not going to explain, cause will give stuff away.

the crash course in romance, its funny & cute. going to try & watch the killer inside, did watch first episode. I did like it

the love knot was an awesome drama, it should be, watched 3x. also fated to love you 2x, try the chinese version a bit different but it was good. also I will never let you go, guess I need to rewatch that one. loced it and the story too